Happy Halloween!

I made these for my company bake off. I was overzealous and made cheesecake and chocolate cake cupcakes - both from scratch (I'll post the recipes in another post). I'll let you know if I win! 

Made my costume easy this year - we were bank robbers. And FYI on these pants: Calvin Klein, $16.99 at Costco now - get them, they're divine! 


Made the mask with foam (so it fits on my face!)! Also stenciled the money bag - did it in maybe 15 minutes, turned out pretty decent. Also, rocking the orange nail polish - I read on Pinterest that if you spray wet nails with cooking spray it dries them, I skeptically tried this and it worked!

Living room: 
Here's a synopsis of my Halloween decor - I'm going to ahead and say I did a pretty bang up job for our first year, got my junk together!


Front porch & pumpkins:

Used a drill to get cute holes in my chevron pumpkin! Also, made the hole in the back for easier candle lighting! 

Husband made a Miami Heat pumpkin - he did last year and they won the championship, so he had to again!


  1. So cute!!!! Your decorations are marvelous!

  2. Your decorations rock! Thanks for the tip on the pants at Costco!

  3. Love the decor! The yummies would have won first place in this house! Looking forward to the recipes! Hally Halloween!

  4. Omg, you don't only talk a lot (according to your blog's title), but decorate a lot too!!! I love it! Specially those cupcakes and that Halloween wall! Great job lady!! :D

    I'm going to follow you, lady! Can't wait to see more of your DIY projects!! This is my blog's address: www.natalinaland.net. If/whenever you feel like and have time, please come and visit my blog, maybe even follow me back? (But that's only if you really want to! ;)

    Take care! N.

  5. Your cupcakes look so cute!! Glad someone could put my cupcake tins to good use lol. Hope you won!

  6. Love those framed pictures! Very impressive and pretty. And your costume is awesome :) xo

    Claire @ gypsyslowdown.blogspot.com

  7. Love your halloween decor, especially that glass jar with the eye ball candy!

    Following/commenting from the blog hop! I hope you'll come and do the same :)

  8. Everything you shared above is adorable. Love the costume and those goodies look so yummy! New follower from Aloha Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!