My latest score: MCM rolling chairs

Look at these!

(Those are peas in the window! It's an experiment. We've gotten a harvest of 10 peas so far). 

I saw a listing in the evening on Facebook Marketplace. Free: 4 chairs and a table (tip: if it's on the curb you take only what you want. Don't feel like you need to take everything, even if they put it out as a set. You can check out my tips for getting free stuff here!) I asked for the address, then talked myself out of them. I jumped in the shower and talked myself back into it. Threw on clothes, didn't brush my hair, told Husband I was leaving on an adventure and I'd be back. I was halfway there before I realized I still had boards in my car for a project, so hopefully I could get them all in my car (spoiler: I did. Two in the back, one in the front seat and one in the middle seat. A car chuck full of treasure).

Once I decide I want something I get antsy and tense until I have it in my possession. Suddenly everyone on the road is racing me to the same score. Every care going the opposite direction just picked up it up. It's a real rush. 

I had to redirect twice for road construction. Anticipation. Plot twists. Everything a good adventure needs. Pulled up to the street and saw them still on the curb. I happy danced at 11:00 pm in front of my headlights on someone's curb. It was a quiet happy dance.

(Hi! Cords. Anyone want to weigh in with suggestions on hiding those?).

Often when I find something for free or really cheap I like to look up what something similar would cost. Found this:

$172 for this and I got 4 for free!! I can't tell if the chairs I got are actual MCM or remakes. I looked up the brand and they're Chromecast, found similar chairs of the same brand for $345. What?! Regardless, they're all in amazing shape and really comfortable. I did have to clean out the wheels - I surprising amount of embroidery thread.

So now these chairs are all over my house. Two in the loft/playroom for the COVID art center, one in Wade's room, and one at the family computer. Definite upgrade in all areas. I'll likely end up selling 1 or 2 of them. I love them, but sometimes having the same thing all over is too much. One thing I love about secondhand is that it makes my home and wardrobe very eclectic - gotta keep the variety! But for now, especially while the kid art station is set up, I'm keeping them all.

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