It's Tradition!

For years it's been the tradition for the females in our family to go to Valu Village/Savers on holidays because all of their merchandise is 50% off! This tradition has spread from my mom, sister and I to now include much of my extended family. For the last few sales one of my aunts, some of my cousins, and my grandma have joined in. This last Labor day we had another aunt join us, she's decided that this is a good tradition. Once finding a cartful of possible treasures we all gather in a corner of the store to try everything on over our spandex and wonder tees, thus avoiding the crowded dressing rooms. If something doesn't fit we hand it to the person a size up or a size down from us, hoping to find a home for these lovely cloth orphans. The whole time we also say silly things, thinking we're clever . . . and to us we are!
Here are the things that will always make this particular Savers trip memorable:
1. I bought a Coach pursh for $5. About a $300 savings.
2. I threw up in a trash can. Then went back to shopping. (Note: no matter how excited you are, always eat breakfast.)
3. I did not, DID NOT, buy a single pair of shoes.
4. I bought 5 belts.
To add to the tradition we've started doing fashion shows (adds to tradition and ups the silly factor). And we take a picture of our best all-Savers outfits for the day.

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