2019 chapter 16

Last week all my kids were "kids of the week" at preschool. I was supposed to make them posters, but we were in the middle of a totally normal epic April snow storm and the roads were the worst they've been all year, so I didn't get poster paper (um....and I forgot) so I improvised and made "all about me boxes" and wrote a little blurb and put some crap in it and now they've been playing with them all week (especially Jac. And I put in an old almost empty lip gloss and it made her week). Here are the blurbs. 

And here's my favorite Chick-Fil-A sign. The weather really was crazy this week. But now it's normal. As in, I hydroplaned twice today cause it was raining so hard. But our grass is almost green.  

And yesterday was so warm we played outside without jackets (and Jac without shoes). They made a frog house. And I don't know what's happening with Wade's pant leg. 

And there are still winter toys everywhere that apparently work for spring toys too - if you can coerce your siblings into pulling you around. 

Wade continues to make shapes. All crafts are again required to be done downstairs though. 3 reams of paper were cut through, along with some grossery gang, two dresses, and one finger. Oh, and several walls have been colored on. 

He also made a telescope. They've been talking about all the things they can look at with it - right now ants is the top of the list. And Wade informed everyone that the telescope cannot be used to look at viruses. On Sunday they talked about faith being like a tiny seed and Wade had to inform his teachers that he knows something smaller than a seed....a virus. They thought it was hilarious. 

Wade cleaned up his room midweek and filled this huge trash bag. Part of the three decimated paper reams. He kept all the "wings" he's made, which are just jagged papers folded in half. For how many I have in my house I'm shocked I don't have a picture of them. He kept them and has been giving them to everyone and all his friends are genuinely excited about them. I later went through and cleaned and threw away some little pieces of trash in a backpack that were apparently important. He looked all over them for them the next morning - I even helped look even though I knew they were in the trash can that just got picked up. 

Wade keeps saying "at least" to start off almost every sentence. 

Last week the girls went to a birthday party and they had so much fun and keep wearing these flamingo glasses and whatever they're doing is 100% cuter and funnier. And Blake made a flamingo picture with feathers and I hung it next to her bed and she talks about it every time she goes to bed. Jac didn't make a picture, she's not into that. 

While the girls partied, Wade and I met up with a friend for ice cream and they had so much fun. Frozen yogurt actually, but being able to pick out their own toppings was the best. 

So back to Jac not caring about pictures real quick. I am learning so much about this little firecracker this year. To be honest, she keeps burning my hard. A friend subbed in primary this week and told me she finally understands my Jac struggle - she wouldn't sit the whole time until the chorister told them to stand, then she sat. The teacher told everyone that they got a glow stick at the end, but not to touch them yet, and Jac dashed forward immediately. She just kind of a stinker. But I'm trying different things. Like letting her have the window down while it was raining instead of fighting about it, and then she realized she didn't want it open and then we were fine. Also, running. She loves running. She's faster than Wade and can run around the whole way around and her eyes were bright with pure joy. 

I said holy cow this week and Blake said, "I not a cow. I just people." 

Wade informed me that the healthiest food is a burrito. 

Went to IKEA today and Blake kept telling everyone to come play in the temple:

Jac got en big girl Elsa braid today: 

I bought a new rug and I'm slowly showing Bryan that I can do color in the house - he keeps accusing me of being boring and monochromatic. All my kids know how to have a good reaction when I do something new in the house, they all came down and were all oooh's and ahhh's and JAc had to lay on it and give it hugs and kisses. 


2019 chapter 15

When the kids help with something extra they get a coin. When I remember. Or when they remember. It's not very often. This week they really wanted to play with it  (it was a pitiful amount, so I just dumped my coin jar in with) and it occupied them for well over an hour! They had to sort and resort. 

The next day we went to Target to buy some stuff with their "earned" money. We went at a non-busy time and used the self-checkout and putting the coins in the coin slot was just as exciting as getting little toys! They all got bubbles. Jac dropped hers outside within a minute and has basically been a tantrum since (3 days ago). 

Look at how cute these little boogers are!!!! 

On another Target trip looking real raga-muffin. Wearing Wade's shoes, slept on hair, and a kitty Christmas sweater. Haha. 

I've been fielding "kindergarten questions." I use quotations, cause they're not really about school. Questions like: Will we be able to go to the car wash when I'm in kindergarten? Will we still go to get groceries when I'm in kindergarten? I don't know if he's relieved that life will be normal, or disappointed that life will go on? Or perhaps he just likes to bring up kindergarten cause it gets a little jealous rise out of Blake. She keeps telling me that 3 is stupid (started after the kindergarten talk, so I think they're related). 

Bryan and I love nature shows. We haven't really watched them with our kids, but a new one came out so we started watching it with them. They complained it wasn't the show they wanted the whole time, but in the same breath they were asking sooooo many questions. Then it showed a bunch of flamingo babies on a journey to a watering hole and one couldn't keep up and it's poor legs got covered in salt...and then it moved onto the next scene. No "it met up with it's mommy" or anything. Obviously stuff like this happens in nature, but usually nature shows paint pretty pictures and happy endings, cause we like pretty pictures and happy endings. Well, the flamingo story wasn't lost on my (surprisingly) tender-hearted Jacqueline. She was lay next to me and suddenly started to whimper and then all out cry. It was so tragic. About 45 minutes later she remembered and was a mess all over again. 

 Sometimes you just have to stab the yogurt to open it...instead of asking mom standing 2 feet away. In the same room.

Today Blake wanted my to stroke her face so she pretended to sleep. She opened her eyes twice and gave me a silly/sneaky smile. Pretend sleep quickly turned to real sleep, but she still cuddled my arm and made leaving so difficult. - especially with Jac snuggled up to my back and the snow (yes, snow. Got 6 inched today) falling outside. Oh, and that little pony sleeping next to her on it's bed. All the little things of childhood. And Blake needs to sleep with all the things. Jac shoves all toys off her bed and sleeps free, while Blake and Wade both prefer to sleep smothered. 

Blake got an eyelash in her eye this week. Since she's been impossibly annoyed that she has eyelashes on her eyes and keeps tugging at them. I keep trying to tell her that they're supposed to be there, but she's still skeptical. 

A good shot of Blake's haircut: 

Sunday morning the kids made us breakfast. They were so excited. It consisted of a cereal/animal cracker mix (without milk, thankfully), granola bars, and a fruit salad. I'm still not 100% sure how they cut it all so well. The kiwi got pretty mutilated, so I guess it was all done with a butter knife? They do know to not use big knives, but sometimes Wade decides he's big enough for things on his own. I digress. Oh, and we all had TWO cups of water to drink. Not sure why. Wade loved telling us that we couldn't have the fruit salad until we finished out cereal mix. And he kept saying it was so delicious and asking us what it tasted like, and were we surprised, and we need to say thank you. He was proud all day. And continues to talk about making fruit salad non stop now. Blake took this breakfast picture for us: 

Jac poured herself a plentiful amount and when Wade said we couldn't eat the salad until we were done (cause we tell them that all the time) her face of "shoot, I made a mistake" as she looked at her plate was so funny. 

One day when Bryan got home Wade came and sat next to him all casual like and said, "There's a Story Bot that's really freakin' me out. It's the virus one and they make people sick and they can spread and that's called multiplying and they keep spreading to maybe hundreds or thousands or even hundreds in someones body and they make people sick. And they can land on peoples hands or their drinks and that's how you get them. And it's freakin' me out." He's been playing "viruses" ever since - with his trash, with his slime. And he's been washing his hands a lot. 

The kids are making a play place in Wade's room. As they were talking to me about making a slide I asked if it was for them or for their stuff animals. Wade said, "It's for everyone.....but not you. You're too big." And then Blake added, "Yeah, you're super duper, duper, duper, duper, duper, duper big." Yes, six dupers. Stinker. 

I cut all my hair this week. Yup, every last one got cut. I like it, but, to be honest, I feel like the middle class, suburban version of a Stepford wife now. This is the haircut that 80% of the kindergarten moms have.  Guess I'm one of them. But, now when I brush it I don't have clumps of knotted hair falling out. It's amazing. 

Bryan and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary this weekend. We planned our day - mostly our meals - and decided to put in our fire pit. Well, decisions were made and he stayed up until 4 am playing video games and I stayed up until 4 am finishing the last book in my series. The next day as we didn't make ourselves a delicious breakfast we kept laughing and saying, "choices were made." Ha. And then it rained and we didn't make our fire pit. But we watched conference and made a ridiculously delicious dinner of steak roast and were lazy and it was perfect. I mean, not as perfect as if it would have been sunny and we could've been outside, but it was still lovely. 

Oh, outside. Let's just end on that. We've got a weird sliver of crappo weather going over us and we should be getting over a foot of snow between now and Friday. We got a good pile today and it's perfect snowman making snow. We now have two snowmen in our yard and zero carrots left in the house. Wade keeps asking why there's snow when it's summer - I've explained it, I know this kid understands, so maybe he thinks he's telling a joke? But, spring will be here next week and I think all my tulips will begin blooming. I cannot wait.