Fashion at the County Fair

Shirt J.Crew, thrifted | Skirt H&M, thrifted 
Boots thrifted ($1!) | Purse Merona, thrifted | Necklace c/o Urban Philosophy

I was supposed to help Husband at the County Fair tonight, but some other guys took our shift. Thinking you have to work and then not...it's like a snow day! So we went out to sushi. Took these pictures after dinner, which is dangerous with my heightened spill tendency. I already had my boots on for the fair - cause you've gotta wear boot to a fair!


  1. Trés cute! Love the boots... would have liked to see an super close up of that bag... so cool! Stopping by from MMM!

  2. I love the boots!! I use to wear nothing but boots. I finally ordered a pair today for the first time in ages. I can't wait until I get them. It will be just in time for the winter months. ;)

  3. So jealous of those boots!! Love them. You look hot.

  4. So jealous of those boots!! Love them. You look hot.

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