This week: 19 July 2017

The basement is done! Pictures to come, but it was a mad dash to finish before we have guests arrive tonight. And, funny story, I can't find the door hinges to put the doors back on. Okay, not so funny. Perhaps I should go hunt a little harder. It turned out awesome, feeling really proud. Still some clean up and touch up work, but calling it a wrap. Here's a sneak peek at the bathroom:

Wade "helped" me put in the faucet. I took the old one out and put the new one in all by myself (well, with Wade help....so, that counts as negative). Feeling so proud! Here he's telling me all about how the water is coming out and going down the pipes and it's working! He was so excited, I was too. 

More on Wade the week: 

English = Anguish. Since Husband talks to the kids in Portuguese, Wade often translates it to "anguish" for me. Which, side note, I can understand a lot of Portuguese now. Someday we'll visit Brazil and I will be able to ask people where I can go to the bathroom, when bed time is, and where I should take a time out. 

We got some new fans. Wade loves them. he keeps giving them hugs. 

He continues to be all about trash. He's been cleaning up trash all over the yard. Moss: 

And flower pedals: 

He tells me daily that we don't have any garbage truck toys or any spin mixer (cement truck) toys. They're his favorite trucks to pass on the street. And he calls trash garbage, trash or rubbish. I could be worried, but that's not all he's into. He's also very into the Octonauts right now, and tells me all about sea creatures all day long. And he memorizes the catch phrases of the characters. Today he asked for a picture with the Octonauts, so here it it: 

He's also into singing. Very into singing. He told me that he wanted to sing me a song. A dancing song. So he sang a made up song about nothing that I had to dance to. Then he wanted me to sing him a dancing song, so I sang a song that sounded a lot like his nothing song, but I was informed I was doing it wrong, so he took over. He also told me one day that his toes were singing to the song in the car (on the radio), he told me to look at them (cause I continue to have to watch him do everything) and they were definitely tapping to the beat. I need to get him into a toddler dance class - I predict it being ridiculous, and him loving it. 

Big news this week, girls got moved to forward facing in their car seats! They love it. And it's way easier to hand them snacks and such. Course, Jac can also now see if I'm eating something or if I have a pop that I'm not sharing, so she has to shriek at me. 

Okay, let's talk about Jacqueline this week. She has been my stinker. Lots of tantrums about nothing (well, something, like Blake sitting in the high chair Jac wanted...which is only the one she wants BECAUSE Blake is sitting there). She head butted me and I said owe, so she had to cry for 10 minutes. Yesterday she kept doing things to make Blake cry (pushed her off the trampoline, stole her toy, shut the door in her face) and then she'd immediately turn and trip on something. It happened multiple times. Two year old karma. 

I've been conducting an experiment. Jac is fine with her dishes if I give her pink or purple, but if I give pink or purple to Blake, then she has to steal it. Thus far, it's held true. Apparently Jac has favorite colors! 

While Jac has been a bit of a turd this week, she's also always so fun. She's the best cuddler. This morning she wanted me to lay with her under a blanket on the couch. She laid on a pillow next to me and made faces at me for me to mimic. She's getting really good with making faces. 

Blake wants to communicate so much. She's taken it into her own hands and will grab me hand or push me where she wants me to go. Everyone loves climbing on us, but Blake will come over and push on my back until I move for her to climb on. It is an affective strategy. 

She continues to fall asleep if we're in the car for more than 5 minutes in the late morning. 

Oh, and I've learned the dum-dum suckers are the best good behavior motivators ever. Ever. I had to make returns to three stores today, not a single complaint. Great tool in my parenting tools belt. 

She's been really into some pink moccasin boots this week and into wearing her new underwear. She had to sleep in both one night. Here she took the boots off, but traded it for a raccoon head lamp. She dances to the beat of her own drum for sure. 

Sometimes you just need to eat off the same tray. Things taste better when you share. Or they taste better when you steal. I'm never really sure what's happening. I usually judge by the amount of screaming and hitting. 

I have no idea what's happening here. But I just can't resist when my kiddo's are playing well together. 

I thought you couldn't hear me sing while I mowed the lawn. Talked to a neighbor this week, turns out, that's not the case. I'm a mix between embarrassed and not caring. Haha. Feels like a lot of my life right now. 


This week: 12 July 2017

Making cupcakes (that were delicious!) and all these cuties needed to find themselves a step stool. Cracking my up. Also, it's really hard to make cupcakes when your counter access is this minimal?!

I gave Wade a sandwich without pickles. He asked for pickles and then I told him we didn't have any. Obvious devastation. 

This is Melia. My girls love Melia. Blake especially, which is saying something because she doesn't really care much about anyone. And I love Melia, cause she loves playing with my girls. Wonderful all around. 

Blake was off doing whatever, so Jac helped herself to both ranches. Double fisting it. However, I should say that Jacqueline shares EVERYTHING with Blake - she likes me handing her both bottles so she can give one to Blake. In the car, I hand her snacks and she hands them off, then begs me for more - she even passed over a lollipop! How sweet is that? So cute. 

Jac has also been cleaning up after herself. I give her a napkin and she'll wipe up her tray. So awesome. Blake obviously needs one too, but usually ends up eating it. 

My jumping Jacqueline really just likes being in charge. She's started saying "no, no, no" and wagging her finger! It kills me, it's so hard for me to tell her not to do it. She's also been shoving and hitting - it's easier for me to tell her no on that, cause she's just being a turd and not being cute. When Blake gets mad she's started hitting herself in the head. Oh little kids. 

Wade asked me to take a picture of him with his finger through this dream catcher. Definitely a picture worthy moment. But look at that face! He's been asking me to watch him and look at him all the time - often when I do then he has to hurry and decide what he's going to show me, it's usually lame, I love it. 

July 11th was "cow appreciation" day at Chick-Fil-A. So I dressed everyone up as cows and I was their cow herder. Wade freaked out when I put his hat on him and wouldn't take a picture, logical. Blake is terrified of the big dressed up cow mascot - I saw him coming and I tried getting her attention, but she was zoned out and the cow touched her, I wish I had a camera on her at that moment. Total fear. She recovered quickly when I showed her the balloons. 

Both girls were barely on the mend when I took this picture. Both of them had fevers. I swear we're sick 50% of the time. The night Jac had been crying while I was painting, but Husband said she finally quieted down. We went into check on her and she had thrown up. Poor kiddo. But, here's the weird part: she was awake, sitting in the corner of her crib, looking straight forward...didn't move until I touched her. My poor little baby! My poor baby that has been hating messes and being sticky this week. 

Oooo, on a happier Jac story: she pooped in the toilet today. No, we're not potty training. But she was working on something, so I grabbed her and put her on the pot. She was so proud of herself! We have friends coming next week, and when they leave we're definitely ditching the diapers! 

So, about friends coming next week (I am soooo excited!) and I am working so hard to get the basement done by the time they get here! Moved the toilet. Got bold with paint (it was a little terrifying too as I painted sark colors everywhere!). Husband accused me of being boring and painting everything grey (um, I've painted nothing grey in this house! And I just got a bright red rug in the front room!), so I got crazy bold. It's coming together really well...just hoping it comes together in a week.