Prime Overanalyzing

Yesterday I introduced "bad news minute" to Ben and his roommates. This came about because Jamie was too lazy to get up to get his computer, so instead he suggested that we "just talk." Well, boys aren't very good at this, so I told them about our freshman game. For those who don't know what this is (which consists of the whole population of the world except 4 people, well, now 7 cause I told Ben, Jamie, and Brandon about it yesterday) it's a complaining game that Kellie, Ashley, Megan, and I played where you have one minute to complain about whatever the heck you wanted. Seems stupid, right? Well, it is. But it's also fun and we never wanted to complain during the day because we wanted a really good bad news minute! By the time our minute was there we has already made peace with our crap deal and just laughed about it. Well, the boys stunk at the game. Well, those who never complain never get pitied.
My mind, however, is back in "bad new minute" mode and I've been thinking about all the silly misfortunes that I can complain humorously about. So this is my random train of thought this morning:
I was mailing Sister Cranney a letter and put the stamp on upsidedown and thought, oh dangit! Then I thought how this is a perfect example of something silly to complain and that I should to really show the boys how bad new minute is done! Then I realized that they would think me crazy and over-reactive for letting a stamp make it into my minute, because they don't get how to complain well. When, really, that's the point, pick out the silly things and you sorta realize that your life is pretty dang good! Then I perplexed myself enough as I overanalyzed and thought "I'm definitely in the right major." Then I got to the mailbox and realized that I'd left the restamped letter in my apartment, what an inconvenience! Then I went through the process above again, this makes a funny minute, oh they'll think me stupid . . . blah, blah, blah. I thought all this as I walked to work and a random guy gives me a high-five and says "Today is a good day." Then I thought, "Oh, I must've looked very grumpy as I stewed over this stupid things." Then I thought, "What if my mom had just died or something, today would not be a good day! Overpresumptuous jolly man!" I concluded my mind rage with being contently revalidated that I'm in the right major . . . and that I'm crazy.

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