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We built these shelves last year while my parents were in town. I have LOVED them. But clutter always accumulated on the floor. Wade toys, blankets, and cords just isn't what I wanted. My meager storage solutions became part of the problem as the baskets and decorative bags were either strewn about or heaped.

IKEA besta cabinets as built ins

This is right, right after we built these shelves.

I toyed with some options. My first thought was some kind of custom cabinet. I wanted something that would travel with us whenever we move, plus custom always pings pricey in my mind. So I looked at some dressers. But realized I something that was less busy, plus what would I do with two matching dressers in our next house?

Eventually I looked at cabinet options at IKEA. I found the Besta collection - that they're phasing out (price cut!). They fit nicely with just enough room for a storage bag on the side - which will stay standing up, thanks to the cabinets.

IKEA besta cabinets as built ins

Ideally I'd love if the wood was a little lighter. And I'd love if they were miraculously the perfect width of the little nooks there. But for $150 for both of them...this works wonderfully. Plus they look great together, so reconfiguration options for the future.

One cabinet is Wade toys. The other houses DVD's and games - which currently Wade thinks also counts as his toys. Might put a lock on it, simply because playing 500 card pick up every day is not my favorite.

Restyling the shelves actually all started with this:

metal geometric orb

And then more rearranging came:

snake plant in a hand woven basket

IKEA besta cabinets as built ins

And I'm sure more rearranging will come. I find myself not posting until something is done - but, to Husband's chagrin, I'll never be done. I love tweaking things too much!

IKEA besta cabinets as built ins

Feeling so much more organized! Even if the new cabinets get emptied daily. Everything now has a place - at least in this room.

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