2019 chapter 8

My leg/back is finally feeling better! Not totally healed better, but improvements. Saturday was a real low. I cried bagging my groceries. That night I prayed that I'd start seeing improvements, something to help give me motivation and lift my spirits (cause, I was at "cry bagging my groceries level). I kid you not, Sunday morning I woke up feeling better than I had in months and had no pain until late that afternoon. Now I need to make sure that I don't overdo it and hurt myself.

Jacqueline got the flu this weekend. It wasn't horrible. When kids can make it in a bowl, life is okay (more on that in a moment). Her's where I'm a bad mom - I checked on her and she missed the bowl a little, but she was sound asleep and I just let her sleep...cause sleep is more important that a 1:00AM bath. I really think she enjoyed being sick cause I let her watch unlimited TV and drink as many sips of pop as she wanted. She's still telling me that her tummy hurts, her usual words, "my tummy hurt, I need watch show and drink pop." Clever.

Wade also got the flu. His neck was super stiff and he was crying from the pain. I tried to play it calm, but I kept a close eye on him, cause a stiff neck and fever = symptoms for meningitis. I waited all day, and kept telling myself that he kinked his neck and was getting what Jac had, but when he was just laying there whimpering, I called the doctor and set up an appointment. They called back and told me we got upgraded to the ER. Cool. Bryan took him in. Wade threw up on both of them and thought it was hilarious (every time the doctor tried to touch him Bryan would remind him that he threw up on him and Wade would laugh all over again and every time he retells the story he has to laugh all over again). Turns out, he has what Jac had and super swollen lymph nodes, causing neck pain. Glad we have an ER bill to find that out. But, meningitis isn't really one of those things you don't really wait on. Also, Wade did get a new shirt.

He also came home and informed me that he could have as much ice cream as he wanted, "That's what the doctor said to my dad."

That night he turned to throw up in his bowl and turned the wrong way. So, I guess they don't always make it. I was at the store, so Bryan had to clean it up. Daddy had quite the day. 

Came home from PT today to see that Jac had gotten herself yogurt and opened it with a fork like a farel raccoon. Later I discovered that Blake was also a raccoon. 

We have weekly playgroup at the church so our kids can run around. This week we made Valentine's cookies. I felt like such a winner mom cause I thought of putting frosting into individual cups and giving everyone their own knives - then we immediately watched everyone put their knives in their mouths. And I put table cloths on the ground and clean up was so easy. I felt so smart. 

Got Valentine stickers and Stella walked around with a silver heart sticker all day.  

Me: Why are you screeching like a banshee?!
Blake: cause I wants to Mommy. 
She's been screech/singing a lot recently. The more it annoys her siblings the more she "wants to." 

The proper way to eat a sandwich: 

We watched Brooklyn for Valentine's and everyone had a blast with these balloons. 

On Thursdays we all go to the chiropractor and then get pizza. This week we went to Costco and wade said, " "Why are we getting pizza at Costco and not little tweezers?"

Wade has a friend named Maddie. He know how to spell her name, she's pretty much his best friend. He made her a bunch of Valentines. She just opened one today and she went and told her mom all sheepishly that there was "something weird" in it. Then she pointed to a heart and whispered, "I think Wade loves me!" Giggle, giggle. When her mom told me this, I laughed so hard. Now she tells me that Maddie wants some more dressed (she doesn't like dresses, only wears them to church) and her mom told her no cause she doesn't wear them and she informed her mom that, "I would wear them to Wade's house." 

Okay, so I said I'm healing and feeling better, but I had to stop writing this 3 times (sitting can be hard). Still a good road. So, I end this here. 

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  1. Can we talk about your son's froot loop cheese toast? That's awesome! I love hearing about your adventures with kids! Your writing is amazing!