house tour

In 2015, at 34 weeks pregnant with twins, we moved the home Husband grew up. His father build the house in 1993 and we bought it from them. I'm forever grateful that they nixed the formal dining room (that was already framed in) for a bigger kitchen, put in tons of recessed lighting, and didn't do popcorn ceilings. Since moving in I've been making it ours (BTW: my in-laws are cool with the changes). Here's where we're at (working at getting things up to date):

Exterior front: 


Front room: 

Powder room:


Dining room: 

Living room: 


Bedroom #1: 

Bedroom #2: 

Master bedroom: 

Master bathroom: 

Kids bathroom: 

Basement stairs: 

Basement hall: 

Basement bathroom: 

Basement main room:

Work out nook: 
(The chair picture is from before we owned the house - had to document the red, green, and yellow!)

Guest room: 

Exterior deck: 

Exterior under the deck: 

Exterior backyard: 

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