Summer Summer Summertime

Happened upon this one evening. That's the best. 

Girls started a pre-K class today. 3 days/3 hours/3weeks. They are thrilled! It's at their school and when I explained that it's their school now, not just Wade's there was great shock and excitement. 

I forgot to get them backpacks, so they wore Wade's. When Blake put it on she kept singing "you can't see my bum"

Wade made a scavenger hunt for the girls when they got home from school (I'm not sure how it went cause I was out getting car parts...hmmm, this feels like a good place to complain about that)

Alternator went out on the Acrua. Well, it was going out. No one was stranded in discovering this. Bryan and I took it out today. I hated it. I really like DIY - the saving money and the sense of accomplishment. But apparently not car DIY. That was not fun. Especially the driving to the auto part store that we called beforehand to make sure a part was in stock, getting there and being told it's NOT in stock so I need to drive to another location. Just hours driving around. I should be grateful I have a husband that can do this stuff and is currently working from home so he was able to help during the day. I should be grateful for the money saved. I should feel accomplished that my slimmer hands were able to get some things loose. But I just see time lost in my garden and money I had ear-marked for a tree go away. Okay, I feel kinda accomplished. And will likely still buy my tree. 

Wade talks all things mindcraft. He apparently needs to. Might die if he doesn't. One day there were no neighbor friends home and Bryan and I had to take the brunt of it. I was weeding and he just kept following me - at least he doesn't require any feedback from me, just a body to talk to. 

Wade lost a tooth on his last day of school! I met him at the bus stop with balloons to run home with and I'm trying to hand him balloons and he's trying to tell me about his tooth. It was exciting chaos. 

Kids have been exploring Jaguar Avenue. It's a street right by our house. There is nothing special or exciting about it, except that Wade decided he wanted to explore it and the girls obviously thought Wade's idea was cool. I think a kid from his class lives on it. Maybe? But they also feel cool riding their bikes on their own!! 

I need GPS trackers for my kids as they run with the neighborhood kid gang. We've got 12 kids 3-10 on our street that play together all day (and have caused us to push back our kids bedtime). Every second. It's been great to say "I've got you kids" so a mom can run an errand without interrupting play (and leaving me to hear about mindcraft). And I buy snack, popsicles, and watermelon in bulk (3 boxes of macaroni is the appropriate amount for the gang). It's what summers are made for. (My strawberries did get smashed by zealous little people. And a few caterpillars have been lost to the love of the gang. And I feel sorry for all the frogs in the vicinity)

It's been wicked hot here, but all my kids have a solid base tan for long summer days. We've been over 100 (heat wave is hitting the whole country, I get it. This is august weather for us. Spring/early summer makes up for crap winters...so I'm not real pleased). But we've been outside so much we're mildly getting used to it. My plants are not. They're all acting a little dramatic in the heat. And I go around in my sunhat watering everything (it's delightful). I've been working on my neighbors yard, I'm like an official, paid gardener. I might need to do another post of my projects. 

Before school let out we went to a Twins game (and got rained on). The school offered cheap tickets, so we were surrounded by Wade's schoolmates. At the game I learned from a kid that Wade has a crush on every girl. Wade shrugged his shoulders in agreement. 

Wade was writing a book all about the 50 states. He got through Arizona and decided to take a break. Then he made a game called "natural disaster" that took a lot of cardboard strewn about the house. Now he's making a book for the girls to help them practice what they learn in school, he's says it'll take a really long time to complete because after each grade he'll have to write what he's learned to share with them. 

Jac is a soccer beast! For motivation we told the kids we'd pay the $5 for each goal. Wade has made some decent money, but Jac, sheesh, Jac is going to make us change that motivator. She's cleaning us out. We didn't pay for two weeks and had to give her $45! Blake. Blake is more interested in the battery fan the coach brings and only cares about goals afterwards when Jac gets paid. 

Jac's excitement over her goal:

Blake's reaction to Jac's goal: 

Money aside, Jac just loves soccer. And she's really good. Wade has definitely improved and is actually really fun to watch now. 

Blake has been kind of a mood recently. I think (hope) school is going to really help her. Here she is on mother's day being extra sour cause it's a holiday just for mom's. "it's not even their birthday! I like the Jesus holidays better."

Correct way to do s'mores:


Spring calls for hot sleeves

Watching the girls play this week has been so enjoyable. Seeing their childhood be magical and happy, love it. And I remember this kind of play, so maybe I enjoy it more cause I can feel it. 

Told you my main goal was to get a picture of Wade this week: 

I asked if he wanted to wear this blazer to church, he was excited cause then he didn't need to wear a coat. But he came in really confused about it...he didn't put a shirt on underneath. Getting a picture was hard cause he was trying to run from me. 

We had his baptism prep meeting this week. Most kids got to zoom in, but his mom was in charge, so he had to come (thumbs down for a Saturday, as he informed me). After we stopped to get an icee - gotta make it less lame somehow. The place we stopped didn't have icees, so we got donuts. He was telling the cashier his icee woes and she went over and made him a frozen lemonade (which is made right in front of you with a cool machine) and gave it to him for free. He went back to the register and she told he gets to just take it - that's when it clicked. He was so excited and carried it out held high and just ecstatic. Wish I had gotten that picture. Asked him if it was still a thumbs down day, he said no. 

We had friends over Friday night and made pizza together. The plan was to let the kids watch a movie while we played games, but the kids were so deep in play we never got around to the movie. They were all jumping on the couch/bed and I was going to tell them to stop, then thought "why?!"

Wade said something about the Mississippi river and I asked if he knew that it started in our state. He asked, "Then why isn't it called the Minnesota river?" Good question buddy! We had to look it up, goes back the original tribes that lived here, before the states were around. 

We had a nice warm, 60 degree day. But it was super windy. Which calls for capes and bare feet. And running around in circles on the driveway (and in short sleeves, or as Blake calls them: hot sleeves).

Spring = lots of walks. The girls decided we need to go on a walk every day. Stella's into it. We were actually wondering how many walks we could go on in a day and Stella would still be excited. I think 4 - she'll always be excited to go, but on walk 4 I bet she'd get to the end of the driveway and be done. 

Told you their play is awesome to watch right now. They've started doing "tricks." Basically just falling a lot. 

"Mom, take a picture of us both hugging Stella!" "She loves us!" (Isn't that the face of a dog that LOVES what's going on)

We went on a walk in the pouring rain (walk every day). Stella was not into it. She kept looking back longingly at home, and then at me like "Mom, why are we out here?!" (so apparently 4 walks or when it's raining) Jac rode her scooter by and said, "Ooooo, she's so cute when she's wet!" and told me I had to take a picture. 

Girls on their scooters. Got a righty and a lefty. Blake asked me why her leg that just stands there is tired too, cause "it just stands there." 

Scooters have the easiest dismount for puddle jumping. 

Got out our (meager) Easter decorations. I immediately remembered how much I hate plastic eggs. They're everywhere, specifically under my feet. Found the dolls in Stella's bed taking an egg bath - they're still annoying, but guess that's cute.

Wade was proud that he could still ride his bike. But it was really hard to avoid all the earth worms. It was also a very slow procession cause he kept needing to stop and examine (occasionally saving) the worms. 

And this hill is still "too fast." 

Wade decided he wanted to get better at golf, he informed Bryan he wanted to get up and practice. So Bryan and him have been golfing from 7-7:45 each morning. Sunday afternoon he was hitting in the 30 yard range, today he was regularly hitting in the 50's! Really proud of him! And Bryan's thrilled - that he's interested, that he's enjoying it, that he's improving. 

Got the kids new swimming goggles. I was going to keep them for summer, but they found them. So there's been a lot of this: 

Kids love taking showers with their goggles. They were talking about it and decided that "a shower is like a tornado warning" and then everyone made a tornado siren noise ...in the car. 

Last night before bed Bryan asked if I had checked on the kids, I said yes. Then he asked "Any of them being cute?" Before I could reply, he went and checked on them anyway, just in case. 

Bryan's been working from home - a few Covid cases broke out at his office (not in his circle) and we both love watching Wade run for the bus each morning - daily highlight (he ate it today on the slick grass). And he's been faking his run in soccer, he's a quick little guy when running to the bus! Maybe it's cause he's been training all winter in his snow gear, and now he feels so light!

Wade gets home in about 15 minutes and then starts spring break! And at the end of this one, he'll go back...unlike last year. Nothing planned, probably a lot of golf. And as much minecraft as he can get away with.