Golf is a fore letter word

(haha...fore...get it? I think I'm so punny)
Today was our first annual work golf trip, and my first ever time golfing. I woke up this morning and thought, "Oh no. Today I am going to embarrass myself." Which is actually the thought I have every morning, but today I already knew how I was going to do it.
The only other time I have ever held a golf club (besides miniature golf) was when I drove golf balls into a lake on a date. I was bad. At one point I swung the club and was so proud that the ball went so far I didn't even see where it landed. My date had to point out to me that I had not actually hit the ball and it was still on the tee. He had to pretend he thought it was cute, but I could tell he was thinking, "okay, new activity." I could tell this because we then moved onto a new activity.
About a week ago I was told by CEO that I needed to play in the company golf competition, I informed CEO that this was a bad idea...I told the above story. Then I was told that it would be a scramble. This meant nothing to me, but I could tell it was suppose to be a persuading point. CEO explained that there are four people on a team, all four people hit their balls and then the best ball is taken and then all four hit from there. This explained did persuade me to go ahead and play.
Even knowing what a scramble was I woke up with butterflies that lasted all day until the first tee...where my worst fears were confirmed: I was really bad (duh, cause I hadn't played since my lake experience...not like I would magically be good, but one could hope). But, I was with CEO, and CEO was really good! So I got some couching and also got to continuously play of the good balls of the others in my group.

By the end, I was definitely MIP=most improved player. Which says nothing about my being good, just that I was real bad before. I ended up really enjoying golfing and want to go again! Course, if I have to play off my balls I'll probably (definitely) get bored by the 3rd hole. Maybe I'll just go to a driving range for starters. And the company made it a blast! I'm really lucky that I like CEO, I don't just have to pretend to like him...which is good, cause I'm not very good at pretending. Well, that's not entirely true....I've gotten really good at pretending I'm dumb/oblivious, but I've started (I know, many of you will say 'starting?') saying really dumb things not on purpose, so I'm starting to worry that it's no longer a facade.

I wore my pink salmon pants on purpose because they seemed kind of golfer-ish and so that I wouldn't get lost in the sage brush. Turns out you have to hit the ball far enough to end up in the sage brush...haha! I also wore my loafers cause they're kind of boat shoes, and I feel like boat attire and golf attire are similar. Both pretentious hobbies.

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