Hours before the winter sun's ignited

The title is for my dad. Lyrics to the song Christmas by The Who.

Here's our Christmas:

Wade coming down the stairs. Cause that's what you do, take pictures of your kids coming down to the tree. Even if said kid couldn't care less about the tree and really just likes going down the stairs. He's quick and I almost didn't catch it. Hence the blur. 

Grandma and Papa Billa made Wade some blocks. The rest of the morning everything needed a block stacked on top of it. Every present and pile of wrapping paper got a wooden block bow.

Hanging out with Daddy. He really didn't care about presents, he was just excited that all his people were there hanging out.

Amiss new toys, boxes and wrapping paper to play with, Wade found a lid. Duh.

Stella got a treat and box of (old) balls to play with. She was a little nervous about all the excitement (especially with Wade placing/throwing blocks on top of everything) until she got her present, then she was all about having every single ball thrown and hidden around the living room.

Crawling over daddy.

Completing the morning with a little drool. Of course.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Merry Christmas! Oh, and here are a few of my house that I never got around to posting. Fail.


  1. Love the decor and the pictures you captured! I didn't get any. A few before we started with my phone but the video camera was going and I forgot. Fail! But I love your post! I need to blog. I don't think I've even blogged last year's Christmas. Talk about FAIL!

    1. Ha, oh who cares! I forget to blog ALL the time! Which is ultra sad, cause it's literally the only thing I've got on my plate these days! And you'll have the videos to look back on, I doubt Wade will go back to read my blog!!