A little less to enjoy more

I’m working on being more holistic, taking care (and getting healthy) all aspects of me: psychological, physical, social, spiritual. Whenever I hear holistic I always think whole-istic…makes sense, right. I’m trying to keep this at the core of my other goals that I’m making – or rather being more holistic is my goal, everything else is a conscious step escalating me forward to this goal …or on the path to this goal, I think it’ll go on for forever, always progressing upwards. I’ve been working on this for a long time, at times more actively or more consciously than others. In the last year it’s definitely been one of those times where I was not…but even in my lack, I did consciously decide in the wake of getting married that it was okay, there is a huge transition that accompanied this and whenever I got stressed about being unbalanced (cause stressing helps a lot) I would remind myself that I got a free pass for a while (which was a different kind of balance – patiently taking the time necessary to adjust, not expecting too much of myself). Well, free pass is over, time to get in gear! Time to reinstate many things that drifted by the wayside, start new things that will aid to my fulfillment, and time to cut out things that are hanging around for no good reason!

Because I felt the nagging itch to consciously move forward at an accelerated pace I made a huge list of new year resolutions. I’ve already accepted failure of a few (getting up with my alarm), I’ve already had to restart a few (exercising three times a week, got messed up when we decided to move in two days!), and some that I need to create an attack plan before I can really implement. So, here I am, in the middle of January remaking my resolution list and formulating it in a way where I can really succeed – making it so every bullet point helps me with my overall goal, putting into the correct mindset where I want to do it, and if I miss a time it’s okay, because I am becoming who I want to be and each day is part of that process.

In 2013 I am working on doing a little less to enjoy everything else a little more. More natural options. Less medications. More essential oils. Less processed and fast food. More fruits, veggies and grains. More cooking. Water. Exercise. Stretching. Yoga. Chiropractor. Less wasted time. More good books. Writing. More creating. Less shopping (eek!). More focus on God and serving His children. Less selfish and secular. More Husband & puppy time, less…everything else.  

Who are you becoming in 2013? 


  1. I like this. Last year, I decided my motto for 2012 would be "simply balanced" - it was a good motto, and one I'm still working toward. Thought I'd share, since your resolutions are to be balanced. :) Mine this year involves a little music, makeup and some weak-sauce exercising. My kind of goals! ;) but secretly I bullet point and number my page until I can't stand it anymore. It's just in my nature - I'm a list maker. I love that you are too!

  2. Exactly - it always makes me laugh when I find a list in a random notebook and I'm like 'oh yeah, I wanted to do that...good thing I wrote it down!' haha! But I am feeling really good about balancing - spending less time with things and people that don't uplift and more time with things and people (you!) that do.