Hours before the winter sun's ignited

The title is for my dad. Lyrics to the song Christmas by The Who.

Here's our Christmas:

Wade coming down the stairs. Cause that's what you do, take pictures of your kids coming down to the tree. Even if said kid couldn't care less about the tree and really just likes going down the stairs. He's quick and I almost didn't catch it. Hence the blur. 

Grandma and Papa Billa made Wade some blocks. The rest of the morning everything needed a block stacked on top of it. Every present and pile of wrapping paper got a wooden block bow.

Hanging out with Daddy. He really didn't care about presents, he was just excited that all his people were there hanging out.

Amiss new toys, boxes and wrapping paper to play with, Wade found a lid. Duh.

Stella got a treat and box of (old) balls to play with. She was a little nervous about all the excitement (especially with Wade placing/throwing blocks on top of everything) until she got her present, then she was all about having every single ball thrown and hidden around the living room.

Crawling over daddy.

Completing the morning with a little drool. Of course.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Merry Christmas! Oh, and here are a few of my house that I never got around to posting. Fail.


About a wedding

Over Thanksgiving my brother-in-law, Travis, got married. He and his fiance/wife told us about said wedding in early November. For those of you not familiar with when Thanksgiving falls...we had a little over three weeks to pull this wedding off.

I offered to take care of the decor, cause that's my thing. I'm good at it, I enjoy it (Husband would argue that point since he has to deal with my stress levels) and they deserved to have a lovely day - and not add decor to their stress.

I asked her about her dream wedding, we perused pinterest and I got an idea of what she wanted. Now with the timeline and the budget, not everything could happen (ya don't say). But it turned out gorgeous and came out at about $300. Oh, did I mention I ended up doing all the flowers too?

It was so much fun!

I ended up being the make shift wedding coordinator for the day, so I didn't make sure I got every pic of decor that I wanted, but I have about 95%. Here they are:

Gift table.

I put the extra lanterns on the stage to make it feel part of everything, not something we forgot about. Even though I did.

The cupcake table before the cupcakes. At this time it was the flower table where I had all the boutonniere's and corsages.

An overall view of the room. We only had 50 chair covers, but thankful for what we had!

 Brides bouquet.


Aisle and arch. Someone loaned us the arch and I made the tissue paper flower garland. Husband helped. The 'backdrop' is the curtains from my house (so glad she picked navy blue as a color, I have LOTS of navy blue), they look stupid here, but in a lot of the pictures it really turned out nice.

I dumped Wade off with a cousins boyfriend to rock him while I ran around crazy.

Oh, and here's one of me running around crazy! I'm the blur in front.

Centerpieces. I had a meltdown about the stupid butter on a plate, but had to remember that I didn't get to be a bridezilla - I wasn't even the bride!

The mass of flowers.

I had this Nate Berkus material in various places - seriously added more than I can say.

The guest signing table. I took a simple canvas and put wood letters of their initials. The globe said LOVE on it, but it wasn't written on yet. Sad, cause it was adorable.

Me with Wade. He was such a trooper with mom running around everywhere. He even had a little boutonniere, which melted my heart. You can get the overall ambiance of the wedding.

Set up.

It was beautiful and so much fun. Set up took about 4 hours and take down took about 30 minutes. I'll call it a smash!