Warby Parker

I got my new glasses yesterday! I apparently gave them my wrong address, so the random gentlemen across the street were nice enough to hold them for me until I figured it out and walked over (with Stella) to get them. 

Warby Parker is the Toms of glasses - for every pair someone buys they donate a pair to someone in need! That is what spurred me to order these online instead of ordering elsewhere. 

Stella thinks they're fun to lick :). I feel very writerly with these lovelies on - ready to sit down with a cup of tea and my laptop to write something awesome!  

This might be my at home outfit for the next...3 months. Glasses, hair up & messy (so you can't tell when it gets messier), bulky sweater, husband's shirt, spandex. Done. 

She looked when she was called...aww, so proud of my monster! 

Downside of glasses, I'm not used to having things unfocus when I look down (so used to contacts), I'm nursing a pretty decent headache today but I know I'll get used to them. 


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    1. Thank you! I am loving them too - Bryan...not so much. He just likes me better without, but {in his words} 'as glasses go, I guess they're good'

  2. Ahhh those glasses are adorable! And I LOVE that red sweater! Now I need to go get me some glasses...

    1. Do it! I feel like I'm wearing an extra accessory that makes me feel AWESOME! I feel a little hipster - but as my friend put it 'I'ma poor person who's cold' (and needs vision correction, I added that!).