House Tour: Master Bedroom

We've lived here in Minnesota for almost six months. Maybe it's only five right...which technically is almost six. Our house is really feeling like a home and I'm more and more pleased with it. There are still so many things to be done, and so many things that I'm realizing we'll simply never get to in this house. But I feel ready to virtually show off our house, now you'll see more than boxes everywhere :).

Starting with the master bedroom. Which, yes, is still pink. We plan to paint it a light grey, but the pink is surprisingly not as offensive as we thought it would be. When we moved here we had a mattress. That's it. On the floor. It was the middle of January, negative 10, I had a four week old baby and we were all huddled up awkwardly in this room. It's come a long way. Thank goodness. (really wish I had snapped pictures our first week/month in, we were pathetic).

Some spaces are humorously empty, like our dresser. But I prefer bare to cluttered. Eventually I'll find the perfect something, but until then I'll pretend we're being minimalists (cause that totally sounds like me...).

Something that makes me happy about this room, well, every room for that matter, is seeing how it's come together mostly with second hand deals. The mattress was new and expensive (still one of the best decisions we've ever made, love that thing!), but everything else was done on the cheap. 

Nightstands and dresser Craigslist $200 (serious quality too)
Headboard Church sale $20
Teal (king sized) velvet blanket Yard sale $10
Chairs Goodwill $15. They match our dining set! So if we ever need extra's! I plan to recover them along with the dining room ones. 
Euro shams Savers $2, Ikea $10. I found two of these at Savers, one was stained but I thought it was worth a shot. The stain came out. The third I got at Ikea. The euro pillows were all bought at thrift stores too, over time. I also found out that Ikea has really cheap pillow inserts! 
Throw pillow Savers $3. I plan to recover, eventually. 
Flowers/vases flowers from Joann's $2 and vases from yard sales $2
Silhouettes gift. My sister made these for us for Christmas a few years ago. She created a Jane Austen board game (check it out here!) and got silhouettes of her friends and family for the artwork, then she gifted these to us! 
Curtains Blackout fabric = Joann's $27, Sheers = Ikea $7.50, Hooks = Ikea, $7. Easiest project ever, and I love how it turned out. I didn't sew the blackout fabric or anything! Just cut it to size and clipped it up. I added the sheers cause they were super cheap and gave it a better flow and softness. 
White bedspread Mother's day gift last year.
Vase Savers $3
Oversized Gem Nate Berkus for Target, clearance $3.50

All in all, our room was around $500 (including sheets, pillows, lamps, coat rack, curtain rod and bed frame). Excluding the mattress...that makes all the savings fly out the window. But isn't that why you save, so you can afford to splurge occasionally? 

Pictures of real life in this room up tomorrow! 

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