2020: four, five, six

Missed a few weeks. That's what happens when you leave for vacation on a Wednesday and then get back on a Wednesday, and then start a show your friend recommended on a Wednesday and accidentally watch 4 episodes. So here we are, Thursday, but not letting a whole week go by.

The show I started watching is called Locke and Key on Netflix. I forgot my friend likes scary stuff; I do not. But I'm sucked in. Bryan was at basketball and I had to get something from the basement, forgetting I had stuck some helium balloons in the basement stairwell. I paused my show and went to the basement and jumped right out of my skin as the balloons greeted me.

We went to California. It was amazing. We traveled right as new Coronavirus cases appeared in CA. So we were the freaks telling our kids to not touch anything, hand sanitizing regularly, and looking enviously at all the people wearing medical masks. On the plane there the person behind me sneezed on my hair. It's all cool. Traveling is amazing. Okay, that was an unintentional tangent. The real story: we went to the beach almost every day. It was sunny and every day was above 60 with a few in the 80's! We saw both set of grandparents, cousins, and an aunt and uncle. My kids loved on big dogs and did "art" to their hearts content (Wade is still telling me that it's not fair that Lily Jo has way more art stuff than him). My kids got so tuckered they took several naps, as did I - one was even outside and it was perfect. We're already ready to go back.

Oh and we ate donuts for breakfast at the beach. That's my new favorite thing. But my favorite, favorite part of the trip was watching my kids play in the waves. Jac would just hop up and down like on a trampoline and shriek with joy and the ocean just swallowed her sounds. I could watch it for hours. I did watch it for hours.

We walk into the airport bathroom and Jac loudly proclaimed, "Eww, it stinks in here!" And later whined from her stall that her toilet flushed before she could wipe her butt. I enjoy seeing people smirk in amusement at public comments like these. 

After both plane rides everyone that sat around us commented on how good our kids did. We've never had comments like that before, so apparently everyone has hated sitting by us previously. 

We've had a cold snap this week, but it's still been sunny. Something about this mixture has the snow warm enough for Stella to sink into, but sold enough that the snow sticks to her immediately. She's had several baths and thinks that's super lame. Unrelated to Stella, but the sun warms up my front room and my thermostat said it was 73 today, but outside it was 0, so the rest of my house was super cold. 

Girls picked out their sunhats and are ready to return to the sunshine.

The kids have been doing a lot of "shows" for me. Or gymnastics. Or poses. They kind of change the names up, but I'll hear them call for me from the other room and I'll come into something like this. 

Daddy bought jump ropes and was jumping with the girls. They don't have it down yet, but Jac did get a good 4 jumps in. I peed my pants on my turn. 

We were in the car and Wade was talking to us about how the shape of a donut is called a torus - I didn't know that. And he was talking about the ice giant planets. I was genuinely impressed with the bits of info he picked up, and then Jac chimed in to say, "I have five fingers. Wanna see? 1,2,3,4,5. Do all of us have five fingers."

I asked Jac to put her sweatshirt on and she told me that was, "Rude and ridiculous and wrong!"

I vacuumed up a sock and clogged it. While I was trying to get it out (never did) I found out the hose on my vacuum is broken! I'm equal parts annoyed and excited about buying a new vacuum. And that is adulthood.


2020: three

Packing bubbles make great tile skates for dancing. Before this week, I didn't know that. 

Jac threw up today in Savers. Earlier we were in the car and she told me her tummy hurt, but it was cause she needed to go potty real bad. So we stopped at a gas station, she used the restroom, then said she was fine. We went to Joann's and then to Savers. She said she was tired, but was being silly old Jac. Then she came to me to say something, stopped mid-sentence and went grey. I asked if she need to throw up , she said no, but I could tell she needed to. I was looking everywhere for something to grab - why was I in the girls section and not looking at bowls?! I did get here in the middle of the aisle. Then I got to find a worker and make their day just the best. I first asked for some cleaning supplies, but she said she'd take care of it. I felt so bad. Jac tells me her tummy hurts all the time, and she said it didn't hurt any more. As we walked out of the store I told her she could watch a show when we got home and she shrieked for joy, and at home I gave her some pop and she was so happy - being sick is apparently this girls ideal day. Now we're on watch if this is just a Jac thing, or a real bug. I cleaned all the toilets, just in case I'll be bowing before them later. I know a few people have gotten a quick 24 hour bug, and I honestly prayed that if we're going to get it, to get it before we go on vacation next week. So here we are. Prayers are answered.

Kids found their Pokemon Halloween costumes from 3 years ago. Can two 4 year olds and a 6 year old fit in outfits made for a couple 1 year olds and 2 year old?

Ummm....kinda? FYI, the above picture is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES.

Jac has been particularly obsessed with her Squirtle costume and it makes everything she does just 10x funnier and cuter.

Not cute thing she did: cut her own bangs again. We were just getting to a good spot. Maybe if she were dressed as a Pokemon it would've been funnier.

I fell for a kids show called Miraculous. Bryan makes fun of me so hard, but he's been reading the  Animorphs which is a series at a 1-4 grade reading level, so he doesn't have a leg to stand on. So, back to my show. There are two kids that are superheroes, but they don't know one another's secret identities. In superhero form the boy is in love with the girl, in regular form the girl is in love with the boy. It's so silly. The kids came down to me watching on my own and their feelings of betrayal and confusion was written all over their faces.

Each time someone farts Jac says "nice" cause that's what dad always says after a fart.

Wade made himself a phone and even kept locking himself out. Everytime he'd call someone he's say, "Hi, blobbidy blah."

Bryan went into the basement to retrieve one of the girls blankets. When Jac realized this she said to Blake, "Did Daddy go down by hisself? In the dark? Wow! Him so brave. I wish I could do dat."

Wade had Monday off for Martin Luther King day. In the car they were talking about how it was a holiday and:
Wade, "My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas, but they're far away."
 Jac, "I like Texas."
Wade, "That's not a holiday, that's a state."
Jac, "Yeah, but it's far away."
Wade, "Holidays are like Christmas and Halloween and January and February."
Me, "Not quite buddy..."
Hearing the connections they made had me cracking up.

Went to Costco to return our old car battery. The lady in front of us had her baby sitting on the counter and Blake asked, with wide eyes, "Is she returning that baby?!"

I volunteered in Wade's class this week and they were talking about favorite fruits and veggies, he came home with a drawing of the garden he'd like to plant this year. Had to inform him that bananas and peaches don't work in Minnesota, but that we could do everything else.

Jac glued a picture she drew to my wall. I can't get it off.

We made a lot of labels to write on a put around the house - kind of like what people do when they're learning a new language, but we're doing it with English, cause me kids are learning the written English language. Wade is so excited about it. We need a new one that says "toilet" cause that fell in today.

I read my January book, Where the Crawdad's Sing, this week. I've heard so many raves about it, and while I enjoyed it, it left me sad. Made me grateful that my children know that they're loved and supported and that the only food they ever have to scrounge for is occasionally (okay, usually) cereal in the morning. Also been doing good on my other goals - kneeling to pray, drinking more water, and playing games.

Oh, speaking of games, Bryan introduced the kids to Mario Kart on the Nintendo. They are all painfully bad and no one had fun, but everyone keeps asking to play again. We got mildly snowed in this weekend (a huge storm was predicted, we grocery shopped for it, then it was only a medium storm, but we still were homebodies and it was lovely), so Bryan tried a few more rounds, but it's just painful.

I did singing time in primary for the first time this Sunday! I was nervous. But it went great. The highlight was when I forgot the words in senior primary and they all thought it was hilarious and after that they all sang louder and participated more. Who knew looking like an idiot would create such a bond.

Bryan's been taking notes for me in class and we discuss it when we get home. The deal is that one of us makes lunch while the other leads the discussion about church, but he's the one taking the notes so he leads the at home discussion and I've been making lunch...tricky trade off. This week was about the iron rod, a story I know very well, but in class it was brought up that those in the great and spacious building are seen as groups, while at the tree of life they are individuals. I liked that. Satan tells us to keep up with everyone and everything, especially through social media, while the Lord talks to us as we are, telling us we're His child and helping us improve individually.