This week: 3 August 2016

We've lived in this house for a year! I'm celebrating by having it be a complete disaster. I have several projects going on (of course and just decided to add making a table onto the list, cause I totally know how) and my house falls apart when I have just one project going on. And I've been reading a pile of books I checked out from the library and I cannot be expected to be a responsible adult when lost in a book.

I figured out a baby gate for the stairs. Had to. I've been faking it, but just couldn't anymore - needed something permanent. I had baskets and a chair in front of the stairs while I took the trash out, they moved them our of the way and made it to the top before I got the the street and back. Now the girls have free reign of the main floor and love it. Wade and Stella are frequently distressed at whatever side of the gate they're on. I make piles of stuff to go upstairs to avoid the gate entirely.

Jacqueline is working on a tooth and is grumpy. And she's figured out how to pull herself up to a stand on furniture, but hasn't figured out how to get back down - so she'll just cry a terrified cry until I come help her. Between the frustration of standing and the pain of her tooth she's been a mess and getting genuinely frustrated at things. Someone steals her toys, mad. She drops a toy, ticked. Mom puts a gate up, angry. Eats all her food and her plate is empty, outraged. Up until now she's gotten frustrated at things or sad about stuff, but this week her anger has come out.

Blake's been the happiest peanut. Thank goodness they take turns on being the good one. She's pleased as punch to just roam around and discover stuff. She's determined to get to the xbox button and climb under the TV to get to all the blinking cords. Up on her tip toes all the time to reach anything she can - the stuff at her level is nice, but the stuff just out of reach is extraordinary. She's turned our internet router off multiple times this week - even when I blockade her out.

My body is trying to get sick. Rude. I've been popping vitamins, chucking water, and trying to get rest and naps where I can (cause staying up late reading still counts as resting). Wade's been getting more iPad time.

Wade is the funniest to me right now. Full sentences from a  two year old might be some of the best of motherhood - a lot of the other two year old stuff I could do without, but waiting to hear what comes out of his mouth is fabulous. He'll look at me randomly during the day and say, "I want chocolate chips." Like just cause he can ask means that he'll get it. Or telling me important things like, "I have two booger mommy." As he hands me the boogers on his fingers. His tag lines this week:

"I awake!" Said all. day. long.
"I need this." Which gives him the right to take whatever he wants from whomever he wants.

I need to write down the things he says. They're all nothings on the scope of life, but they're also so precious. I'll have some good ones for you next week.

I did a yard sale this weekend. The girls hung out in their play yard and flirted with all the customers. I had everything be a dollar and it went pretty well - I would highly recommend it to anyone planning a yard sale, I didn't have to take the time to price everything, which made the whole venture worth my time. Everything that I though I could get $10+ for I listed on craigslist or my local Facebook garage sale site. Basically, after a year being here I'm finally getting the closets, garage and drawers cleared out. Also shedding baby clothes, maternity clothes, post-maternity-fat clothes, pre-pregancy-will-never-fit-again clothes. Getting rid of stuff is so rejuvenating (and making a little money helps too).

I feel like I've been doing a bit too much this week. My body is telling me so. My empty refrigerator is telling me so. But sometimes I think about how this is my only life, I don't want to waste my time. I don't want to get to the finish line with strength left, I want to give my all. Course, life isn't a sprint and I don't want to burn out, but I also want to live to my fullest. I've found balance by cutting out things like washing my hair.

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