97 unknowns

I will be 30 weeks in a few days. Wait. What? That can't be right....I think I need to lie down.

I am in planning mode. Planning is my nesting mode. We’ll be moving right after baby, so I can’t really nest. Only one huge problem…there are too many unknowns. And it’s keeping me up at night! That might also be the combined efforts of a kicking baby and a snuggling dog.

I really could come up with 97 unknowns, y’know. Easy. But I’ll spare you. I would start listing unknowns like ‘what’s for dinner tonight’ – which Husband might argue is the most important/currently relevant unknown.

I have to move with a six week old baby. I don’t have a moving date because it’s 100% dependent upon when Wade decides to make his debut. Everyone keeps asking what the plan is and I make a simple answer and act like I’m good with going with the flow – all flower-power-hippie. On the inside I’m running through all the different scenario like a choose your own adventure novel. And then it hits me that reality will likely be a scenario I didn’t come up with. So then I think of more options. Cause that’s a good thing to do at 3 am.

I think about flying with an infant. Orchestrating the loading of our moving trailer. Are my parents helping? Will the weather be good (it will be January)? When should we sell our couches? Our TV? What if Wade come early December? Christmas week? What are our options if he comes Thanksgiving week? How will Stella dog react (pretty sure she’s going to have some first sibling issues).

Then I think about packing. I’m an organized packer. Very organized. I pack and unpack boxes so the things inside fit ideally and make sense to be packed together. I’m starting now since I won’t be as up to it with a newborn. This opens up a whole new branch of planning. When should I pack this? And that? Can I just jump to my Christmas d├ęcor and pack everything else up? Poor Husband all too frequently asks me for something to discover that it’s packed. But don’t worry, I know exactly where it is. But then I open that box and realize there is a better way to pack it….oh vey!

Husband lets me be crazy, cause sometimes you need to hold onto the crazy to hold onto your sanity. I need to feel in control…between bathroom breaks.

I can’t comprehend having a baby. I don’t really know how to prepare. People give all sorts of advice, like with every life change, but my mind can’t really wrap around it. At times I don’t even know how to feel, so I pack something. I think it’s an okay coping mechanism. At least when it comes to unpacking our house I’ll know what’s in each box. I also know, amidst my crazy, that it’ll all be okay. Whatever scenario that play out in reality will be great and I’ll be able to roll with it…like a hippie.
What stressed you out as you moved closer to something big and life-changing? 


  1. We moved when Ellie was four weeks old, and again at three months, and the most important thing I think I learned was to ask for and accept help. For the first move, I was exhausted from night feedings and trying to get Ellie to switch over to sleeping at night instead of the day, plus recovering from a surprise c-section, and I don't know how we'd have done it without people helping us. Also, make sure to feed him during take-off and landing, while the plane is changing altitude quickly (I'm sure you've probably been told that by a million people). Since he'll be pretty young, hopefully he'll just sleep through a lot of the travel :) But we kinda lived out of suitcases for a couple of months, which was interesting, but taught me we're okay with a lot less than I thought we needed, so don't be too afraid to pack and get as much done as possible before he gets here. Ellie was probably the most difficult to pack for, because I had no idea how quickly she'd grow. A lot of people tell you to not even bother with newborn size clothes, but Ellie was in them for six weeks, and I didn't even need all the 3-6 months clothes I packed for the first move. But there was no way to know that, so this is definitely one of those situations when more is probably safer. Every baby is totally different, and you're going to be a great mom, so stick with your instincts :) Sorry for the novel!

    1. It's amazing how strong my instinct to nest is, so it's hard with a looming move, I'm sure you had the same thing! And I can't believe you did it all at 4 weeks after a c-section...WOW! Maybe you should be wonder woman for Halloween :)

  2. I just turned 30 also! You're gonna love it.