All about the shoes

I've had these shoes in my closet that I've never worn (one of the pitfalls of thrift shopping, on sale days you end up buying in bulk and you're constantly finding out of season gems, so I often forget what I have) and they're Gucci.
Now that I'm sharing a closet with husband I've taken a stance that if something doesn't get worn then it gets thrown out - so it was sink or swim for these lovelies. I am quite pleased with how great the outfit turned out!
Banana Republic blouse, Gap sweater, Body by Victoria skirt, Gucci shoes - all thrifted
Banana Republic Outlet necklace and Target earrings - in store.

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  1. seriously, you have a gift for putting things together. I want to thrift shop with you! I am in need of a wardrobe makeover! really!