This week: 1 July 2015

This weeks headliner:

I got puked on. My initiation into motherhood is now complete. The mess missed all carpeted surfaces and my hair (cause who wants to wash their hair at four in the morning?).

Wade's been getting his canine teeth in. I'm blaming the above on his teeth, cause I want to. I was thinking they were all coming in, but I only see one budding. Does teething ever stop? These have been by far the worst - I feel for him...and me.

Because of the grumpiness that the above has caused - for the entire household - we've been allowing just about everything. Bad habits are definitely in the making.

Eating on the table. Playing with my phones (lots of these baby selfies). Too much TV. Oh, you found mama's glasses? Okay, don't throw them. Oh, you threw them...um...go pick them up. And sitting however he wants on the high chair + watching TV.

Don't worry, he was still occasionally adorable.

Lots of books. Him trying to climb the wall grate to the lightswitch. Found dada's hate. Pulle dout the duplo blocks - they end up down the stairs a lot.

I found Wade some tunnels (for FREE!) and his life is now complete. He loves crawling though them, playing peek-a-boo on either side, rolling balls through and picking them up/attempting to carrying them around (which he HAS to do, even though he gets so frustrated). Bonus: another way to terrorize Stella.

We finished painting! Finally our house is orange free! Nothing like leaving to really getcha motivated. Stupid. And by finished, I mean that I have to buy another gallon for a second coat in a few places, cause spending more money on paint is totally what I want to be doing. Just in time, cause my maternity paint clothes aren't fitting anymore. Doesn't everyone have maternity paint clothes?

We worked on a bunch of other projects and got to play with some fun tools.

My ward (church) threw my a baby shower! It was wonderful! I felt so loved. I am so so sad to be moving away from this congregation - we'll be in the same stake still and I keep telling myself that they're only 30 minutes away + I'll be on everyone's way to everything in the twin cities...but still, it's always sad. We got some matching blankets that Husband promptly opened and snuggled, some toys that I hid so Wade doesn't commandeer them, matching outfits - including some in Wade's size that I had to use great restraint to not put him in them, just to see. I went back and edited that sentence and took out the great many "adorables" and "cutes." Oh, and diapers. I've done some math and the answer is always the same - we're going to need a lot of diapers!!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Took my glucose test, which I failed. I'm guessing it's the Kool-Aid I stupidly drank that morning. Now I get to take a three hour test next week. On top of the three hour ultrasound I already have scheduled for next week. I can't quite describe how annoyed I am at going to the doctor's. I want these girls to stay in as long as possible, but maybe not too long cause I might drown in doctor visits. Luckily next week my in-laws are in town and are watching Wade. Whew (he went with my yesterday - him being sick and all, couldn't really leave him with someone with kids. He was a nightmare!).

I'm 29 weeks, but my belly is measuring 36 (if this were a single). That's good, but makes me sad cause I got REAL uncomfortable with Wade around 37 weeks...so that's still coming. I was feeling high and mighty for how good I've been feeling, that's going to end.

A woman in her car in the parking lot rolled her windows down to talk to me about my belly...I'm literally stopping traffic. And I was talking to a woman who also had twins and when she found out how long I have left she looked at my belly and her eyes got all big and she said she didn't know where they were going to fit- that is validation right there!

This upcoming week will be filled with LOTS of family, Husband taking a few days off (WHAT?!?!) and hopefully some naps.


This week: 24 June 2015

I painted my toes! Yup, there's the big news from this week. 

Wade and I met up with Husband at the golf course. It was such a fun outing. And I caught this gem above. It needs to be printed out and framed, for sure. 

Wade loved helping Husband drive the cart, running around the green, playing with dada's clubs and helping dada pick up his golf balls.So helpful. I loved sitting in the cart. Perfect outing. 

Wade figured out how to get up on the dining room chairs. When he got up he found the "toys" that mom had been hiding up on the table. 

The next day he figured out how to pull the dining chairs away from the table - there is no peace. 

He's also taken to eating at the table. For meals we still have him sit in his high chair, but snacks are right here. 

Ooo, look at those curls. He doesn't have them anymore. I gave him a haircut, but it's such a hack job I'm too embarrassed to take pictures until I work on it a little more. Toddlers do not cooperate when it comes to haircuts. 

Wade ate a raw carrot. First time he figured out how to use all his teeth. 

Along with the table, Wade has taken to sitting and eating in his stroller. At all times. It's often parked in our living room now. 

Husband hurt his ankle playing basketball on Saturday. He's pretty much fine now, but for a few days Wade could escape and there's nothing his hobbling dada or his waddling mama could do about it. 

On Sunday, after nursery, Wade snubbed Husband and had to have me hold him (toddlers also do no cooperate for things like Father's Day). We were all walking out to the car and Husband told me that I could go ahead and get Wade in his car seat, I didn't have to go slow just cause of his limp. My reply, "this is as fast as I go." We were a pathetic pair. 

The house is almost all packed up. We plan to put it on the market July 5. Wow, things are getting real! I'm just trying to get everything done that I can while I can...and at the slow pace I need to take. Also started deep cleaning. Husband came home and thought I'd left the sliding glass door open...maybe I should deep clean more often.

As for the girls - nothing new with them. Expect they're huge. My abs have already split down the middle and if it was possible, I'd think that they were splitting horizontally as well. I asked me doctor and she said it wasn't possible. I'm not sure I believe her.