25 days of Christmas {for Husband}

Husband: don’t read this!

This holiday season is a unique one for us. Husband has his last set of finals as he finished up his last semester. We’re getting ready to move in early January. Oh, and we’re going to welcome baby Wade sometime in December!

With all of this I know we’re going to get distracted from the season. We’ll forget to take time to enjoy and celebrate. And I know that Husband might feel a little neglected as I get more tired and when Wade gets here (I hear that’s pretty common with a newborn). Let’s be clear, he’d deal. He likely wouldn’t even notice the lack of anything or feel shafted, cause he’s great that way. But Husband is also one of the most appreciative people I know and I love making him feel special. So I put together 25 days of Christmas for him. It’s been so much fun and escalated, of course. I ended up with too many gifts and decided to make the ‘extras’ stocking stuffers.

I made them cute cause I care about that. Husband doesn’t. Big surprise. But he makes comments about how nice they look to make me feel awesome. I bought a roll of wrapping paper, a few brown gift bags, and then used paper grocery bags. I got all the tags from this lovely blog. They’re little boxes, but I just cut them for the tags.

Here’s the list of gifts (Some are day specific. Some are time specific, aka before baby. Some fit at any time):
  1. Chocolate advent calendar (loved these as a kid)
  2. Christmas CD (burned my favorite songs)
  3. Christmas pillow case (I made it, oh yeah!)
  4. Cuties (these mean Christmas around our house)
  5. Foot massage
  6. Play a game (I wrapped up a game we already own)
  7. Christmas tie (this is the day of my work holiday party, so he can wear it there. I was going to do the Sunday before Christmas, but who knows what zombie state we’ll be in)
  8. Take out Stella (our dog) every time
  9. Texas Roadhouse (one of his favorite places)
  10. Mugs (then you drink hot chocolate together! I bought mugs, but you could wrap up ones you already have)
  11. Pringles
  12. Glove compartment pack (meds, nail clippers, stain remover stick - things you hate being without, but never think of until you need them)
  13. Breakfast in bed (this is my first day of maternity leave and his study day for finals)
  14. Decorate Christmas cookies together
  15. Links in watch (I got him a watch for Father’s Day and it’s too big…now however many months later I get to make it another gift. Hurray for procrastination!)
  16. Finals pack (this is Husband’s first day of finals. This contains water bottles, snacks, pencils – all stuff that he can leave in his car and grab as he’s on campus)
  17. Swiss rolls
  18. Candle (Husband loves candles – he always asks why we don’t have more candles! This item didn’t need a clarification comment, I just think it’s funny that he loves candles so much)
  19. Bacon bits
  20. A Birthday gift for me (with everything going on, I fully expect him to forget to get me a gift. So I took care of it J!)
  21. Kettle chips
  22. Silk Pie (bought a freezer one at Thanksgiving when it was oober cheap!)
  23. Squeezits
  24. Christmas pajama bottoms

 So some are sillier than others, but I know he’ll get a little kick out of each one. Here are some other ideas I had that either got nixed or will make a debut at stocking/present opening time:
  • Car wash (especially in the winter!)
  • Favorite meal
  • Favorite Dessert
  • Sledding
  • Christmas light drive
  • The perfect bath (bath salts, bubbles, candles, music…only we don’t have a bath tub, haha! Maybe next year!)
  • Date idea jar (I'm working on this for Christmas, update to come!)
  • Socks, underwear or shirts (boring…but if you get desperate for extra ideas! Or if you got fun ones)
  • Favorite childhood book (he loved the animorph books, I couldn’t find one for as cheap as I wanted, but I know he’d love having them for Wade to read) 

Oh man, the list could go on and on! Pretty much anything that will make him feel special works perfectly.

What ideas do you have? What do you do to make your husband feel special this season (cause it’s so easy to make Christmas great just for the kids…but aren’t we all kids?!). 


  1. Number 20 is fantastic! I really love this idea and I'll have to do this next year. I already did the splurging by getting him a really nice ottoman. Last year I got him a dinky one because it's all I could afford. It's kind of boring, but I know it's what he wants. I'm also really into gift wrapping. On a side note, I will be wearing the beautiful necklace you sent me on Thanksgiving. The host must be lovely!

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  3. Cute idea! He's going to love it. Tried something similar for Justin's bday week a couple years ago but he hates getting gifts! It's no fun haha