2018 chapter 24: June 13

We went to Valleyfair again today, this time to the splash pad. Blake was not a fan. There was a big bucket that would fill with water and dump and she would scurry even further away every time it dumped - which, she was always about 20 feet from any water or possible splashes. Then we went to the wave pool and she was happy. I apparently didn't put sunscreen on myself well enough and areas of my body that never see the sun, saw the sun, and I have funny shapes going down my right side. Only my right. 

Jacqueline opened her own accessory line with hats, bracelets and purses. She saw me put this picture on the computer and she started screaming (cause that's the only way she know how to be gleeful), "MY HAT, MY HAT!"

We went to our friend's birthday party. It's actually Wade's best friend's older sister, but we're "go to each other's everything" type friends and I love it. They had a reptile lady come and it was so cool! The reptile lady was quite the performer and so good with the kids, and watching all these little people touch all the animals was so cool. Wade was calmly into it - he thought it was cool, and then got bored and wanted to make a bead snake. Jac thought it was cool too and sat way calmer than I thought was possible for her. Blake, well, Blake was into watching, not so much into touching them or them touching her. She did get brave enough to touch a few snakes (the albino milk snake looked like a candy cane was too good to pass up), but it was the quickest arm jerk...so I think she touched them, I not quite positive. 

And then I held a snake and it was terrifying. They put the snake on me and I couldn't move. I logically told myself it was nice and safe, but I was terrified!! And then he turned his head and looked at me and kept inching his face closer to mine and I screamed and made one of the other moms take it from me. So embarrassing. I'm pathetic. 

And then we made bead snakes and I apparently need to a bunch of pipe cleaners and beads in my kid craft stash. I'm sure that they'll quickly get added to Wade's trash house. I know Wade's snake already got torn apart and added to his trash pile.  

Wade's been telling me "jokes." Really he just lies and then tells me, "I'm just telling you jokes!" And then after he tells a few he says, "I should stop telling you so many jokes."

Kids locked me out of the house today. I tell them all the time to not play with the lock on the door, which I know is just me breathing through my eyes. So I'm ringing the door bell, banging on the door and yelling at them for everyone in the world to hear and finally Blake figures out how to open up the door. Then I walk in and Wade's just watching TV, totally ignoring me.

Wade: Mommy, do you know why garbage trucks and dump trucks need f***ed up tape?
Me: What tape?
Wade: F***ed up tape.
Me: Do you mean reflector tape?
Wade: No. F***ed up tape.
Me: Okay, why do they need it?
Wade: So that at night light can hit them and they can be seen.
Me: Yes, you mean reflector tape.

This conversation was hilarious, and I was so impressed with his explanation of reflector tape, and how does he know what that even is?

Wade made up a song: "I love you Jesus. I care about you. You want me to be good. I go to your temple. But I'm not going to your temple today." All sang into his new sand bucket.

Blake's biggest fightin' word right now is "FINE!" She stomps her foot and tells me, "fine!" and then storms out of the room.

Girls have been up until 9/9:30 every night and then the last three days they've been waking up at before 6. How rude is that?! But today they did take a 3.5 hour nap. We're headed to the longest day of the year and I'm sure hoping (and praying) that their sleep goes back to normal in the winter.

I did a lot of weeding this week. Not that you can really tell. And a lot of spraying of weeds. And I apparently got some on my shoes and walked in the grass, Husband is super pleased about that. Oops. I've been enlisting my kids to help with chores that I hate and never get to, like cleaning the couch, baseboards and dining chairs - just give them each a rag! They need my help with the couch, the dining room chairs they did awesome on, and who really cares about the baseboards anyway? Overall my house is feeling way less grimy. We've also been working on rotating our toys/only getting out a few at a time to play with, the result: my kids don't give a crap about toys and they just run around the house and play together more. Course, it is summer and they play with outdoor toys a lot. Oh, and Wade always manages to find "trash" to make into toys (oh, I've been letting him throw his trash in the trash can outside, so now he's been really making trash and then he asks for a plastic bag to put his trash in, then he asks me to tie it. Hey, he's actually getting the trash out! But sometimes it has to stay in the "dump" in his room for a while first). Next week Daddy goes out of town, which means it's project time! Well, really it means that it's the same as always, except I don't make real dinner and we go until we drop. Woohoo! 


2018 chapter 23: June 6

We went to our local amusement park today (Valleyfair) and everyone LOVED it! We got year passes (our kids were free, gotta take advantage), which makes 3 hour visits worth it. Good thing, cause that's all they could handle. Blake was asleep before we got out go the parking lot. And, to clarify, there was zero traffic leaving the park. One ride Wade could go on, but the girls both needed an adult and the man behind me said he'd sit with one of them. How nice is that?! I rarely feel totally outnumbered, we handle stuff, but I am so grateful for good people stepping up and helping out. 

Wade DID NOT like this ride. They stopped it early cause he was crying. He hated another ride too, but I was on it with him and held his hand and then he decided that he loved it. So we'll have to try this ride again with me on it so he can warm up. Jac and Blake were in heaven with everything. 

This ride was possibly the biggest hit. It was one of the last ones we went on, so they'd warmed up to rides. It went up and down a little (not too much though!). There were steering wheels for everyone. And, pink. Guess I should've listed that first. 

Trusted kids with their own bubbles for the first time. They were thrilled. Blake ended up eating them. Not surprised. 

Jacqueline keeps chasing me around with the oven mitts and saying "RAWRRRRR!!" 

This Elsa dress - you will see it everywhere. She's wearing it all the time. We had a storm roll in and she was loving the wind whipping her dress around her. 

 Wade "finished" his "house." He informed me one night that the next day he needed to paint it.  We no longer have any paint left. Had to let it dry outside for a solid 48 hours.

These two have been pills. So much fun. But such pills. I had to dress them cute one day, for my sanity. And then all these people kept telling me how addable they are and these girls would ham it up for them and it turns out, dressing them cute really worked. 

Wade had his last day of preschool. We all loved his student teachers (we always do) and my girls are so excited to go to preschool in the fall. Wade was mad cause he wanted to go get donuts. 

And we did go get donuts, cause it was national donut day! We thought it was a few weeks ago, but I was wrong...or was I right? Cause we got to celebrate twice. 

After donuts all the kids played with the traffic sign. Cause we're ghetto. 

And back to my kids in their natural attire. Watching Costco TV's. For like 20 minutes. Waiting for Daddy to get new tires, so we got to watch the colorful loop that shows off all the cool features. It was quite the hit. 

Went to the coolest splash pad. It has a two inch lazy river that Blake loved! She loves water, just not splashes or sprinklers. 

The only way I can get Jac out of her Frozen dress without a fight is when I tell her to put on her Elsa swimsuit. 

Sometimes when you're stalling bedtime you tell mommy you want cucumbers and then you us a fork and knife that the most civilized two year old ever. 

Elsa go potty. 

Little stinkers have decided that it's okay for them to walk on the retaining wall. I keep telling them they couldn't, so they kept showing me they could. So I caved and now when they're in the way then I tell them to go watch from the wall and it's an effective way to get them out from under foot. 

This week is picture catch up and I don't have any good stories! I know there were many, cause I kept smiling and laughing and rolling my eyes. 

Yard update: 

My irises (well, a few weeks ago, they're dead now): 

Back deck. Picked up free papasan chairs a while ago, got free patio cushions that I'm going to cut up for them. I love me some free! 

Picked up these AMAZING limestone rocks. Paid $20 for them all. Had to take two loads to get them home. And I am so sore. And I probably need to rearrange them all again - hurray for yard work being the craziest work out of my life. And all those rocks in the circle, before I found my cool new rocks, I brought those all up from my yard to make a wall. Cause moving big rocks up hills is fun.

Sand pit is ready! Just needs sand. Kids have been playing in it even sand-less. And I built a little tee-pee that will fall over with a slight breeze. 

Moved this retaining wall over 5 feet over and gathered bricks from all corners of my yard so I can make this all level for raised beds. Again, so sore. I feel like my dad would be proud. 

Our maple tree is hyper this year and I filled our entire debris bin with helicopters. 

On top of my yard work work outs, I've also been running about 15 miles a week. It's been pretty hot and Husband has commented a few times that I get really red. Apparently I haven't worked out hard enough during our marriage for him to know that I get really, really red. 

And, to end, here are a few shots of my Mia Maids. I so love taking pictures of them. Getting to spend some one on one time with them and getting to make them feel beautiful.