Mama & baby style for cheap {#1}

This is post #1 in a series. A series of dressing well for cheap. Really it's an excuse to thrift shop. As if my closet wasn't already full of deals and steals already. And it's an excuse to get ready and take pictures of Wade and me. 

Most days I wear a mix of thrifted, clearance and sale items. On rare {RARE} occasions there are some *gasp* full price items. You really can dress well fairly inexpensively. You can also dress your kids well for pennies on the dollar (course, we'll see how that goes as this prince gets older. Kids are hard on their clothes, so decent second hand stuff will be slimmer pickings). Don't believe me? Follow along. 

Blazer Gap, thrifted | Shirt Free People, thrifted 
Pants Gap, thrifted | Shoes Merona, thrifted 

Onsie Carter's, thifted | Shorts Carter's, hand-me-down
Shoes Baby Gap, thrifted

These prices are approximates. I don't always remember the exact price on everything, but I have undefined guideline on how much I spend on specific items. And I always remember when I spend more than my usual. Cause spending $8 on a sweater is something to be documented in my long term memory. 


  1. please tell me this is your backyard! you're living in a dream spot! I want to visit! When it warms up, of course. And seriously... wade is cute cute cute! I love his perfectly round little head! awwww I want to snuggle hiiiiiim!

    1. Come visit! Come visit!! I would love it! I have a room and loft for you and your babies - just waiting for you!