Maternity belly shot {31 weeks!}

31 weeks today, officially 8 months! Now I can complain more and get more sympathy! I parked in the one hour parking at my office to celebrate. And because it was really windy. And my little tike was using my ribs as a jungle gym all night. And I have an excuse - I’m EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT! No one’s going to fight that argument. And if they do I’ll just pull the crazy pregnant woman card, I need to pull out that card more.

Last night Husband did a little belly photo shoot with me. He’s been saying for weeks that we haven’t taken any bare belly pictures – I’m not sure where he got the idea that we needed a bare belly maternity picture, but he did. And once Husband thinks we need to do something there is no sense in trying to not do it. And maybe my bare belly needs to documented? And if needs to be, now is the time, before it gets scary. Right now it’s kind of cute.  But I’ve heard in the last month or so is when it will scare promiscuous teenagers into reform. 

We just got this sheep skin rug for baby Wade’s room. I’ve been talking about it for months, but it’s so frivolous so I hadn’t jumped on it. But Husband was in a frivolous mood at Costco so we got it! The only family member more excited than me is Stella dog. She is in every picture because we could not get her off this rug. We’d throw her on the floor and she’d jump back on so fast Husband couldn’t snap a single shot without her photo bombing.

Oh, and I love the wood paneling in the background. One plus of living in my grandparents basement is that some of the trimmings are so old that they’re stylish again. Some. Not the orange carpet. That stuff ain’t ever coming back.

Here’s what’s happening at 31 weeks:
Baby Wade:
Super wiggly. He’s been getting hiccups while wiggling, it feels like a tilt a whirl with movement everywhere. He likes to poke his head up (or maybe it’s his bum) like a whale coming up for air. I love rubbing his protruding little body parts and am getting really excited to actually rub his little head. I frequently find myself sitting in front of the TV watching my belly instead of my regularly scheduled program. And I frequently wake up at night to his wiggles. We’re bonding…even at 3 am.
I no longer have room for food. I swear a single pea would give me heartburn right now. My ribs feel like they’re being forced to become flare instead of straight leg jeans. My skin’s looking good. 


  1. I never documented my belly like this. I love it. I wish I would've had chad do pics like this of me. I was lucky to get ANY shots of my belly from him. sheesh. I'm sad now, knowing I won't every have belly shots. :( I didn't get any stretch marks (rare for people!) and I didn't document anything cool like that. I'm loving these pictures and your HAIR IS SUPER LONG. It looks great! YOU look great!

  2. These are lovely photos! I love how your doggie hogged the camera and then stole the show. Too funny!

  3. I love these so much! You look GORGEOUS!!!