All I want for Christmas is my wisdom teeth

Well I don't really want them back, I paid to get them out! I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. I only had the bottom two (thank goodness) and just got them yanked at the dentist office. I didn't go under either = quick, easy and not too many crazy stories. Seems like everyone has a wisdom teeth horror story (makes me think of when Louis C K visited Conan and talks about how we all tell our air travel stories as the most traumatic experiences...when in reality you flew across the county in 5 hours...that's amazing! - See it here.) But mine was fine. humorous at times (that's the drugs talking).

I couldn't shut my mouth for the first day (my brother's comment: "and that's new?" Yes, I am a big talker, hence moe talks a lot). The one on the right is me trying to smile - I did pretty good, but my upper lip wasn't super numb. And, yes, that is some nice drool on my bib. 

Here are my random thoughts I had the procedure and recovery: 
  • Do I usually create this much saliva? The most embarrassing might be when I drooled on the floor in Costco waiting to pick up my prescription. Then again, I felt equally stupid drooling on myself sitting on the couch. 
  • They should have a pain killer that you don't have to take on a full stomach...do you know how hard it is to get a full stomach when it takes you 45 minutes to eat half a cup of yogurt?
  • It stinks getting sick from the pain killers for many reasons: 
    • 1. you're still in pain cause the meds just came up the same way they went down. 
    • 2. the food that just took you 2 hours to consume is no longer in you. 
    • 3. you can no longer eat any of the 'soft food' your husband bought you. No green smoothies or bananas for me for a while! 
    • 4. (and this is the worst) you can't brush your teeth! 

Stella snuggled me like an angel puppy for two days! 

Husband took amazing care of me - made me so grateful for him. I had the thought that if I had done this in my single life that I would've been screwed - then I remembered that one of my BFF's, Kellie Hardin would've taken epic care of me. Kind of a random thought and shout out - but she was the best to me in one of my toughest years. Warmed my heart as I laid on my couch to think about her. I should call her, we should chat.

I want a cheeseburger. 


  1. Oh dear! At least your discomfort is bring joy to others...this post made me chuckle. I hope you get your cheeseburger soon.

    1. Haha - so glad! I was laughing even as I was going through it - course I'm also one of those people that if you fall down I will make sure you are okay, as I hold back tears of laughter.

  2. Wisdom teeth are the worst! They gave me WAAY too many pain killers. My first memories after getting them out wasn't until a couple hours after I got home.

    Hope they heal quick and you can get back to eating in no time!:)


    1. I've heard some crazy stories of people on pain killers - I wonder if your mom has any funny stories of you during that 'blacked out' time...what's her number ;).

      Thanks - I ate a krispy kreme and goldfish, so getting better!

  3. Love the shout out! I would have taken care of you so hard. Happy birthday!

    1. Haha, I knew you would! It would be a great excuse to hang out in the pit for days!