Style for cheap {#2}

Mr. Wade and I are again head to toe in thrifted apparel. Oh, that makes me overly happy. Everything I'm wearing is from my local Goodwill (the skirt was brand new with the tags still attached!) and Wade's outfit came from a baby consignment shop. All of these items were also on sale, which made them an even better deal. Getting things so cheap makes me more adventurous is my apparel. I wouldn't have bought this skirt brand new and full price, and then I never would've realized that I really like it - I have several outfits mentally put together for it (oh, and it has pockets, for things like pacifiers). 

I tried to do my hair all cool, but Wade thought it looked better intertwined in his fingers. A high pony tail or tight bun are really the only options with a 5 month old. 

Blouse Pea in a Pod (yes, I still wear some of my maternity tops), thrifted
Skirt Merona, thrifted | Shoes Merona, thrifted

Shirt and trousers Janie and Jack, thrifted
Shoes ?, thrifted


  1. Great finds! That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted to go thrifting, but the places here I'm not too sure about. Your baby is soooo cute!!

  2. Cute hair, cute outfit, cute baby! ;)