This week: 24 May 2017

Everyone helping Daddy water the grass seeds (yes, thats what under the hay. Our yard looks ridiculous right now. But it'll look good soon....like, maybe next year). 

Blake walking around eating her macaroni. Naturally. 

While Wade and Jac run through the hose water - cause it's a balmy 60 degrees. 

And the girls needed to help Wade on his bike. The bike he can't ride. But he loved having them push him and he'd tell them, "Now we turn this way! Now we turn this way!" 

Jac ate dirt. And stood on the Razor. Oh, and I found another pair of these boots at the thrift store - yesss!

I caught Wade picking his nose (not a rare occasion) and he said, "that so embarrassing!"

Our tire was leaking air (turns out there was a nail stuck in it) and while it got fixed the girls and I went to Wendy's. We got food too - not just ketchup, not that they would complain if it was. They both ended up just drinking it out of the cup and Jac made it really efficient by using the straw. Gross. 

The girls wanted to hold each others hands walking into the store!! Cutest. Especially with those piggy tails.

And they've been giving each other lots of kisses. Not that I've successfully taken a picture of it, here's the best I've gotten: 

Jac - excitedly - figured out that she could sit on the kitchen cupboard. 

And the girls have both been working really hard on dressing themselves. There have only been a few walking-into-the-wall incidences thus far. 

I found a rug for super cheap this week that I'm going to resale - the kids have been getting a kick running all over it, cause why not? They're like cats, something new, must be sat upon. 

Tonight we did splatter paint for Young Women's. Kids from all the other classes kept wandering over hoping to join, so you know it's good. At one point one of my girls said, "this is the most fun I've ever had!" Success. And they all thought my paint pants were the coolest, apparently I should be wearing them as normal pants with a flannel - we went over my pants 3 different times as the different girls trickled in, they're that cool. 

I've been mopping. A lot. It just keeps getting grosser. It's. so. much. fun. I mean, gross. But I can't help myself! I love my new steam mop. I keep sending Husband pictures of the disgusting pad. Best mother's day gift ever. Also, Wade keeps telling me that things are "disgusting."


This week: 17 May 2017

This afternoon I told Wade he could have blueberries (cause it he's not eating them, then he's asking for them). I told him yes, but the said he had to eat his sandwich first, to which he responded, "I want blueberries NOW. Mommy, you said I could have blueberries. I want them now. Give me blueberries. You said." Haha. So demanding. And literal. And he's been really into "now" this week.

Wade made this pinwheel at preschool and as soon as he got in the car he started talking about how he made it for Dottie and Fletcher (my parents dogs...who he's never met) and he was going to plant it in the dirt out front so they could see it when they come to visit (they are not coming to visit). The things he says are hilarious. Oh, and that red mark on his eye is marker - not an owie. 

This morning Blake tripped and was crying. Jac walked over to the dog food, grabs a a piece, gives it to Blake. Blake takes it, eats it, stops crying. What?! Why do my girls love dog food? I mean, cute that Jac made Blake happy...but dog food? Weirdos. 

Yesterday the girls at with me for two hours straight. Blueberries, smoothies, watermelon, pasta, yogurt, oranges, chicken, cheese, fruit snacks, fruit loops. It was crazy. Then I left them with a babysitter and when Husband got home, he fed them dinner too. Growth spirt. 

Everyone had a wellness check up this week. All got blood draws and shots. It was a party. But everyone is healthy! 

Age: 3 years 5 months (a little late on the 3 year check up)
Height: 3' 2"
Weight: 34 lbs

Age: 21 months
Height: 2' 9"
Weight: 26 lbs

Age: 21 months
Height: 2' 9"
Weight: 24 lbs

Girls are the same exact height, but still have the 2 pound difference - it's be that same 2 pounds since 2 months old. How crazy is that?! And Wade was so great at the doctor, but now he won't let me take off his bandaids and each time he see's them he remembers he got shots and has to pretend to limp around, haha. 

Husband heard on the radio that picking your nose and eating it actually helps kids develop their immune system. Something about the small amounts of bacteria caught in the nose act kind of like a vaccine. Y'know, so take that for what it's worth. Probably while Wade isn't too healthy, kid does not eat his boogers. 

Blake needs physical therapy on her legs. Her legs curve in and are making her pigeoned toed - which is more than just cosmetic. But glad we'll get it taken care of early. Look at this cutie: 

This crown has been a must for her this week. I just love when each of my kids find things to love. Speaking of, I read Wade Oh, the Places You'll Go and after he let out a happy sigh and said, "Oh, I loved that." And he proceeded to tell me specific things he loved about it, like the rainbows on the pages and the pretty colors - so cute and so specific. 

This last weekend was Mormon Prom - it's over! Here's the dress: 

It had so many issues. So many. But she loved it. And looked gorgeous. And I feel more capable of getting behind the sewing machine for other projects. Smaller projects. 

And here's the stage: 

The amount of work something takes, is insane. And we should've had a ton more flowers. But it did look cool. And the night of they had a blacklight on the cheshire cat's face (theme was Alice in Wonderland). 

How did I manage to not have a single picture of Jac? She's been the funniest and cutest thing. Maybe it's cause she's always right in my face - snuggling, poking my eyes, stealing my phone - but always in close proximity. 

Had my first Young Women's activity, we did minute to win it games that each had to do with the YW values. Some of the games flopped, mostly cause the teams tied at almost every single one, haha! But the girls had fun, all that matters. 

This upcoming week my goal is working on the sand pit for the kids. If it ever stops raining.