Diary of Wade: Sisters, O-N-E!

My sisters are one today! Mom's been super sappy the last few days saying "this time last year..." over and over again. But who can blame her? This has definitely been the crazy year of my life so far, I can't even remember life before the twins. I love them so much, I'm always giving them hugs and kisses (even though that frequently involves smothering). 

Jacqueline has four teeth now and she loves to smile to show them off. We're best friends and I like to dance and sing for her to make her laugh. She really likes dancing and has to bounce and sway her head whenever music comes on. She really, really hates it when someone (who, me?) steals her toys and she'll cry  with full on tears and makes mommy think that she's devastatingly hurt. She does the same when she see's me drinking from my sippy cup and mom has to get her a drink too. She loves climbing on blankets and pillows to snuggle them and like lounging on people like they're her personal recliner. She still loves to eat, but now also loves to watch stuff drop to the floor - mommy doesn't like that. Sometimes I drop things on the floor for her to watch and we laugh so hard - and then Stella eats it and we laugh even harder. She no longer lets mommy put headbands on her - she has lots of opinions about all kinds of things now.

Blake has become a mommy's girl. She cries when she leaves the room and always crawls over to mommy to pick her up. She'll holds on like a monkey and cuddles right into whoever she can get to hold her. She has 8 teeth and is getting more - maybe that's why she's such a big baby right now. When she's excited she crinkles her nose and when she's bashful she leans her head into her shoulder and smiles at you - she'll shyly wrap you around her finger, so watch out. She doesn't like when I play with her like I play with Jacqueline, not a fan - she cries for mommy, which she does all the time, so I don't feel bad. She doesn't play with me as much as Jac, but we all play together sometimes. She mostly just follows us around and does her own thing. She also doesn't care much about getting her toys stolen, she just moves onto something else. She's really more interested in trying to walk - she cruises on furniture and like practicing with the walker push toy - which is hard cause Jac will try to play with it while Blake walks and two baby pile ups occur a lot.

They got baby dolls for their birthday and I make sure that they're in their cribs at night - even if that means bursting into the room and dropping them in after they're asleep. Mommy's amazed that I manage to not hit them with the babies or wake them up at all! During the day I love carrying around the dollies and calling them Jac and Blake - I have twins just like mommy (and mommy gets mad when I try carrying around the real twins).

Sometimes when sisters are napping I want to wake them up so we can play, but mommy says no. They still need naps to be happy.

Okay, mommy, went crazy on the pictures she wanted to include in this post - but I'll let her cause she has been all sappy about this.

There isn't a single picture of me at the party because I was off playing with all the kids. I was napping when everyone got here and Daddy woke me up to sing happy birthday. I didn't want to wake up, but then he asked if I wanted a cupcake and I shot right up. Mommy was smart and wore a shirt the same color as the frosting - I didn't and ended up naked cause I was a filthy mess (which I HATE!). Singing happy birthday was really fun and I've been singing it all week. I love to sing, especially cause it makes Mommy and Jacqueline smile (and sometimes Blake).

Here's a picture with our favorite Scott - we all love him. Sister's birthday party was so fun cause there were tons of people there that we love and helped so much this year - I was really worried that Mommy would forget about me, but she had so much help that it was fine.

Sisters were really excited about present wrapping. All our cousins from Daddy's side were here and they all really liked to help open the presents.

And here are some pictures of mommy's decorations, cause she loves that stuff. The stuff on the wall is still up and I love playing with the tassels.

See, told you I wasn't in any pictures. Not even a family shot. Maybe this was just supposed to be a parents with the birthday kids shot. But, I'm not offended, I was playing and eating frosting covered everything - waaaaaay better than posing for a picture.

I love my sisters so much! I'm excited for when they can walk and we can run around together. Right now I crawl around with them, which is fun, but running will be so much better!! I have so much I want to teach them this next year. How to color, play with stickers, eat candy and pop, read books, watch TV, build towers, play hide and seek. So many things! Last year was great and next year will be better!


This week: 17 August 2016

Did you miss us?! 

I didn't do a post last week. I gave myself a bi week. I needed it. Why, you ask? The girls have gotten 6 new teeth since I wrote two weeks ago. SIX. And Blake is working on two more. Jacqueline now has 4 teeth and Blake has 8 (10, once her other two break through). And Wade cut his last molar. So, yeah, I skipped a week.

My father in law came in today. Wade is THRILLED! He's currently going downstairs to find him and saying, "Papa, it's me! I'm coming you!" Ha, ha! Nana gets here tomorrow, but we told Wade that she's coming too, so every time he hears a door open he thinks Nana is here. Grandparents are serious business to this kid.

Husband's entire family will be here for the next week. I'm nervous since Wade has been throwing, hitting and being an all around turd recently. But other than my apprehension for cousin abuse, I'm so excited to see everyone. And they'll all be here for the girls first birthday party - wait, what? You heard that right, they're fast approaching the one year mark! They turn one next week, but we're partying a week early when everyone is in town for the ...wait for it.... fantasy football draft. I won't even start on that. I'll just leave it at being excited to see everyone.

Oh, and with everyone coming in town my house looks amazing. You wanna eat off the floor, be my guest (the girls do). Everybody come over right now to see it - just promise to not open any closets. None. Or look in the garage. I cleaned so much that my phone doesn't recognize my finger prints.

Jacqueline was crying cause I wouldn't let her play with the yogurt spoon (everything is an offense to her right now) and Wade told her it was okay and gave her a kiss. So sweet! Makes up for all the turd things. Like this:

 Always trying to hold the girls hands while they crawl. Or trying to pick them up. Or getting between them when they're crawling, standing or playing and making them fall over.

 Most the time he's trying to be helpful and play with them, but the twins are pretty happy when he's sleeping. Course, then they steal one another's toys. Then there are the moments when they play well together.

Told you my girls eat off the floor. Wade's throwing them animal crackers, ha, ha!

Jacqueline has started blowing raspberries on the couch. She thinks she's the funniest.

Other than bugging his sisters (or me. or the dog), Wade's decided it's super fun to throw things down the stairs.

I have a basket now stationed at the bottom of the stairs for him to put the toys in and we carry it back up. It sort of works. But it keeps him busy - I had a terrible headache one day and I was able to lay down during the girls nap and he did this. Hoping this is a fad and he quickly moves on. Speaking of fads:

This one wasn't going out of style quick enough, so Stella's food got moved to Husband's closet.

Oh, Stella got groomed. The groomer had to call me to tell me that she would have to be pretty short because she was so matted. There was some apprehension in her voice and I told her that we have twins and Stella has to stand under them while they eat to catch all the scraps - you could hear a sigh of relief as she said, "oh, that explains it!" I'm sure she was wondering what kind of weird abuse was happening in our home that would account for the random bits of food mangled in her coat (even though I try really hard to pick it out!). I would say poor dog, but she has to take up her post under the high chairs during meals.

Wade's taken to carrying his blankie everywhere. He calls is his "kittie" - apparently a derivative of blankie. Of course he picked a white blanket to be his special, chew on, take everywhere, drag on the ground blanket. So gross. I always try to leave it home, which rarely works. Then I try to leave it in the car and he says, "Kittie want come too." So I've taken to tying it around him like a cape (now he always asks me to, "put kittie on me").

For the record, I put shoes on him, but he took them off three times in the store, so I gave up. Oh, and now he's super into asking for everything. He put a Paw Patrol training potty in the cart and kept saying, "I need dis." Oh, and today he told me he wanted to wear his Superman shirt - I told him he doesn't have a Superman shirt and he said, "yes, I do!" I might need to buy a Paw Patrol potty and Superman shirt. I'm a push over.

I bought a new kitchen table! Craigslist, of course. Went to pick it up, tried getting it in my car, had a rough time. The person's neighbor came and helped me. I kept saying how I was embarrassed, but really, I wasn't, I would never see these people again. I have no pride. In the process I got 75 mosquito bites (I had seven in less than a square inch on the back of my knee). Got it all it, got it home, set it up, hated it. Bought it for $65 on Thursday, sold it for $80 on Saturday. Worth it, no. But not a total miss.

And now, back to my kiddos.