I want names

I went to the John Mayer concert last night. Amazing. I have a celebrity crush. He played "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" third in his set; I could've left right then , cause it was amazing!! (That's not just my favorite John Mayer song, it might just be my favorite song, period.) And he's way funny, course I think he was high, so some of his humor made no sense, but I guess he used to do some stand-up comedy. Here are some highlights (I really can't remember verbatim):

"I'm definitely single. You can tell by my outfit. This is a one opinion outfit, not a community effort. And someday I'll meet someone who likes my just the way I am. Eventually she'll try and change me, and I'll let her. Until then, I look slick."

"Here's my new mantra: 'I want names.' People always say that 'everyone' is saying something, well, who? I just tell them that I want names. Nobody ever gives a name. Sometimes I hear that people think I'm a jerk, well, who? I want names! Until someone tells you that you suck to your face, no one really thinks that you suck. It's all just fog machine smoke. Until someone tells me to my face, I'm going to keep walking around thinking that everyone in the world thinks I'm okay."

"For all of you that guessed that the reason I left during the last song was cause I had to pee, you'd be right. It's high altitude here, gotta stay hydrated. More hydrated is better then less hydrated. I'm only human."

"It's so amazing to be able to say that this is my song. You can all listen to it, but this is mine. It's probably the best that I've ever written, it came from a week of genius, and I probably couldn't write it again, even if I tried." (referring to his song "The Heart of Life.")

Overall, amazing concert. I love him even more now! Even though it was way cold, I didn't want it to end. Perfect end to the summer.

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