2019 chapter 3

Girls took a nap this afternoon. It was a rare quiet time where I suddenly realizes that it was actually quiet and I went in to find that they had fallen asleep on their own (usually when they need a nap I have to lie down with them). That being said, as I sit down this evening to write this, I fully expect to be interrupted.

Another sleeping Blake. She fell asleep in the car and slept like this for a good hour. When she woke up I realized she had a fever. Makes sense. She's had an interesting year of getting little bugs and is the only one to get them - I'm not complaining about my whole house not getting sick, but feel bad for this kiddo. All she wants to do is cuddle me, which is adorable and extremely time consuming. Even now that she's better she's still a little off and very needy - following me around crying for me to cuddle her as I make dinner, go to the bathroom, clean, laundry...everything. 

Hung a mirror in my room basically for this exact reason: 

I'm always finding good Jac pics on my phone, and the mirror one she managed to make my wallpaper. 

Jacqueline's been having a few nightmares this week. They're so pathetic and adorable. I feel so bad. One night she woke up crying for Daddy and so concerned about his chapstick. She kept calling out, "Daddy chapstick!! Daddy chapstick!!!" I got up with her and calmed her down, but she couldn't get back to sleep until Daddy came in and she knew he (and his chapstick) were okay. 

Every year Bryan's high school does an alumni basketball game. It was last Saturday and we all went to watch. He was in the first graduating class and we realized that he and his friends were the old farts - but I did get to overhear someone talk about how "Bryan's a beast!" He still plays really well and the other farts couldn't keep up. And for some reason the girls decided covering their noses for the pictures was really funny. 

Wade discovered the disposable dish cupboard. I no longer have any disposable dishes. The straws were extremely exciting and have been used as currency. I went to pick up a couch I found for free and Wade handed me a bunch of these to pay for it, I told him that it would cover it. Haha. The downside of straws is that when they fall, it's a lot to pick up. The upside is that the vacuum easily picks them up. 

Kids built a house: 

I found a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and a toy microwave at the thrift store. They seem unrelated, but they are both really loved by everyone, and turns out you really need to microwave the hippo food before you feed them. It's been really fun. 

Blake's been a baby. As previously stated. She's decided that getting into the car and crying about not wanting to do her buckle is really fun for me while I stand in the cold. She can do. Just won't. Which leaves us regularly sitting in the car while we wait. Wade has taken to helping her and it warms my heart. 

Today Blake came running in crying to me that she found a bug!!! Then she handed it to me. She does this a lot - acts totally freaked out, and yet she picks it up and brings it to me. She knows how to play the part and get a rise! Oh, and it was a spider that was still alive and my mind started racing on if it could be poisonous and even though it's not, what if the next time she picks up a spider it is poisonous?!?! 

While the girls napped today Wade made a soup out of scraps from me making dinner and an empty ketchup bottle. He played her for 2 hours. 2 HOURS!!! 

And Wade built a table. Man, he's been busy building this week.

I went to the doctor about my back/leg this week. Only took my 5 months. They told me exactly what I already knew: bulging disk. This is how I stretch, with all the helpers: 


2019 chapter 2

"Mom, how does water not get in the fish's eyes?!" The always inquisitive 5 year old. He also made yogurt grapes this week. Not the worst of his creations, and they did eat them all. All 3 pounds. 

He also made "power lines" out of pipe cleaners to connect his town. He was sure to tell me that they weren't real power lines, just pretend. Nana and Papa got him a circuit toy for Christmas where he can make a light turn on or a wheel go - it's very cool, and once Bryan did it with him a few times he figured it all out himself - even that if he has the light and wheel go together then the light is dimmer and the wheel is slower. So proud. 

The girls needed to watch themselves eat in my Christmas mirror (it's a regular mirror, but I got it for Christmas and it was still on the ground so they could vain eat). Every time I handed them/they got themselves a snack, they had to come right here to watch themselves. Also, mirrors are a great place to cry and watch yourself be pathetic. 

We got Eggo waffles this week and they're changing my life. I was cooking them one morning (um...I don't think cooking is what I should call it...) and the toaster oven dinged and Blake comes running to me hollering, " Mommy, mommy! It done, it done! I hear that sound. I hear that sound in my ear!" And then I smother it in frosting (whip cream) and everyone is so happy. Wade and Blake both ate a frozen one this morning. So weird. 

Bryan's parents were in town last week. His dad is having a slew of health challenges, all without answers. We were somewhat limited on what he could and wanted to do - ended up hanging balloons on our fence and shooting them with a BB gun from our bedroom window. I should say, that I just shot the gun, I can't say that I shot any balloons - but I did blow them up, so that counts for something. 

It was apparently shorts weather around here this week. We're really enjoying our January weather! Been mostly in the 30's and 40's. Everyone stepped in dog poop. Woohoo. 

Jac's spot. She's eating fruit loops out of a toy cup with a toy spoon. She also loves to sit on this heat vent and tell all about how hot it is in a dramatic tone, "mommy, I soooo hot!!" Even though she'll never move. Sometimes I think she's my dog and Blake's the cat, but this little window percher does have some kitty in her. 

The kids have been finding letters from their name on street and store signs. They discovered that L-A-K-E is Blake's name without the B. We live in LAKEville. It's very exciting. Every time we see it, it's very exciting. 

I was helping Wade clean his room this week and asked him if he wanted something, at first he said no, but I think that's what he thought I wanted him to say (I'm really good at getting rid of stuff. The "Tidying Up" Netflix series is just feeding me! But, I need to allow my kids and husband to keep some crap) so I told him if he wanted it then he could keep it, he replied, in a monotone voice, "Yeah. I think it'll keep this forever until the end of the world."

I did a thing this week:

That was Wade's closet. I have a wardrobe and shelves to put in in it's place. I've had them for over a year. Then on Friday I decided to just knock it down. Sometimes I wonder how Bryan feels going to work and coming home to whatever hair-brained idea I decide to start. Our entire house is a mess right now. Bryan's building his golf simulator in the front room. I took out Wade's closet (left a wood pile in the hallway). Tore off trim in my room (cause why not, there's already a wood pile in the hallway to add it to). Then I've been going through my random crap piles that I've been avoiding and making Goodwill piles, which are all over too. And nothing can be put in the trash can because it's full of drywall. It's a happy mess. Well, it makes me happy.

I also did another thing. A crappier thing. I took off the tip of my right hand ring finger. Not that it was on purpose. I was putting something away in the garage and I skinned a grand ol' chunk off on a screw that we use as a hook. I'm so acutely aware of how much I use this finger, how much it grazes, how it helps me hold and balance things. Also, very aware of how much I wash my hands. The next day Blake took a chunk our of her foot on the hide-a-bed. I felt for her and babied her, cause I freshly knew how much it hurt, but she's fine! She hardly even cares. Even when Bryan changes her bandage (yes, I make him do it), she gives a little "ow!" even though I can see the scab as part of the gauze.  And I'm over here crying when I need to change mine...or just not. Avoiding is a method I employ and enjoy more than I thought I would in my adult life.