vibrant giraffe {and finding your style}

Today husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary...two months and a day late. We planned to get massages on our anniversary but that and all our other plans fell through - I think we ate fast food for dinner. Well today we finally got ourselves massages! Husbands first words post perfection were, "Why have we not been doing this every month?!" He has now decided that massages will be included in our budget. I'm fine with that.
We got the massages at our gym and on our way out three little girls said I looked beautiful. Thank you little 7 and 8 year olds, thank you for that self esteem boost! So, since these little lovelies thought I was pretty I decided it was an outfit post kind of a day. I didn't even redo my massage hair, cause I was pretty with it ;)


Blouse American Eagle, thrifted | Sweater J.Crew, thrifted | Jeans Gap, thrifted | Purse thrifted | Shoes Guess, Ross | Earrings gift | Bracelet  J.Crew, outlet

Wow, my outfit was seriously thrifted today! Love those days :)

I got this clutch {purse...Husband just asked what a clutch was, so just in case you didn't know its a purse, haha} the last time I went thrifting and I have been dying to use it! But since I'm usually a yoga clad hermit I haven't had the chance. I think I bought it because I had been watching too much Sex and the City and was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. 

This is my favorite bracelet ever. I like that it's bling, with just a touch of a casual feel to it that helps me dress up any outfit without feeling over the top glitzy. I learned in college {after a semester of buying a lot of glimmery and shimmery stuff} that I didn't like too much glam. I didn't feel like me with rhinestones and sequins all over. I felt silly in satiny blouses. I would see these items on other people and think they looked so good {and they did}, but on me I felt uncomfortable and like I was pretending to be someone else. I though maybe this mean I could only do t-shirt, jeans and converse - so I wore that for awhile, which got boring as I tried to tie myself into that niche. It took me awhile to learn that just because I wasn't 'glam' didn't mean I couldn't like loud, sometime ostentatious, I just liked very specific ostentatious clothing. Thrifing has helped me get a little louder because I can try things out without a huge financial burden. And realizing my inner style has helped me find clothes that others feel comfortable in as well. 

When did you realize your inner style? What is it? Are you still stuck trying to figure out what's you?

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  1. Really cute casual outfit, love your hair! Your colored shoes and patterned bag are the perfect accessories.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Thank you! Messy hair is such a luck of the draw for me - sometimes it looks amazing...and sometimes it just looks like I don't own a brush.

  2. Kids say what they're thinking, so that's a big compliment! LOL.
    I've had a little girl tell me I was wearing too much lipstick. :-(

    1. I know, I was so flattered, way more so than if it had been an adult! I've had the opposite too. As a teenager I had a three year old tell me I had a lot of zits - ouch!

  3. I looove this outfit and those shoes are amazing, casual but chic - great outfit post :)
    Just stopping by from Yolo Mondays

    Laura x

  4. The bag is so cute and those SHOES!!! Wish I was young and agile enough to wear them. They really rock with those jeans. ; )

  5. Love your blog! You are so cute! Love your shoes!

    New follower!