meet moe

Moe Talks a Lot is where I share my passions. I do a weekly post about our week (it is my most prized motherhood achievement) with the home update post sprinkled in, because right now, those are my passions. My family + transforming my home. I'm trying to transform our home into a place that fully reflects us. That means we have a slide on our stairs leading to the basement. That means we have a chair in the middle of our kitchen. That means my front room has a golf simulator in it. We live here.

Growing up my family had a few rough years and we had to shop at thrift stores. Now, I still shop at thrift stores - who knew those lean years would lead to a talent and love? And I've figured out other ways to save money and still get the things I want - DIY, hard work, research, craigslist/facebook marketplace searching. The truth is, I now longer have to thrift like I did growing up, but if I want to accomplish the things I want, I kind of still do have to.

In 2012 I officially became Moe +1 when I married Husband (Bryan). We welcomed Wade-the-Wild in December 2013 and twin girls, Jacqueline and Blake, in August 2015. I have a photography business (My Blue Ox) and am going back to school in 2020 for nursing.

Welcome to a glimpse into my life. I hope you'll stick around to read what comes next.


  1. Hi I am a new follower! I stopped by from the blog hop today! I can't wait to get to know you better! Blessings! Susan

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through the MN Bloggers Facebook group! I'm excited to read more :)