This week: 27 July 2016

Yesterday Wade didn't take an afternoon nap and fell asleep in the car at 5:00 pm. I successfully transferred him to his room and Husband and I were left to wonder if we should wake him or see if he was down for the night. Being the continuously rookie parents that we are, we decided to chance it at let him sleep. At 10:00 pm we hear his door open and he walked into our room so happy. Us, not so much. We let him climb in bed with us (which we never do) and he snuggled into me, I don't want this to become a habit, but I sure loved having that little body snuggle into me. Helped remind me how much I love him. Husband turned out the light and Wade said, "I can't see now." Haha! This kiddo is talking like crazy now, in full sentences. He's been whining a lot too - unfortunately, that might just be his voice. See, I needed the snuggles to counteract the constant whine chatter.

His catch phrases of the week (whether they apply to the situation or not...they usually do not):
"Ouch! That hurt!"
"I tired....oh, I fine. I okay."
"I need this. I neeeeeeeed this."

Early one morning I heard some rustling on Husband's side of the bed and thought it was Stella, then I realized Stella was fast asleep on my side. There was a mouse in our wall!! It was getting out into the bathroom through the little hose behind the toilet. *shutter* Husband said, "It's just like catching real life Pokemon! It's a rattata!" (Yes, Pokemon is still making quite the appearance in our lives, Husband found his old Nintendo game and has been playing it). I went to the store at 5:00 am to get some mouse traps, Husband set it and left for work. Leaving me to check on it! Ew. That day all the little vermin did was eat the peanut butter off the trap! That night I slept with ear plugs in cause I just couldn't deal with the idea of hearing it get snapped. Nice that all my kids sleep through the night now so I can do that. The next day it finally bit the dust and Husband made me clean it up! He claims that I already had gloves on the sanitize the bathroom - but pretty sure he was just chicken.

Blake keeps trying to eat without her hands. My sister pointed out that Jac's in the background ready to swoop in and finish what Blake doesn't get.

Husband came in wearing his hat and Blake was terrified. Even after he took it off she kept staring at the hat with the utmost caution. To make up for it, Husband gave her some chocolate. Anytime you give Blake something new she makes a funny face as she gets accustomed to the taste (even if she's had it before), not this time - the second it touched her lips she just smiled. She's only got 4 teeth, but one of them is DEFINITELY a sweet tooth.

Husband has been putting his empty protein shake bottles by the sink - after he leaves them in his car all day. I've started calling them protein bombs. Might market them as nasal warfare. Wade gave me a milk bomb this week too. Doesn't help that it's been hot and muggy, so we haven't been opening the windows. We're trapped.

I've been keeping the kids cool by leaving them in diapers and putting them on the tile. It's effective.

We've been teaching the girls so go down the stairs. Currently they can both get down the two steps from the kitchen to the TV room - but their method won't work on the flights of stairs. Worried that it'll make them bold with more stairs, so we're trying. Excited at the thought of no gates.

Yesterday the girls hit 11 months - a Diary of Wade post about that here. This time last year I was 33 weeks pregnant and thought I was in labor. While we waited for Wade watching reinforcements I started to cry in my kitchen. Our house was a wreck (moving limbo), the cribs weren't set up, I didn't have my hospital bag packed, and my hair looked stupid which would be forever documented in my first pictures with my babies. And, even thought I was HUGE, tired, and ridiculously uncomfortable, I wasn't ready to be a mom of three yet (um...I'm still not). I wasn't ready to let go of the one on one time I had with Wade. I needed those couple extra weeks (so did they, hurray for big, healthy babies that didn't need NICU time!).

I continue to be terrible and brushing my hair. We each have our trails. And I got this epic tangle and this picture doesn't do it justice.

Husband and I are both teachers third hour in church - this week our teaching days matched up for the first time. We farmed out the babies to some wonderful women that kept thanking me for letting them have some baby time - see, told you they were wonderful. It was enjoyable to prepare the same lesson with Husband and bounce ideas off each other. We taught about faith and it made me think much about mine. Since the girls were born I've been faithfully going through the motions of obedience - sometimes without much behind it. But isn't that a form of faith? Elder Uchtdorf said, "Over time, you will recognize His hand in your life. You will feel his love. And the desire to walk in His Light and follow His way will grow with every step you take. We call these steps of faith obedience." Exhaustion and mom brain haven't kept me from growing my faith this year. My doctrinal knowledge hasn't deepened, my ability to quote scripture has actually regressed - but my faith in my Savior and His atonement is strong. I continually see His hand in my life, feel His love and work to follow Him. I also see myself wanting to help others feel the warmth of His light and I look for opportunities to serve. I think I like who I'm becoming - even though it looks different than what I thought.


Diary of Wade: Sisters, 11 months

 Mommy has been saying things like, "I can't believe in one month I'll have 2 one year olds!" And I'm thinking, "well, duh! If they're 11 months today then in a month they're be 12 months and that equals a year." Mommy is always stating the obvious - like when she says things like, "Jac, your'e crawling!" or "Blake, you're standing!"

Also, did you notice that I can count to 12? I totally can.

Jacqueline is finally crawling up on her knees. Mommy put her down on the tile in just a diaper and she didn't like that, so she got motivated real quick to figure out the knees thing. She was pretty fast before, but now she's cruising and can get into stuff better. Mommy says that Jac has started making faces that remind her of me at that age - we all look really different, but I guess we're starting to look like siblings. She's starting throwing things off her tray on purpose and likes watching them fall. She probably also likes watching Stella eat them. I like that too. Mommy washes her off at the sink and Jac is always trying to swing her legs in to play in the water - mommy really has to wrestle her, but sometimes she gives in and just lets her sit in the sink and play and then I pull up my stool and climb into the other sink and we play together. She really likes drinking water from bottles and sip cups - Mommy has to give her one every time she sees mine cause she gets jealous. And then Mommy has to give one to Blake or else a full on baby fight breaks out.

They steal on another's toys all the time. I steal their toys too. Mommy get mad. I spend lots of time in time out. Sometimes I know that's where she'll send me so I'll run off yelling "time out!" I also go to time out a lot from pushing sisters over. Sometimes they don't care about stolen toys and sometimes they bawl. Their favorite toy is my phone. Well, I guess technically it's mommy's phone. They fight over that and then mommy takes it away anyways.

Even though they fight over toys sometimes, they also really like to share too. In their carseats they always pass toys to one another. They like eating off one another's trays and like putting/taking food from one another's mouths (sometimes ending in bitten fingers). And in their cribs they pass toys and blankets. Mommy puts the same blankets in each crib and each morning we look to see what blankets are where - they're always mixed up. Jacqueline always ends up with more cause she really likes snuggling blankies. And we like to peek in and see the girls facing each other and chatting in their cribs - they really are best friends. But best friends still fight over toys.
 Blake can pull herself up on furniture and sometimes balances for a few seconds, but she's not taking any steps - I guess she figures that she can crawls anywhere she wants. She's probably not to keen on the idea of me knocking her down either. Mommy says I'm kind of a stinker. Blake's a stinker too - when she gets really mad she'll scream and not breath and start to turn purple and go limp. Daddy used to do it too and he'd pass out. Blake hasn't passed out, but she's gone kind of limp twice - it's kind of scary and gets mommy's heart racing, but she doesn't freak out cause she knows daddy did it. Despite the scary screaming, Mommy has called Blake her favorite a few times recently. That hasn't happened since...ever. She's finally sleeping through the night. Between getting enough sleep and moving anywhere she wants, she's pretty happy. She also has become a big eater, maybe that helps too. Mommy has to monitor the food she puts on her plate cause Blake will put it all in her mouth at once. Mommy and Daddy have been working with Blake to help her learn to go down the stairs - they're working with Jac too, but she's not picking it up too quickly.

See: best friends and best enemies. 

Really, I think she's mad that mommy put her bow back on. It really is a stupid bow.