DIY Pamper party

Two of my good friends are having babies (that's a lie - all of my...every single person I know is having a baby) and I did a little 'pamper before you're changing pampers' party. I actually had a hard time getting the decor together - and heaven forbid it not be decorated cute! But once I starting pulling things out it really came together.

Pretty cool that I had all the baskets and jars around. My hoarding is being rewarded! That's actually a blanket that I used as the table cloth, once I got that on there everything else just fell perfectly into place. 

I pooled my knowledge from my going natural escapade and put out the ingredients for everyone to make their own makes and foot baths. We ended up all using a Greek yogurt, oatmeal, baking soda blend that was really great for all out skin types. And my face feels awesome today! Here's some info on how natural ingredients can help: 

I did pedicures - I did foot baths (with milk, lavender, Epson salt, baking soda) and massages...but my other friend painted, thank goodness! I'm terrible at painting nails. She did mine too! I of course messed them up right after. Fail. They still look better than when I do them. 

And to go along with the 'natural' feel I made cinnamon & sugar corn chips. They weren't very good, but everyone was nice and said they were :).

And made fruit salsa. I used fresh strawberries and kiwi and canned cocktail (I took out the cherries and grapes because the textures terrify me!). Turned out awesome! I ate it without the weird corn chips. 


  1. So fun! That is a cute idea. Wait? Was the whole being pregnant thing an April fools joke?

  2. Just what I was looking for. Off to a wedding tomorrow and looking for a store cupboard pamper.