Kitchen redo {demolition}

I've been working really hard at making our house feel like our house. AKA: shopping. Oh, and returning. Lots of returning. When did I become so indecisive? Having a whole house to settle into is overwhelming to the point where I can't commit to things like hand towels. First world problems.

Just as things started to fit like day two in your favorite skinny's, we decided to start messing things up. Cause that's how we do. Glorious chaos! And out of it will (hopefully) come an even prettier space. And I'm all about pretty. 

When we go this house we planned on knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. We weren't planning on doing it last Saturday. Drywall, now that is messy. Drywall is the STD of building materials. So here's where we're at: 

Once we had walls: 

Walls, dirty dishes and all. We really weren't planning on doing it last weekend.

Then we had half a wall. Husband and I started taking down the drywall (note to anyone, including my future self, cover everything when pulling out dry wall).

Then we had no walls! FIL came over and took out the studs. DIY project are wonderful when your FIL in was a general contractor for years. The DIY part for us is handing him tools. Oh, and my MIL is an amazing cleaner.

Look: there was a wall here and now I can set crap here! My dad's best friend calls it the law of flat surfaces - "you will always cover flat surfaces with crap". And the sub law is "if you get more flat surfaces, you need more crap." And that brings us full circle, I need to go shopping (and returning) so more!

And now onto mudding, picking countertop, painting cabinets, oh my! Updates will be coming. 


  1. This is so thrilling! Looks awesome! I can't wait to see more!!!

  2. Ah, the law of flat surfaces! I had never known the sublaw. Glad I do now :)