2018 chapter 20: May 16

Wade asked if we could have dinner outside and pretend it was a picnic. I tried to tell him that eating outside was a picnic, but he looked at me like I was trying to pull one over on him, but he was fine cause I agreed to eating outside. They devoured half a watermelon. Well, not devoured - but every piece had at least one bite taken out. 

Jac found the Elsa cape from m told halloween costume. Her life is complete. It's gone everywhere with her today - the grocery store, the park, even to bed, where it's her Elsa blankie. 

Wade's been telling me to say phrases word by word. "Mommy, say pickle...cheese...sandwich." I have to repeat everything word by word, and then say it all together. Sometimes he tells me to say something and then realizes that it's only one word, so he has to split it all out. 

Wade started soccer this week! It was as adorable and pathetic as I imagined. They told him to sit on his ball and he missed the ball and fell on his butt, then the next time they told everyone to sit on their balls he refused - even when the youth coach urged him on, he still refused, and looked at him like, "I'm not an idiot, I remember what happened last time." 

The biggest issue was when they started playing the first game and they were playing with his ball. It resulted in him running up the nearby hill towards the road and Daddy needed to chase him down (with Jac going along for the run, cause why not?!).  Do you think next time I could request to not be on the field near the road? Cause we have a runner. 

Girls were just happy to be outside. All one really needs in life. Jac was looking for any opportunity to get near a ball and since then she's been a full supporter of playing soccer around the house. 

Did a freezer meal exchange this week. Jac helped me by eating holes into several of the tortillas. (I made breakfast burritos). 

Blake was in the tub and told me she needed to pee, I went to get her out of the tub and she told me she wanted to pee in the tub - what?! AND this week Jac told me to she needed to pee and fought with me saying/yelling, "Pee outside!" How long has that been going on? 

The girls have been playing "help me" on the slides. One would start going down and then say, "hep me, hep me!" And the other would grab them and say, "I hep you!" Blake usually managed to snag herself the role of damsel in distress. 

 Husband loaded the dishwasher tonight - the dishwasher that was clean and we were lazily using dished out of. Oops.

Yesterday Husband went golfing after work and my girls were asking me where he was, I tried telling them he was golfing, but they kept yelling back at me, "NO, DADDY WORK!!" And today Wade asked me if Daddy was making me something at work, I told him, "Yes, he's making me money."

I discovered (well, really, my friend showed me) that at my local watering hole (gas station where I get myself a Diet Pepsi) I can add coconut syrup and creamer and make the most delicious concoction. I would recommend it to anyone who...um, just anyone.

Sunday Husband's cousin, Nate, gave his mission farewell. It was lovely and always such a a pleasure to watch his aunts interact with my kids and my kids interact with them. They love Cindy, Collette, and Jeanette. And they really loved when they discovered that they could crawl under the pews and access all the fun aunts. Wade made all the aunts a garbage present (his words) of a bunch of stickers stuck together and little hair ties mixed up in it - Jeanette stuck it in her bracelet and I about died at how sweet she was to act like this trash was special. My girls could not get enough of aunt Cindy afterwards - she just moved back in state and they must've know she was new fresh meat and could trick her into holding both of them.

Mother's Day was loverly - since we went to Nate's farewell at 11, we had a lazy morning where Husband ran interference with kids while I slept in and he made me crepes. I love me some crepes! I took a nap. Cut myself some flowers from my garden. Husband made me dinner and cookies - he spent the most of the day in the kitchen. Oh, and the kids all helped themselves to cookies the next morning, so it was like residual Mother's Day cause I didn't have to make them breakfast. 

We needed to take a picture of Wade to sign him up for soccer. I told him to smile and he gave me this: 

Blake opened the garage door and said, "Gecko muscles!" That's PJ Mask saying. And Wade continues to say, "Super cat speed," everywhere he goes. 

Both Blake and Jacqueline can say full prayers by themselves. The middle part is fuzzy, but they won't let us help. And sometimes both English and Portuguese sayings are said, but it still makes me so happy - actually, when they say both Heavenly Father and Pie Celestial, it makes me smile. Jacqueline's dinner prayer tonight's was, "mommy, daddy, Elsa, go, dinner." 

Blake's speaking full sentences. Finally. Not that I can understand it all. Or the majority of it. But I love when I hear her say a coherent string of words. 

Wade's been into water towers. Every time we pass one he says, " Mommy, can I tell you all about water towers?" As if I had any option but to say yes, "The water goes through the pipes and goes tour pipes in our sinks and our toilets (hehehe) and our bathtubs and our water bottles and our hoses. And that's all about water towers." 

Yesterday was a rough day.  A perfect 24 hour example of how I do not want to mother. Wait, that's not true. We played at the park for 4 hours - FOUR! We met up with friend and they just kept playing. But Jac's getting three molars and oh, she knows how to push my buttons on a good day. Husband went golfing before I realized how terrible off things were. So I took the kids out to eat and it was a success. Nothing like being in public place so I need to be more patient, and then we get along better. The highlight was everyone got a water cup and a chocolate milk cup (the meal came with a drink and they were nice enough to bring me three while I only purchased one meal) and I had three very happy kiddos double fisting their drinks.

Another food recommendation - chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I've always been a vanilla base sorta girl, which was maybe a good thing cause I've always been able to stop eating that stuff. I cannot not stop eating this stuff. I have to keep buying it so Husband doesn't realize I finished off the carton. And then I have to eat enough of the new carton so he doesn't realize it's a new carton. Vicious cycle.  


2018 chapter 19: May 9

Okay. This is a boring week. I went a wrote everything and nothing especially funny happened. We had a really fun week, just nothing really to report. Sorry. Lots of outside time. Lots of parks. My kids are slide hogs and get along long enough to terrorize the playground. Lots of tantrums. Jacqueline and Blake both had random throw ups on separate days. I'm thankful for owning a carpet cleaner. Thankful for being able to leave the windows open. 

Look at these cuties on our Sunday walk. Every single one of them fell at some point and scraped their knees. It happens a lot. We've got summertime bumps and bruises. 

I have a stomach ache. And we fed the missionaries tonight. That makes me feel real good. But I've been getting this same stomach ache every once in a while, so I've been trying to think of what I ate tonight that I maybe don't eat every day ...but then I realize that it's all my favorite things - cheese, sour cream, avocado - so maybe I'll just ignore it. I actually think I didn't drink enough water today. We'll go with that. I got back from mutual, needing to lay in the fetal position, but the girls were still up and in the hallway, naked. Blake had taken off her diaper and peed on their bed. What a little turd. I think we're going to take another go at potty training. She's ready. 

Yesterday I got hamburger out to thaw to make spaghetti, a nice easy meal. At dinner time I realized we didn't have pasta, so I ran to the store to get some. Got some bread too. Came home, husband started cooking the meat, I got the pasta in and started cutting the bread. I cut my finger with a serrated knife - like a saw motion cut, right on my fingertip and into my nail - it's really going to mess up my gardening. Then I went to pull out the sauce, we didn't have any. D'OH! Husband ran BACK to the store. Stupid easy meal. But Husband did get a different sauce than me and it was really good. And we both bought Nutella on our grocery excursions.

Jac ate a blue frosting cookie. I made sure Blake didn't get a blue one, cause she makes everything a disaster - so this is the best case scenario:  

After this picture everyone got thrown in the bath. A daily occurrence now. While everyone still had wet hair (even Wade) they all escaped outside and got into the soot from the grill - a fine layer of silt on each of them. 

Jac is the photo star this week. She found the dress up heels. A lot of tip tip tapping and then falling flat on her face. 

So glad when daddy comes home! Oh, and this stupid ball has been making everyone cry all the time! And it keeps rearing it's ugly head from the depths of the basement to wreck havoc. 

Girls can buckle themselves into their car seats!!! They don't always do it, but they can. Now if I just get Blake out of diapers. This week. Whenever people are sooooooo helpful and say annoying things like, "Just wait until they're teenagers." Thanks for that, but I always reply that I'm just looking forward to the time that they can wipe their own butts and buckle themselves into their car seats - and here I am, nearing that day! Well, actually, no one wipes their own bum, causing potty training and wiping are two separate battles. 

Look at my garden! Next week I'll have some alliums blooming and I should have my border in. I kept planting peonies last year and I thought they all died, then I bought two more this year, now everything I planted is coming up too, so I apparently have 6 peony bushes now. Ahhh, gardening is so much fun! And my kids love that they can just be outside all day - this is obviously my calling.

Hmmm, my stomach stopped hurting, I think I'll go have some ice cream.