Kellie and I went to the Provo temple today. Since Kellie is still on crutches, one of the workers asked if she would like a wheelchair, which Kellie initially refused, silly lady! I insisted that she did want a wheelchair, because we both knew that it will be easier, and that she really did want it. People are always nice in the temple, but with a wheelchair, they were parting the red sea! The workers were seriously falling over themselves to help us, hilarious! But I digress, that's not the story. We go to leave and it's snowing outside, so I ask if I can wheel her to the car and come back for the crutches. We start walking down the sidewalk and we get going a little fast, so I slow us down and stop us. Then we get going again, come out from under the covered area, get going fast again, so I go to stop us and I just slide! We're going down the hill sliding, I'm pretending to steer, but we're slipping everywhere! I finally stop us by wedging my heel in a sidewalk crack. We're stopped, safe, but the trouble is that we're still only halfway to the car, so we get going again, same thing! Then a little asian man (seriously, at least a foot shorter than me) comes to help, he held an unbrella over Kellie, and then we all slide down the hill together! End of the story, we made it to the car and we didn't die, or incure any injuries, just a good story.
(Thanks for the beautiful picture by Corby. It's the best picture I've ever seen of the Provo temple!)

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  1. Is it bad that I've come to expect these types of stories from you? These things always happen, and I love that you tell them to me!