Aden & Anais swaddlers {DIY}

Have you seen the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets? They're adorable. And expensive. And none of them matched my nursery, and we all know that most important thing about having a baby is matching at all times...right.

So I made my own! And I am so proud.

 I made my own stencil with a wood burner. And painted the patterns on. 

And they turned out great! The A&A ones are thinner, but I doubled up my fabric because the fabric paint looked stupid on the back and it's a little stiff to be next to baby bodies. So the front is patterned and the back is plain white.

I got the muslin/gauze fabric from Fabric.com for $4 a yard. I'm already wishing I bought more.

Each one has it's own...uniqueness (aka, mistakes). It wouldn't be made by me without a few mess ups. Can you find the accidents?

Okay, I'll tell you. The green tree has a spot in the middle that I used for marking that the paint didn't cover up. I missed a plus right below the red plus sign. And the cloud's look a little like and this one just gave me heartburn cause my bobbin ran out, then my thread...stupid cloud blanket!! 

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  1. How cute! Those are my all-time favorite swaddling blankets.