This week: 30 November 2016

This week, oh, this week. I'll sum it up: Thanksgiving, potty training, Christmas decorating, and food poisoning. Oh, and lots of pictures! But none of the food poisoning. Or potty training.

Thanksgiving was amazing! We had 23 people in my house (just during the day, only 4 people were "staying" with us). I got a new dining table, but held onto the old one for a while so that everyone could have a seat - for dinner and games. I loved having people all over playing board games, downstairs playing pool or darts - it was delightful.

 The kids were in heaven! So many (of husbands) aunts, uncles and cousins to play with, smile at, and woo. The girls managed to be in a lap almost all the time and Wade, well, Wade made sure he was the star of the party.

There is little that makes me happier than seeing people love my children. That, and decorating.

Like putting together centerpieces - which didn't make it to dinner cause we needed game space. And then they could stop tempting little hands.

On Sunday night Husband's parents, his brother's family and us had soup. It was delicious, the aftermath, not so much. It started around 9:00 pm when Husband's brother went out side for fresh air and threw up in my bushes like a frat boy. Wade fell that night and everyone else went down in the next 24 hours. We often have a house full of people and the idea of everyone getting sick gives me anxiety - well, now it happened. Wade had no idea he should be sick and just kept eating and then puking, which I think actually made him recover quicker cause he never got dehydrated. That evening he begged for a hot dog and was totally fine, while the rest of us are still eating soup and other gentle things. He was great at making it in the bowl (I know, I know, worse that potty talk, but I'm legit proud of him!). Husband got a little delirious and was talking to his food on the way down, telling it to stay down or at least let him soak up it's nutrients, ha, ha! I managed to never toss my cookies, just feel terrible, but able to take care of everyone. Luckily - LUCKILY - my girls didn't eat the soup, so they didn't get sick and even gave me  two amazing naps.

While we're on the gross stuff, Wade is doing so good potty training. Even when sick he didn't have accidents! He's still having some #2 problems, but mostly not being fast enough to the toilet. Yesterday he was upstairs and needed to go "brown," as he calls it, and I went up to help him and he starts yelling, "fast mommy! It coming out!! It coming out!" Why is this the funniest thing to me? Seriously, potty training is hilarious. He tells me all about his "yellow poop" and "brown poop" and that brown poop comes out his butt. And when he has a hard time going, he pushed his belly button in. Going potty has also become his newest bedtime stall tactic, it adds on a good 35 minutes onto bedtime.

I got out the Christmas decor - could anything be more excited!!

I have a few things that I have to wait until they're old news or else I'll have toppled trees and smashed babies.

Okay, a few more random pictures:

Wade still loves laying out blankets and the girls love to come sit on them, on cue all cute and adorable.

The girls figured out moving the baskets that were protecting the cords. They keep turning everything off. I'm not a fan.

Sick week included a lot of TV and iPad time for everyone. 

Jac LOVES books. If you give her a lap and read her a book, she's the happiest baby you'll ever meet. Side note, took them to the doctor for potential ear ache and she's 24 pounds! Blake's 21 pounds. 

Wade's been into his blocks again - specifically making "windows" and "doors." 

This week has been one of those good, bad and ugly weeks. I genuinely enjoyed so much of it! But, so ready for it to come to an end. Yes, this week needs to end. 


This week: 23 November 2016

This little boy is potty trained! Well, calling him trained might be a stretch - but there were ZERO accidents today! After his first successful potty trip we called Daddy and I prompted him to tell Daddy what he did and Wade told him, "I get a donut!" That was his prize and was obviously the right motivation, it's what he told everyone for the first day. Yesterday was less successful - the highlight might have been when Wade woke up from his nap and had an accident, while Stella threw up, the girls tried touching Stella and then her vomit, all while the father of the girl I watch came to pick her up - it was an amazing 5 minutes. Even with that moment (and many others!), potty training has been so exciting! Dare I say that it's been enjoyable? Fun? We dance around like excited idiots and sing songs about going potty. And I love watching Wade beam with pride - even if it is over his poop. Also, it's hilarious to watch his bare butt running around, haha!

Adding to the independence being gained - these girls can almost open the doors. I have to shut the door to do laundry because, while I can lock buttons on the washer and dryer, they can pause it even while it's locked - guess laundry is another thing to do while they sleep.

There's also been this plastic knife game going on at my house. I'm not sure of the rules, but I do know that it includes Wade getting all the knives out of the drawer for everyone, Blake stealing whatever knife is in Jac's hand and walking away just to drop it on the floor out of Jac's reach. Oh, and leaving them all over the house. All over. My favorite is when Blake opens a a cupboard to grab some plastic wear she previously stashed there.

I got some stupid play phones for Christmas and I was worried they'd be a total bust, so I tried them out today (hurray for kids who will completely forget about these!). They were a huge hit. I got out one because the girls were fighting over my real phone and they dropped my phone to fight over the play phone - then Wade came over and stole the play phone. So I got out the other two and everyone loved them! And Blake (obviously) stole Jac's. It's tough to be Jac right now.

But...I think Jac took a step today! It might have been falling with style that I caught out of the corner of my eye, but I'm counting it and being all kinds of excited for her. Maybe she'll be able to start holding her own.

Which, she can hold her own sometimes. Yesterday she took Blake down from behind like a lion taking down a gazelle. At first Blake was annoyed until Jac rolled her over to find her belly button and tickled her. The giggles were wonderful and lasted a good 10 minutes.

We made paint hand prints for....something, which escalated quickly.  Jac's handprint was a terrible mess, Blake's fingers were smashed together - one year olds should only get feet prints. Also, note lots of naked time for this kiddo. Naked has been way more motivating than underwear for this little boy, key to his successful potty going.

Getting all ready for Thanksgiving and put this coffee table here as a bench and Wade has had to hang out on it all day. He keeps saying, "Mommy, I up here! Take my picture - I want say cheese!!"

Blake's been super into shoes recently. Those, along with the knives, have been scattered around the house. She really likes bring them to me - she probably wants me to take her shopping.

A lot about Blake (and her scrunch face) this week! Getting up from naps is always a little crazy - I was getting the dog food up and getting Jac out of the laundry room then came in to find The Blake proudly sitting in the dish washer.

In non-kid news:

Finally hung the huge drip shibori art that I made with my mom a few months ago. I love them! And now I'm feeling so motivated to paint the banister.

And I snagged a FREE Room and Board sectional off Craigslist. It has sun damage, but I've been working on dyeing it! What?!! It actually turned out really nice - but I think I want to dye it a little darker! I'm so excited that the basement is coming together-ish. 

Made the best pizza I've ever made this week! The crust was crisp, but deep and bubbly. The toppings were think and melty. It was amazing.