Unsolicited advice: WARTS

Got warts? Ugh, I know. They're the worst. The worst! Fake ones are great for Halloween, but Halloween is over. So now there are no desirable warts now. None.

I had warts. Lots of warts. At some point I got one on my ankle. I was so embarrassed. I always liked my legs, but found myself crossing my ankles to hide the little nasty. With all the airbrushing and crap going on in the media, any imperfection is just unacceptable - amiright? Sadly, that's how imperfections feel. While this wart was rather large, it was small in the scheme of things but had me so self conscious! Lame. Okay, I could launch all into beauty and loving yourself and how your imperfections actually make you beautiful, but this is about warts.

So I got the thing frozen off. It came back, froze it again. After the third time it was finally gone. Phew, melodramatic young adult life tragedy averted.

For a while.

About a year later I started getting bumps on my knee. I didn't think anything of it and shaved like normal. Worst idea ever. One day I got some razor burn and about a month later I had warts everywhere on my legs.

It was the worst. When I said warts are the worst, I meant it.

I tried everything. Burning them off, apple cider vinegar, OTC remedies, at home remedies. But there were so many, I could keep ahead of the growth curve. After probably two years I stumbled what seemed like a last ditch effort. An herb called Cat's Claw:

I took it three times a day until the bottle was gone and my warts just disappeared. It took just over a month. I have no idea how it works, but it seems like it killed the virus from the inside and then my body figured out how to fight the virus and got rid of all of them. I guess there's some research on this and genital warts - um, I have no experience with that, just leg warts. I also don't know how this works on plantar warts, but if you have those - it's worth a try! You can get a bottle on amazon.com for under $6.

Cat's claw can interfere with other medications, so check with your doctor if you're taking anything. It's also believed to terminate pregnancies - there's no medical research backing this, but different tribes have used it - so if you're preggers or trying to be, maybe wait on tackling the wart thing.

It's been three years since I found this stuff and I'm still wart free - and I only used the one bottle! If you're battling warts, it is so worth the try. Let me know if it works for you - I'd love to hear other success stories.

Good luck!

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