Merry Christmas!

Christmas was wonderful! We had Santa Stella - which was just way too darn cute! (I think we've watched the dogs play together more than anything else this whole trip!). We opened presents - had way too much fun seeing what everyone got and what everyone came up with to give. We laid around - boys watched basketball, I took a nap (and kept putting my arm above my head so it kept felling asleep...ugh!), and...I have no idea what Sister and Mom did....I was sleeping. In the afternoon we went to see Les Miserable. It was beautiful! I cried 5 times- at least! I even had to hand Husband a tissue at the end (this is his second musical he's ever seen, I'm educating him). It was perfect to watch on Christmas and to think on the birth of the Savior and the pull between mercy and justice. I never realized how spiritual Les Mis is or the overarching theme of mercy vs. justice. Oh wow, I'm tearing up here just thinking about it.  

Oh, she looks like she kind of likes it! And is posing like a good baby.

Every year I make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. It used to be something Dad and I did together, but it was always his conniving plan to teach me to make them and get me all excited and then let me just do it. I think he helped me for two years...the other 11 I've done it on my own. But I really have perfected these lovlies, every year something gets better. This year I rolled them out on oil instead of flour to keep them more moist. Last year I started making the frosting with whipping creme instead of milk so it whips up nicely.   

Stella monster can't walk as long as the big dogs (even though she thinks she's one of them - bosses them around, eats from their bowls, ect.) so she got to be in the baby carrier. 

More Santa Stella...this shows more how much she's hating me :). 

This was my Christmas blanket (or, I guess, this IS my Christmas blanket - I came home in a stocking and got this to snuggle up with. 

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  1. OMG I thought Stella all posing was cute, but in the baby carrier? ADORABLE! She's getting so white!
    Looks like your Christmas was fab! As it should be!