I love that Kellie has been my best friend for years and I still discover things almost daily about her. Details. I'm never surprised by these newly discovered details, they totally coincide with who she is, but I love these discoveries just the same. You never stop getting to know someone.
One of this weeks discoveries: we love puzzles. This puzzle was the product of a random midnight Wal-Mart run. I'm not even sure what we went for in the first place...I think we were exercising our God-given agency to do whatever random and spontaneous thing we wanted and this was the result. A 750 piece, 3-foot wide, panoramic puzzle of Portofino, Italy. Having never done a puzzle together before she first asked me how I do them, cause she knows I most likely have a specific way I like to organize it....which I do. She knows me so well! The fact that I have an organization quirk with just about everything she knows is ingrained, the actual quirk specific to the task...a detail.

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