2020: weeks 31-32

 Monday (8/10) we went golfing as a family - that's my third time this year!

Blake got a bee sting Sunday. We were trying to look at it, but she wouldn't let us. She told Bryan that if he looked at it she would slap him in the face. The I decided to take a video of Bryan asking her about it, seeing if I could catch a repeat on video. What I caught was her telling Bryan that if he tried to look at her sting that she would cut his eyes out so he couldn't see it and proceeding to tell him how she'd do it (with the kitchen scissors cause they're bigger and sharp). We were dying. So aggressive. 

Monday we also celebrated my friends birthday and we had a fiesta! Brought on because she found this dress at Target but didn't get it because of the price - fast forward I found them on clearance for $18 (shocking cause it's so ...flattering, ha) so we got enough to be an instumentless/musicalless Mariachi band. It was obnoxious good fun. Our husbands mocked us the whole time. Also, I got to show off my awesome yard. It was delightful. 

Wade asked if I could get oranges because "We haven't had oranges in forever! Like two years! I think I forgot what they taste like." Okay buddy, we ran out three days ago. 

A blogger I follow challenged people to take pictures of you living in your spaces - Sunday morning I captured moments that were naturally happening. The only posing I did was in one I moved a chair out of the way. Loved seeing my family in our home. Made me so happy. 

Yesterday I was cleaning the garage and decided to paint the yellow step, it escalated. Today I started painting a shelf to go in there and I let the girls help (I'm asked daily if they can help me paint). They both kept saying, "Mom, this is the best day ever!" 

Bought a butterfly habitat and it got here today. Wade was catching them and putting them in a salad container, but he had covered up all the holes he poked in it (?) and I found a pile of butterflies he had "released." They were all dead. Poor beautiful creatures. Banned him from catching more until the new habitat came - I haven't seen any of my kids since it got here two hours ago. 

Lined up toothbrushes. Apparently old ones have not been being thrown away when knew ones are given.

Discovered two blackheads in Jac's ear. I tried to get them. She did not appreciate that. 

I continue to be a maniac on projects. Bryan asked that I don't start any until everyone comes to visit at the end of the month, and to "please finish the banister." I only started it in...November? Fine. But he didn't say I couldn't start prepping for more projects...been moving and organizing stuff. My house is so...in order right now! Besides the baskets of stuff that "need a new home." 

2020: weeks 26-30 (month seven aka July)

 We're just not going to review or analyze how much I'm royally stinking up this weekly post. Just going to jump right in. 

We started July by going to the farm and playing with all the cousins. It was so. much. fun. Bryan and I golfed one morning (second time I've gone this year!), we went to the lake one day, played outside, I read two books. It was good times. At the lake a big floaty thing was rented, like a huge 20x10 thick yoga mat? I don't know how else to describe it, but the kids played on that all day! Jac had sores on her thighs from pulling herself on it so much. Oh, and so much food. The night we got back I told Bryan I missed the farm food. Farm food is always the best (good meals + a million snacks cause everyone brings enough to feed everyone). And we did fireworks. 

The farm was so great, until it wasn't. Discovered Jac had lice. Woohoo. Moment of motherhood/life I have been dreading the absolute most. And, gets better, we shared! Luckily Texas cousins knew about it and caught it quickly. It wasn't bad for us either. We left immediately. Picked up treatment on the way home and got everyone right in the bath, only found one on Wade and Blake (probably cause they were sleeping all over each other on the way home). My lifetime of being a slightly obsessive picker really came into play. We hadn't been home, so our house was "clear" and we left the car out in the hot sun for two days. All in all, this dreaded event wasn't that horrible. 

Then aunt Elizabeth came! She knew about out infestation, but came anyway. Ugh, I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful having her some out was. My kids were in HEAVEN! She asked my kids questions to get them thinking and they were in love with it. We collected flowers, found wild black raspberries (which make amazing lip stain), had a couple "doggies" come on a walk and bring us sticks, made paper dolls, ate amazing, found a thrift store where you buy clothes by the pound, visited the George Floyd memorial, watched Hamilton, went camping. It was the best week. 

Camping needs it's own paragraph. First night it was so hot and humid, but the kids were so excited to sleep in the tent, so we went to bed. Stupidest idea ever. They were not tired. So we got up and dipped our feet in the lake. Later that night we got hit with a thunder storm and were all up for a few hours with heavy rain, lightning, thunder, and scared children. The next day we went to Pipestone National Park. It was amazing. We went on a one mile walk and climbed rocks, passed a waterfall, found beautiful flowers, walked through prairie, and forest. It was the most jam packed one mile. Kids earned their Junior Ranger badges, which Jac kept calling their Halo badges (from a space cartoon they've been watching). They had to pledge to keep parks clean and that responsibility kinda stressed them out and they still check when we go to parks if its under their jurisdiction. That afternoon everyone passed out for a nap. Then we went to the beach and Blake pooped her swimsuit (she was not a fan of the hole in the ground style bathroom option) - she refused to go before bed too, so aunt Liz taught her how to go outside and she had to go so bad she needed zero time get comfortable. Everyone slept great that night. Oooh, we also had the hardest time getting our fire started that night because of the heavy rain, but we persevered, stripping bark off branches and making shredded kindling. It was a process. Luckily we were right next to a playground and made friends with the kids next to us. The next morning we said bye, and it really sucked. I loved being with my sister. 

(Wade and Liz having some time and looking at Venus. All the picture are blurry). 

Before we went camping I remembered being a kid and camping and running into the tent to yell "this is so exciting!" I laughed thinking of Jac doing it, I told Liz. As soon as we got there Jac kept yelling "This is so fun!" Perfect little mini-me. 

Stella was so excited for her people to come home. Jac stopped right in the garage to give her all the loves. 

We got donuts and ate them outside the store. I walked to the car to get wipes and hand sanitizer and told the kids I could see them and to say put. When I got back (like one minute later) Blake said, "good thing no one stoled us!" With this face: 

Someone (Jac) pushed the lenses out of these sunglasses and they've been bouncing around our house. Blake is especially into them. Love it. 

Stayed at the beach one night until the sun went down and built a massive sand castle with interconnecting rivers. Kids kept saying it was the best day ever. 

Did a photoshoot with a friend for her business. I told a lame joke and her kids all looked at me solemn faced, and my kids laughed hysterically. 

Caught this one of Blake - one of my favorites. 

And Jac knows the drill when it comes to modeling clothes - gotta show off the details. Really though, she notices everything and is always giving everyone compliments "I like your hair!" "Wow, those are pretty earrings!" "Your dress is pretty." 

And the real Blake: 

I did not down enough of the funny things my kids said and did this month. It was a whirlwind - mostly good, some not. But gotta get back on making this weekly cause I'm so sad at what I've already forgotten.