Orange is the new black - guest room

I don't actually watch the show. I've heard it great. And racy. But I'm just bandwagoning since it fits my post. Just because I'm going to use some orange. Tasteful orange.

So we have a guest room. This year we even had some guests. They had to sleep on the floor - well, a foam mattress topper. So, the floor. We really know how to be hospitable hosts. Thanks for visiting guys! 

Here's where we were:

storage closet guest room

It was our storage room. I mostly just kept the door shut to feel better about life. We simply didn't have places for everything (or anything) yet. But I made our living spaces comfortable by shoving everything in here. Then my parents came and I shoved it all different places. Some of it is still shoved in those places. Oops.

*Digression - messy places are essential for a clean house, especially when moving! I'm a firm believer in junk drawers. There are just things that don't have places and don't need places because there's just one of them. I'm also a firm believer in cleaning them out from time to time so they don't become junk room...like the above.* 

A few months ago I found the bed I wanted, stalked Craigslist, had three slip through my fingers, then finally scored. It's an Ikea bed that they discontinued.

the bed
Got it in the room and it totally dwarfs the space. I could pretend it's a statement - like oversized art. But, really, it's just too big for the room. We really wanted a queen bed so couples could fit comfortably. And I wanted it centered so guests can get in on both sides - it's so awkward to climb onto the far side of the bed. Ever been there? If you're on the wall side and need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, that's just too bad!

Here are my plans for the sizing problem:

  • Get mattress slats from Ikea so I can nix the box springs. Lowering the bed will create more visual space and hopefully make the bed feel more size appropriate. Oh, and Stella can jump on the bed. She thinks that this is her room and is annoyed the bed is hogging her sunbathing area. And she abandons us to sleep with my mom whenever she is here. That's not a space issue, just an added bonus to lowering the bed. 
  • Create a foot board that's like the side boards. Taking off the current foot board (is that what it's called?!) will make it less busy and guests can sit on the end of the bed/not have to walk around it as much. 
  • Change out the pillows. The Euro pillows are tall. And bulky. And hide the headboard I love! 
  • Last idea: switching the guest room and Wade's room. Wade's room is bigger and he doesn't do anything in there. Plus, it's at the end of the hall and next to the bathroom, which would give guests the most privacy. Oh, and Wade's room is above the garage, so it's the hottest in the summer and coldest in the winter and babies don't know how to keep covers on or open a window. Hmmm...that got beyond just size benefits, this might be a good idea. 
Currently this room is not the feel that we want in our house. It's overly feminine for our taste and for the rooms functions. Husband's brother is the most frequent occupier of this room and while he doesn't care, I'd like it to be a more masculine and simpler. Too many knick-knacks and frill is overwhelming for guests. They need space to put their things and need to not worry about disrupting ours. I'll nix the current pillows and really par down on the replacements. I don't need my guests minimal floor space over-run with pillows at night and I don't want them worrying about how to put them back during the day.

So, here's my simple and masculine plan for the room. Imagine it with white/cream walls but a forest green accent wall behind the bed!

Orange is the new black guest room

What do you think? It's football season, so I officially have abundant time in the evenings to do what I want! 


Diary of Wade: 9 months

This week nana and mom took me to Sam's club.

I had an audience. Pretty sure I should take up show business.

In other news. I ate a whole banana today. Num num num num num. It took all day, but I have five chompers now, so I can do that. I like shoving as much food in as I can to munch on. Especially gold fish. Mmmm. And I love drinking by myself. And spitting half the water out is funny. I have good times in this chair.
    mouth full of goldfish

But those five chompers weren't all glory - I got all three top teeth together and caught a virus which landed us in the ER cause I had a high fever. Course this happened in the middle of the night. On a weekend. When my cousins were visiting. Rough business. But now I have these pretties to bite everything with.


And then I had to go to the doctor's. Mom let me play with the paper shield - so much more fun than the ER.

at the doctors

Other than my teeth, I've got this crawling thing down. Well, army crawling. I got to the front door and back today! I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. It is AWESOME! I am getting frustrated going everywhere on my belly though. I've been working on getting up on my knees, but I just don't get it. I practice all the time, sometimes in the middle of my nap my body wants to practice and I wake up rocking on my knees - it's so annoying! I'm working on it all the time when I'm awake, and I have to groggily have my nap time interrupted too? Rude.


Mom's put up gates and barriers for me. But she has to leave space for Stella. Here she is taunting me that she can get out and I can't. So I blocked her from getting in. You shall not pass pooch! Two can play at that game!

you shall not pass

All this army crawling has taken a toll on my threads. These were my favorite jammies! But I do like having my piggies free, I can move better.

little piggies

I've been cruising in this thing too. Mom mostly puts me one the floor, but when I get in this thing I am sooo fast! Today I figured out I'm tall enough in this thing to get into the kitchen trash. Jackpot. Sometimes mom and dad hold my hands and walk with me - what a blast. Maybe I should skip this knee crawling thing and get to walking.


Got my crib lowered. Mom showed me I could stand. A riot. Until I let go and fell over. Learning how to work this confounded body is getting a lot more painful!

got my crib lowered

After my bonk, mom got out this FisherPrice farm for the first time. I loved it right away. She puts all the pieces away and I pull them all out. Sometimes she puts all my toys in different baskets for me to go around and get out. I make sure I get every single toy out. Then she puts them back in so I can pull them back out. Last week when mom was working I pulled everything apart and when she turned around not a single toy was touching another. She laughed and laughed. We play lots of fun games these days.

fisherprice farm

Oh, and here are a few more shots from family pictures:

family pics family pics family pics

And one more thing, I am loving the song and music video Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, you should check it out.