I'm a Dragon Trainer

Reason #721 that I love my job: I got to go to a screening/premier/I don't know or care what it officially was, but I got to see How to Train Your Dragon!! Brent came into my office on Wednesday and handed me a list of e-mails and asked if I wanted my e-mail on it, I stared blankly at him, then he told me I wanted my e-mail on the list...finally I asked what it was for, he answered that it was for tickets to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D at the Imax theater! So, yes, I did want my e-mail on the list! I also got a little stuffed animal of the main dragon, I named him Thor and have a worrisome good time with him. The movie was awesome! I laughed, teared up, jumped... not that it's hard to make me do any of those things. It was a cute story, I got attached to the characters and I'm already hoping that they'll figure out how to make a sequal.
Oh, Thor went to the movie, and on the way home he got to perch out the sunroof; yup, worrisome good time!

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  1. No way! AJ and I have some free tickets, and we were thinking of seeing that movie. That's so cool you got to see it!