Classic {white button up and blazer}

Blazers are a life send while pregnant. I am so proud of my belly, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself and there is nothing flattering about it, enter the blazer. It adds structure to my apple shaped torso and something about the color blocking makes the eye focus on two things....or something. Whatever the reason, my blazers make me feel attractive. And I always love using things from my 'real' closet. 
Also, notice the crazy hair. That is from my two p.m. hot flash where I NEEDED my hair off my neck. Oh the joys of pregnancy. 

Blouse Gap Maternity, thrifted | Blazer Merona, thrifted | Jean Jessica Simpson Maternity
Shoes Gianni Bini, thrifted | Belt Banana Republic Outlet | Necklace J.Crew similar 

In other news: 

Stella dog got spayed today. She's showing off her scar for you. Really she's hoping Husband will rub her tummy, she has no idea how much that would hurt. She's fine, but I am such a softy and am all sorts of sad for her.


  1. I love the side views of you! oh my heck you are adorable. I'm loving it! lets get together again soon, friend. It won't be long before you're off in your new life without me... sad face shown... AND I need to get some "mo' millie time" (MOE MILLIE TIME... i'm clever huh?) ;) love you friend!

  2. Aw,I felt the same way when I had my cats spayed and neutered. It really is the humane thing to do, as evidenced by the poor strays living in our backyard and hiding in big bushes. It has caused a lot of problems for us and our pets, and I feel so sorry for the poor things. We were able to catch one, and animal control came and picked him/her up. No luck with the others, it's been nothing but trouble and heartache. One of our cats almost died with a problem that was stress related.