2018 chapter 25: June 20

 Got our sandpit in this week!! It rained all weekend, rained while I put the sand in, and has been raining since. The kids played while I put the sand it (sand is so heavy! And of course it was all the way down our hill...guess it's better to run down with a full wheelbarrow vs having to push it up full) and already had lots of fights break out, sand being thrown, laying down in the sand, a ruined skirt from "muddy" sand, and Blake falling on a rock giving herself a fat lip and a great bruise that has purpled up nicely. Already regretting this - sand will always be everywhere.

Tonight I went to Young Women's and brought the kiddos since Husband is out of town. We went to someone's house for a bonfire and my kids ended up playing with 6 and 8 year old that live there. It was so cute to watch these "big kids" enjoy being the big kids to my little kids. They ran all over the yard playing tag and tiring out my littles. And then they went inside and discovered all the big kid toys - specifically the Barbie's were extremely exciting. And then I had to double arm carry Jacqueline out to the car cause she didn't want to leave (and she was overly tired). I got the first two out to the car and told Jac we were leaving her, and when I came back in to get her the older girls were sad to learn that I was just playing chicken and wasn't actually leaving them with a fun real life doll. 

Wade built a space ship for Buzz. Complete with garbage back pack. Obviously. 

We got the craziest rain ever on father's day. Husband had to go out put away the charcoal away and took his umbrella. Which, did little to keep him dry. Especially cause then we realized Stella was outside and he went to get her; she was terrified, but also protecting her precious rib bone. We got so much rain that it filled our kiddie pool. Filled it. With rain. 

"A woman should own as many shoes as she wants, and not feel guilty about it." This quote hangs in my closet, said by my grandmother. I really try to respect and follow the wisdom from my elders. My children are also turning into shoe people. 

Blake has been saying "no problem" this week. I say thank you and she says, "no problem." Jacqueline asks her to share and she says, "no problem." It's my favorite thing right now. And she keeps telling me to "no toucha" everything. "No toucha my owie. Okay? Okay." "No toucha my food, okay? Okay." All my kids do the "Okay? Okay." And I know it's because that's what I say ALL THE TIME! 

Blake decided this week that she wanted to go in the potty. I wasn't ready. Yes, I'm complaining about my kid deciding to be done with diapers. Everyone's excited and cheering her on cause I give everyone a piece of candy when she goes potty. But now I just have to remind her all the time and fight with her a little cause she doesn't always want to go. And I just have so many butts to wipe now. I feel like I am always having someone call from the bathroom that they're all done and need me. 

Wade brought his remote control trains into the car and kept running them (annoying) and telling me that it's his songs and he played Blake a new "Thunder." 

We got to bed late last night and Wade passed out while drinking his milk. He came into my room crying at 3 am that he didn't brush his teeth. Such a rule follower. He also woke up this morning asking, "Mommy, did you hear my dream in your bedroom? It was about all the slime. I don't like my bad dreams. I only like my god dreams about my mommy. Those are my favorite ones." 

I've been a picture machine. Last week I joined up with two other photographers and one model - we each picked one outfit and location and then we all took pictures at each spot. It was so cool! And I learned a lot from two very talented and way more experienced photographers. Oh, and then working with a real model! The first location I was so shocked at how wonderful it was to work with someone who knew how to pose that I was just shooting like crazy - it was so eye opening! Here's my favorite one: 

 And then I did a newborn shoot on Saturday and it felt so good to know what I was doing and get some amazing shots that I knew the parents would love and cherish. Again, my favorite.

We also spread a bunch of mulch this week, put sand in the sand pit, got wood for a raised bed, put dirt into my raised rock bed. Been so busy. Also, got a slide. And a lot of my flowers are blooming and the colors are mixing so well and I'm loving it. Especially with newly laid mulch cause all the weeds are hiding underneath. 

Solo parenting is hard. I can't say being a single parent, because I'm not a single parent - I don't know how they do it. For reals. Still, going solo is exhausting. Husband is in Seattle on a golf trip with his brother and parents and I'm here. With three kids, one of which is potty training. It's exhausting when Husband is here. But I'm trying to remember to be a fun mom. To have fun being a mom. Cause it is so fun. 


2018 chapter 24: June 13

We went to Valleyfair again today, this time to the splash pad. Blake was not a fan. There was a big bucket that would fill with water and dump and she would scurry even further away every time it dumped - which, she was always about 20 feet from any water or possible splashes. Then we went to the wave pool and she was happy. I apparently didn't put sunscreen on myself well enough and areas of my body that never see the sun, saw the sun, and I have funny shapes going down my right side. Only my right. 

Jacqueline opened her own accessory line with hats, bracelets and purses. She saw me put this picture on the computer and she started screaming (cause that's the only way she know how to be gleeful), "MY HAT, MY HAT!"

We went to our friend's birthday party. It's actually Wade's best friend's older sister, but we're "go to each other's everything" type friends and I love it. They had a reptile lady come and it was so cool! The reptile lady was quite the performer and so good with the kids, and watching all these little people touch all the animals was so cool. Wade was calmly into it - he thought it was cool, and then got bored and wanted to make a bead snake. Jac thought it was cool too and sat way calmer than I thought was possible for her. Blake, well, Blake was into watching, not so much into touching them or them touching her. She did get brave enough to touch a few snakes (the albino milk snake looked like a candy cane was too good to pass up), but it was the quickest arm jerk...so I think she touched them, I not quite positive. 

And then I held a snake and it was terrifying. They put the snake on me and I couldn't move. I logically told myself it was nice and safe, but I was terrified!! And then he turned his head and looked at me and kept inching his face closer to mine and I screamed and made one of the other moms take it from me. So embarrassing. I'm pathetic. 

And then we made bead snakes and I apparently need to a bunch of pipe cleaners and beads in my kid craft stash. I'm sure that they'll quickly get added to Wade's trash house. I know Wade's snake already got torn apart and added to his trash pile.  

Wade's been telling me "jokes." Really he just lies and then tells me, "I'm just telling you jokes!" And then after he tells a few he says, "I should stop telling you so many jokes."

Kids locked me out of the house today. I tell them all the time to not play with the lock on the door, which I know is just me breathing through my eyes. So I'm ringing the door bell, banging on the door and yelling at them for everyone in the world to hear and finally Blake figures out how to open up the door. Then I walk in and Wade's just watching TV, totally ignoring me.

Wade: Mommy, do you know why garbage trucks and dump trucks need f***ed up tape?
Me: What tape?
Wade: F***ed up tape.
Me: Do you mean reflector tape?
Wade: No. F***ed up tape.
Me: Okay, why do they need it?
Wade: So that at night light can hit them and they can be seen.
Me: Yes, you mean reflector tape.

This conversation was hilarious, and I was so impressed with his explanation of reflector tape, and how does he know what that even is?

Wade made up a song: "I love you Jesus. I care about you. You want me to be good. I go to your temple. But I'm not going to your temple today." All sang into his new sand bucket.

Blake's biggest fightin' word right now is "FINE!" She stomps her foot and tells me, "fine!" and then storms out of the room.

Girls have been up until 9/9:30 every night and then the last three days they've been waking up at before 6. How rude is that?! But today they did take a 3.5 hour nap. We're headed to the longest day of the year and I'm sure hoping (and praying) that their sleep goes back to normal in the winter.

I did a lot of weeding this week. Not that you can really tell. And a lot of spraying of weeds. And I apparently got some on my shoes and walked in the grass, Husband is super pleased about that. Oops. I've been enlisting my kids to help with chores that I hate and never get to, like cleaning the couch, baseboards and dining chairs - just give them each a rag! They need my help with the couch, the dining room chairs they did awesome on, and who really cares about the baseboards anyway? Overall my house is feeling way less grimy. We've also been working on rotating our toys/only getting out a few at a time to play with, the result: my kids don't give a crap about toys and they just run around the house and play together more. Course, it is summer and they play with outdoor toys a lot. Oh, and Wade always manages to find "trash" to make into toys (oh, I've been letting him throw his trash in the trash can outside, so now he's been really making trash and then he asks for a plastic bag to put his trash in, then he asks me to tie it. Hey, he's actually getting the trash out! But sometimes it has to stay in the "dump" in his room for a while first). Next week Daddy goes out of town, which means it's project time! Well, really it means that it's the same as always, except I don't make real dinner and we go until we drop. Woohoo!