This week: 25 May 2016

Weather has warmed up and these kiddos are all having ample diaper time. 

Wade also got some underwear time!

We tried potty training for two days, in which time he never went in the toilet and didn't poop at all. I gave up. We've been watching potty youtube videos, reading books and talking about it for weeks, but he has no interest. Pretty sure I'm doing it wrong. A two year old runs this house.

My friend has been teaching me photography and, turns out, I've been doing it wrong. Shutter speed. Ridiculously important. It is so fun and rewarding to learn more, and to spend time with my friend. So excited to see where this skill takes me!

I got in trouble for digging up Husbands luscious grass to rearrange our flower beds. It's not that I did it - he knew I was going to - it's that I only got 1/3 done and did it two days before his parents came in. Oops. I wanted to plant some seeds before we got rain, but I needed my flower beds done before I planted. But, alas, I have all these little people who need me constantly, so there's a hole in the yard full of water and seeds still in their packages. But this is my set up to get anything done at all:

Which lead to baths. Wade had to join in the sink baths and found a plate of pasta and ate it while he bathed. Best lunch he ate all week. And I'm getting pretty good at this twin mom thing - got both girls out and wrapped in a towel at the same time. Aw yeah!

Speaking of winning at motherhood (guys, I gotta shout my wins, cause most of the time I don't leave my house. I left my house 5 times in the last week...including church and the grocery store). We all went to Costco and the girls rode in the cart for the first time!!

They loved it and I actually had room to put groceries. But, oh man, we go so many comments! And they were all happy and flirty and making it the longest trip ever. Yes, Jacqueline has graham cracker on her nose. Always. 

We also went to Old Navy this week to make some returns. Wade was being so good. Then he handed me all these: 

That was my cue to go. 

Jacqueline is getting up on her knees! I keep trying to get a picture, but can't! Makes me laugh that my baby book has my first year spanning three pages and here I am sad that I can't capture the micro-milestone of Jac rocking on her knees. 

Blake is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up onto her knees. I find her like this every time I go pick her up - with the biggest, most proud-of-her-self smile you can imagine! 

Our basement is (almost) clear! We have big plans and dreams. Okay, not really. We've just barely begun the conversation - enough for Husband to suggest a few places that he could set up a fish tank (eye roll). But we're so excited to have the space available to us for the first time. 

My mind is reeling with projects we want to do - so why not just add some basement projects onto the queue. 


This week: 18 May 2016

I missed last week. Husband got food poisoning and the nasty kind of consumed us. Luckily, he was the only one sick - especially since we had lunch together that day! Poor husband. The storm passed quickly, but recovery took a few days. I will admit that I enjoyed having him home so I could galavant around during nap time.

Wade went with me to get Husband some gatorade and he had to carry one around and tell the whole store the it was "big" and "heavy."

Two weeks - so much happens in two weeks time! Lets see...

Travis and Candice found a place and moved out! They're still getting the last few things, but I'm excited to have our basement for the first time since moving in! Mostly to hoard stuff out of my way...

I've never seen a quote that embodies me so well. 

Stella has been banished from our bed cause she kept growling at us when we moved at night. The worst was when she'd steal my spot while I fed babies then she'd growl at me when I came back. Stinker. 

Blake is full on crawling. 

She wants me at all times and crawls behind me all day. She also like to climb. If I'm sitting she's crawling over me and trying to stand on my arm. I'm continuously rescuing Jacqueline from Blake climbing all over. I also put pillows around the room for her to climb over - baby obstacle course. 

Also, she has four teeth. 

She's so busy that she will only nurse when she's dead tired and in the nursery, so I've started pumping to see if she'll take a bottle. She loves it, but hasn't figured out how to do it correctly - she just lets the milk drip into her mouth. Whatever works. Jac got jealous and wanted a bottle too, she figured it out immediately - of course. 

Jacqueline's life continued to revolve around food. 

She has to eat with her hands, even when I'm feeding her. Blake can eat without a bib just fine...the pig cannot. She scream/sings at me for more food. It's adorable. And annoying. Both girls can eat what we eat - pasta, toast, pancakes, cheese, cooked veggies, eggs. The other morning I used 8 eggs to feed out little family of 5 and it wasn't enough!

Wade figured out how to open the fridge. 

Wade has become interested in trucks, planes, tractors, cars - all machines! I find myself thinking of my cousin, Kris, and how I'll have to learn what exactly that "big yellow" is called (I think it was a backhoe?). Tonight we washed out cars and he was overjoyed being able to play with the car AND water AND bubbles. 

He washed my lights and "icky" wheels. 

He's been talking tons. Walks are my favorite, he jabbers the entire time. Ongoing monologue of a two year old. New words get added to his vocabulary daily and he enjoys using the correct word. He also loves to sing songs and you can make out him singing the actual words! He sang (parts) of I am a Child of God with me tonight as I put him to bed, it was beautiful. 

Last week I was sitting on the floor playing with my hair. Playing with my hair always includes a pile of hair that I roll into a hairball to throw away. I asked Wade to throw it away for me because I'm lazy and he loves everything to be "wade turn." He looked at it and said "Ewwww. No. icky. Mommy turn." 

Yesterday I went to Goodwill and the cashier commented on how well my kids were and that my husband and I are obviously doing something right. How flattering?! Then she went on to say that every time I come in she's so impressed - every time I come in? Haha, maybe I need to visit a different Goodwill for a while. 

And the girls turned 36 weeks + 2 days - the same amount of time I was pregnant with them! I posted some pictures here