Back to school {work}

This is my first week back at work after working remotely for the summer in MN. It feels like the first week of school after summer vacation – and I’m knocked up. Ha, ha! I’ve worn all my cute new clothes for my first week back, showing off after a summer away. Who knows what I’ll wear next week, probably the same exact things on repeat…for the next four months.

Shirt H&M maternity | Cardigan Banana Republic Outlet | Pants ASOS maternity
Purse Merona, thrifted | Earrings Target, thrifted | Bracelet  XXI | Shoes Sperry

I’ve been remote for my entire pregnancy, so I came back and I look like a completely different person. It’s been delightful and occasionally humorous to see people’s reactions. It’s also been slightly bitter as people quickly piece together what motherhood will mean for me and ask if I’ll continue working. The answer is that it’s up in the air right now, but I won’t work here in the same capacity that I have been. It’s beautiful to see my co-workers, my friends, simultaneously thrilled at the next chapter of my life and being sad knowing that my next chapter doesn’t include me being here. I’ve worked here before I even knew Husband. This has been where I entered the real world and so many here have helped ease my transition into life changes. I’m going to miss them. New chapters are exciting, but a little bitter as well. 

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