24 and counting....

When did this happen? 24 cardigans. 24! I could make some analogy about how I'm 24, so I have a cardigan representing every year of my life. Or I could make an allusion to Anne Of Avonlea and the 28 doilies necessary to run a household and compare that to my 24 cardigans necessary to run my life. But, really, I'm just shocked that I've been home from my mission for a year and all I've done is collect more sweaters! Shouldn't I have an aversion to all things sister missionary, and yet here I am collecting one of the most typically frumpy sister missionary clothing items! Oh no! I'll comfort myself by the fact that my current sweater collection includes items from Banana Republic, a giraffe print, and some lime green....didn't see those in my frumpy wardrobe.

I don't even have a decent ugly sweater to wear to Christmas parties. Pathetic.


  1. I too have a horribly large collection of cardigan sweaters. I can't stop buying them! And I didn't even go on a mission!

  2. Well I definitely got a ugly sweater to wear to a Christmas bash. Yu jealussss! (-_-)