Gift of roses

Today Wade and I went out to the mailbox (cause how could I go outside by myself - c'mon!) and I found a package from my friend Allie with such wonderful goodies inside. Delicious headbands and these epic swaddle blankets: 

Blake top. Jacqueline bottom.
These swaddle blankets are longer, I folded them for the picture so their toes would poke out. Cause baby feet = cutest. 

This made my week! 

Allie and I met the summer of 2010. By the end of the night people assumed we'd been friends for years. Just one of those people that we clicked and it just stuck! Now here we are 5 years later. Each of us being swamped with little kiddies and life - and yet she remembered me, even though we live across the country. 

Girl - I wish we lived next door to each other. We'd have so much fun. And spend way too much money. 

Allie has been crafting away - going to farmer's markets, craft fairs and holiday bazaars. She also has an Etsy shop where you can find her beautiful creations! I keep checking her shop and putting things in my cart - then someone would cry and I'd forget to check out. That and I still feel totally overwhelmed in the girl accessory department - especially cause they keep growing! 

The second I opened that package, I turned to Wade and said that we had to take some pictures.

You should probably check out her Etsy shop and follow her on instagram

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