The Nutcracker

Husband had just a few Christmas decor requests: twinkle lights (done) and a nutcracker. Request number two was so difficult! I found a ton of nutcrackers all over - Joann's, Target, TaiPan, TJMaxx, Ross, Hobby Lobby, Kohls and so on. One problem - I wanted a 'normal' nutcracker...picky me! The nutcracker from the story/play is a hero - brave defender of little ladies against huge mice (terrifying!)...so why were all the ones I could find of him pink...and glittery? 

Makes me think of a the Queen's guards like this: 

(yes, my abilities to manipulate photos are remarkable...no, I don't work for hire). 

Then I found a ton of non-nutcracker nutcrackers. Chef, fisherman, 49ers player (this one almost made the cut for Husband), a punk rocker girl? 

Oh - and they were all  made super cheaply, but were rather pricey! Their little faux fut beards were glued on sideways and their rosy cheeks made them look like little men of the night. Where were the normal ones?!?! 

I finally found ones that were the right coloring, but I'm not into glitter! Even when it got to the point where I would spend real money (anything more than $15 is real money) I still couldn't find anything that wasn't bedazzled. Finally I went to the thrift store. Oh, Savers, you're always so good to me! Found this guy: 

He's perfect! Well, almost, his cracker was a little broken, so I glued it in place, so he can't crack any nuts (who uses it for that anyway?). But, shoot, for $3.99 and looking normal - I'll take it! Maybe the real issue was that I grew up with nutcrackers that looked like this little guy - looking like a protector, not embellishments, just paint and some fake fur. 

He watches over our living room in case any large mice try to attack. I had to tell him that Stella is a dog and belongs and to not confuse her as a large mouse...he needs reminding when she's all wet after a bath. 


  1. haha is it wrong that I want the pink, sparkly nutcracker?! :)
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

    1. Haha - absolutely not! Some of them are really cool looking. I guess I've just become a picky consumer where I want exactly what I want all the time - so they should just make 250 styles to appease everyone :).