This week: 19 April 2017

Mama (my mom) is in town this week! It has been so much fun for everyone - but maybe a little exhausting for the Mama (happily exhausting). Jac quickly found her way into Mama's lap and hasn't willingly left since she walked in. Wade found his favorite play mate ever (and I'm always amazed at her patience to play with a three year old).

Putting finger puppets on Jac's toes - obviously one needs to pull up their dress to get fuzzy flower finger puppets on ones toes. 

Jac in Mama's lap. If she's awake, this is where she is. 

Lots of PlayDoh play. Mama is so patient as Wade tells her to play with him, then tells her that she can't do anything. 

We're obviously very good at enforcing the rule of not getting on the counter. All rules go out the window with Mama in town. 

Blake loves the Mama too, but she's so busy doing her own thing. 

While she's been able to get away with getting on the counter, this is where she's at - playing with the straps. 

All the clothes got into the cribs. Then Wade. Then when they were done having fun I heard the cries to get out, haha! 

We went to the library a couple of times with Mama - this is what happens when the Wright's go to the library. 

And my mom helped me take out my raspberry briar patch. I forgot to take a before pic - so I scrounged up the shot on the left - but the picture just doesn't do it justice. It was an overwhelming, neglected mess. But we cleared it all! I've got some transplants ready to go next to the fence, where i can access them all and keep them tended. With this cleared, I feel like I might be able to get a handle on this whole yard thing. My goal is to get a sand pit in this area this summer. Maybe a slide. Maybe...okay, no bigger dreams for this year. 

Now I'm talking to my mom and trying to remember all the funny stories from this week and I can't remember any! Jac's been into bracelets, Wade's been into Easter egg hunts, and Blake's been into ...getting into everything. It has been such a fun week - and you'll have to be fine with pictures...which are the best thing anyway. 


This week: 12 April 2017

I thought Wade was napping and I was painting in the basement (almost done...so in like a year, haha!). I look out he window and see this. A very "big foot sighting" moment. Only a pants less toddler. With his underwear on backwards and shoes two sizes too big. 


Wade, Jac and Blake have been giving hugs and kisses to one another. Anytime one of them gets hurt the other two rally around, even if it's usually one of their fault.

I can give one of the girls both bottles and they'll give it to the other one. Actually, if I give them two of anything then they'll go share it.

The kids all line up at the stove and wait for me to say "123 GO!" and then they all run like a herd of cats around the kitchen. Wade yells "I won, I won!!" and the girls say "GO, GO, GO" the whole time. Today I walked in to see Blake at the starting line by herself, when she saw me she yelled "GO!" and took off.


Got my first two mosquito bites.

Wade had an ear infection on Sunday.

On to other things, like this girl with her bracelets:

Or this girl and her stools that she finds everywhere:

Watching Moana - everyone loves Moana. I just love how lounged Jac is in this picture. 

Wade was getting everyone a napkin. He's learned he can do just about anything if he says he's doing it for his sisters or that his sisters want it, haha!

We got new tool organizers for our anniversary. Currently the garage is an even bigger mess - that's how organizing goes, right?! The girls made themselves useful by destroying the styrofoam. And possibly eating some. 

And here are my new chairs! Love how this room is coming together. Course, if you move a foot out of the picture you'd see the explosion.

And this is what it usually looks like: 

I asked someone if I could make their prom dress. I am so excited. Both Husband and my mom have no faith in me and my abilities - which isn't completely off. But I'm still excited and ready to learn and grow and all those things. So working on that in the coming weeks, woohoo!