Stopping Traffic!

I have a slight phobia of driving to and from Nevada. Road tripping anywhere, really, but Nevada is the most dreaded. But, hey, cut me some slack, my phobia is based on a plethera of experiences, sadly. Turns out it's not just roadtripping home...it's just going home, even when flying!
The Izusu hasn't been working. Bad connection to the battery. I do, however, know how to get it going and once it's running it runs fine (fine for the Izusu) until you turn it off, or it turns off...funny how YOU changes everything.
My roommate and I were going to the airport and we took my car, it being the better car of the two. We jumped it, got her humming and got on our way (realized that I needed gas, but couldn't turn the car off....fueled up while the car was running. Everyone does it in Alaska...regardless, my roommate wouldn't stand by the car). We hit traffic, lame stop and go. So we were crawling along, stopping and going, and then we were just stopping. The car just turned off. In the middle of the freeway. Not even the middle...in the far left lane, the fast lane! A couple people helped us. Well, tried. Really we needed a jump, but it's hard to turn a car around on the freeway. We called the police (we decided this definitely falls under the category of "emergency") and they sent out the highway control people. A police car pushed me along the freeway as the DOT truck blocked all lanes of traffic for me to get over. Yup, completely stopped ALL northbound traffic. So the police man pushes me to the next off-ramp and we end up sitting in an In-n-Out parking lot; parked terribly cause an SUV without the power steering is heavy!
Blessing of this all is that we were about a mile from my aunt and grandma's houses. My aunt always has to bail me out. She comes to get us and in the meantime a wonderful man jumped us and my car worked to drive a mile and park it in my grandparents driveway. Then my cousin took us to the airport and we were on time and everything! It was a great inconvenience done in the most inconvenient way possible.

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  1. That is an awesome story! I love how you (and the whole family) has so many bad experiences with travel, and yet you're blessed enough that pretty much all of them end well! And I love your blog background! I'm bout to put up some pics on my blog. Love ya!