Let's talk fashion!

My first fashion post! Hurray!

This gorgeous vintage emerald dress is borrowed so I was surprised it fit me so well!

With the wide collar, big buttons, and great shape I didn't accessorize (not sure if that's spelled correctly) much. Less is more? I should have taken off my stupid hair tie from my wrist. Lets pretend it's a bracelet.  

My new Marc Jacobs bag! $12. Thrift. So proud of myself on this one.

These earrings were my mothers...I don't think she ever gave them to me, but she hasn't complained about missing them! They matched this dress perfectly! In color and style.

Love this collar and the buttons, beautifully vintage. I added this Banana Republic sweater, cause even though it's May 1st, it still snowed a little today. At least it got sunny for pictures!

Benefits of construction on our street. I think when they wake me up at 6 am tomorrow I will be less perturbed...slightly.

New shoes! My faithful old black heels finally needed to be retired. Got these lovelies at Nordstrom Rack, they're Steve Madden...usually not my first choice, but these one fit my foot like they're an extension of my leg.

Realizing I can't get down.

Attempting...without tearing anything or flashing anyone! (luckily no one was around because of the construction)

I feel as agile as a sloth.


Dusting off the dirt.

No signs of my little adventure. Course that's because this is a front shot so you can't see the dirt on my bum.
Shoe=Nordstrom Rack
Dress=Vintage (from a friend)
Sweater=Banana Republic Outlet (clearance, $14)
Purse=Marc Jacobs (from Saver, $8)
Earrings=Mom's jewelry box :)

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