Pearls and stripes {& my new diaper bag!)

Skirt XXI | Sweater Gap, thrifted | Jacket DKNY, thrifted (similar
Necklace J.Crew outlet | Bracelet XXI | Shoes Steve Madden 
Sunglasses Jessica Simpson | Purse Kate Spade, thrifted

I'm officially in maternity clothes or stretchy regular clothes. None of these are actually maternity yet - which is perfect cause I felt awesome in this outfit and I can wear it afterwards too! Oh, word from many of my postpartum friends - only wear 'regular' clothes that you don't mind throwing away afterwards, cause they'll permanently stretch. It might seem like a smart plan to just make your real clothes work and not spend money for just a few months, but beware! That being said, this sweater is going into my 'afterwards' box today.  

I am in love with this over-sized jacket - got the idea from ASOS and got mine for $1.49 at Goodwill. I wore it on our date night this weekend and Husband kept commenting on how much he liked it. I guess it elongates or something, all I know is I like how it looked.  

Look at that belly! 

What, am I using my diaper bag as a regular purse? Why, yes, I am. I just love it so much and am so excited about it! Course there are so many compartments (which will be great soon) that I lost my tissue. Never did find it. But I got this bag for a steal! $35 for a barely used Kate Spade, it's called the Stevie. 

And I call it Stevie. 

I fell in love with Stevie while in an online shopping dreamland one afternoon and I debated between the stripe, polka dot, or plain black - y'know, in case I ever lived in a world where I'd spend $400 on a bag for spilled cheerios and wet wipes. Well I got a different bag from eBay that I didn't love that much so I was looking on craiglist to see what I could resale it for and there I saw Stevie for sale! I called and had to check that she meant $35 and not $350. 

Best day ever. 

Some kids might grow up hearing about how their parents met or how mommy and daddy rushed to the hospital to meet them. I'm sure my kids will hear those stories, but they will also hear the story of Stevie, the diaper bag. 

In other news - I'm not wearing my wedding ring cause I've been working on so many projects! Finishing up Baby Wright's dresser, it looks so good, I'm way excited to show you!


  1. Lovely outfit, great skirt :)

    Thanks for sharing with us at share your style Saturday :)

  2. LOVE THIS! The over-sized jacket works perfectly.

    I completely agree about stretching out your old clothes and then they never look good post-partum. I've had my fourth baby and I never do it anymore. Best to just get maternity. :)

    You look great & thanks for linking up with Real Mom Style.


  3. I love Stevie!! Very nice and great steal! I also love that you are using a regular purse for a diaper bag. That is one thing I have decided is really a waste of space! With a baby you have so many little things to help make the day a bit easier and sometimes there are just too many items! I feel all you need are a couple diapers, wipes, a change of cloths (or a couple changes of cloths :)) and when they are older a toy and all that fits perfectly in your purse. Then it is one less thing you have to carry.

  4. Great outfit, really chic and stylish. Love stripes, you look great :)
    Just popping by from Share your style Saturday link

    Laura x

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