I'm turning into my mother!

For Christmas my mom asked me to get her a church bag – she trusts that I’ll get her something good. Well, I've been looking and everything was bedazzled – or $250, we’re not to the point where we can drop that kind of cash, even though I would love to treat my mom to some of those gorgeous bags. I finally found one that ‘worked’ – it wasn't ideal, but it was pretty good. Christmas shopping for my side = done. YES! But, of course, it’s not that easy…
Then Bryan’s mom asked for church bag too – and she said that she’d love if I could make one. That's a tall and slightly bold order! I immediately envisioned a teenage pink creation (with green thread…that story for another time) like this:

and I just thought how I couldn't give her something like that to carry into church. Then my wheels got turning – and suddenly it was three o’ clock in the morning! I was  lying awake, giddy, imagining spectacular things that I could make …then remembered that this is me we’re talking about, so I should reign it in and think of something right between spectacular and pink with green thread. I finally got up and made an art board for my ideas – which ended up being beyond lame because I couldn't find what I had dreamed up and because I do not have mad adobe skills (I have medium mad paint skill which is the computer equivalent of drawing with your left hand…and eyes closed). Here’s my basic drawing board:

At some too late hour I realized that I could make the same thing for my mom and my mom-in-law (not sure who gets the first one with all the “learning experiences” on it) and I kept oscillating between making it on my own or having my mom help me. I finally decided that I’ll have my mom help cause she’ll get a kick out helping me learn to sew more {Merry Christmas mom – you get to help me!} and she’ll actually like her gift if she helps J. I’ll give her a pattern to open. This pattern…I think.

My sister helped point out that while my mom can create her own patterns (for my wedding dress I picked out pieces that I liked from tons of dresses and she create a pattern for it…created the pattern for my wedding dress people!!) she’ll get hung up on little things like how big the pocket should be or how long the handle should be and I’d get all frustrated and suggest hot gluing or stapling it all– which would then add on an extra two hours to the project cause I’d have to go cool off. Or throw a tantrum (cause when I’m at my mom’s house I’m 13 again…not when she’s at my house, only at her place) and then have to go cool off. Trust me, making this with my mom is still a good idea! I’ll just need a some Dr. Pepper and maybe a nap somewhere in there. Oh – but this will all be avoided cause we’ll have a pattern!
Around four in the morning (this would all go down when I was in charge of a presentation to 200+ people in my company at 8:30 am…but at least I had a good 45 minutes of insomnia work inspiration around two am, only half the ideas were still good in the morning, but that’s something!) I realized that I've turned into my mom (or I’m turning into her…she doesn't have occasional tantrums) – unable to sleep while piecing together a project and the more you think about it the more elaborate it gets…but you can’t scale back because once you've thought about it you just can’t not do it! Whatever you dream up will inevitably cause a few more sleepless nights while you implement it and perhaps a few missed meals. As I realized this I just smiled to myself - and then Stella realized I was awake and thought it was a good time to play. 

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