Christmas kitchen - perfect for cookies!

This is my regular shelf - just added candy canes, little trees (which were harder to find than I expected!), and the little red canary or cardinal...I think it's a cardinal. 

Cardinal - I love this little guy! 

Made this at a craft day with some friends. Just cut out a lot {A LOT} of circles of white felt and super glued them on. I made up the method/pattern to glue the circles on. At first I was pretty positive it was going to look terrible - but the more I added the better it looked! 

Got this 'W' broach 90% of from Target last year. 

Christmas kitchen's need Christmas hand towels! 

Bought red hot pads and hot clued on this cute ribbon - not the best, I know. But when I used the hot pads for the first time they were so crappy that I didn't think it was worth doing a good job decorating them. 

I'm excellent at making sugar cookies. I would put up a recipe, but I use a different one every time - the real trick is to roll the dough 1/4" - 1/2" thick, that makes them yummy! 

Got these cool cookie cutters - they're {supposed to be} 3-D. I do need to figure out a recipe where the cookies stay the same shape so these will work...

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  1. Love all the decor! The little cardinal and wreath 'W' are so cute!