Mint green jungle {& thrifted jeans}

An outfit post! It's been so long, sorry! We had a gorgeous, stormy Minnesota afternoon that I luckily got out between downpours.

 Shoes: Guess, TJMaxx | Jeans: Citizens for Humanity, thrifted |  Blouse: Old Navy | Sweater: Target, thrifted | Earrings: Stella & Dot | Bag: Lucky 

I originally had on a cream shirt under this sweater, which felt truly safari, but I just needed a pop of color (are you as tired of hearing 'pop of color' as I am...well, it's said so much cause it's magical!) - so I switched to some mint green and threw on some pink lipstick. And for some reason that lead me to take my hair down (which hadn't been washed in 6 days! Before you get too grossed out, read about it here) and I suddenly felt sexy! Rare as I sit in my yoga pants in my basement office {aka: the couch}. Most of what I'm wearing I got for a good deal, but my designer jeans and my sweater are the only items thrifted {rare!}. Jeans are especially hard to thrift for, I've had more success as I got for different styles than what I might be the most into at the moment. This makes me more adventurous on the bottom half, which is sometimes difficult to be adventurous with! And I've found some fits that I actually really like. 

Chasing Stella in heels ...more difficult than expected. Actually, it's probably exactly what you'd expect. Dang dog, and she just thinks we're playing :). 

Got her! 

Husband let me take his picture too - but Husband's need to look cool and can't smile. I'm actually jealous, my face looks stupid when I try to look serious and dreamy. And wasn't he a good photographer with only one arm!

Look at that gorgeous stormy sky. 


  1. You look great. I needed a close up of those sexy heels. I love your outfit. I need a wardrobe makeover. Again, can you please come home like NOW, so you can help me with stuff. I think we need to do a Savers trip to help my closet out. Annnd check out your oh so dreamy husband. Glad you are documenting his broken-ness. :) MIss you!!!

    1. Haha, thank you! I would love to come home! I told Bryan (in tears) that I wanted to go home. It was a trying weekend, so I had to be dramatic. I also so want to make over your closet! I want to go clothes shopping but it's irrelevant to me right now, so I could spend your money :) and get some good Leigh time in. Oh, I've got it, I'll get a massage and you can take the money and spruce things up.

  2. BABE alert. Love that outfit. And I cry about wanting to go home, too. Let's cry together next time and then be happy we've got each other :) Also, this weather...ughhhh...we need some vitamin d. Could dramatically make us like it here more.

    1. Agreed! When I realized I'd been checking Utah's forecast and not Minnesota's, that was my breaking point! Maybe I'll just change out all the lightbulbs in the house for sunbulbs :)