Mushroom with a bow tie

I'm in love with mushrooms. This is new. Until last Wednesday I was indifferent. Someone wise (I think, I suppose he could've been a moron and one time said something wise) said that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Then Wednesday came and I was walking up and down the aisle of my favorite health food store, minding my own business, not looking for love . . . but that's when it happens, when you're not looking.Since that purchase I went from having a fulfilled life without mushrooms to NEEDING mushrooms. NEED....caplocks you are not emphasizing adequately!!!
I bought 16 ounces of chopped shrooms today to stock up just in case the apocalypse sneaks up on me tomorrow.
I walked around the grocery store, the parking lot and into my abode talking about my new found love. Each time I feel odd cause I'm talking about mushrooms....which could easily be confused with, you know, mushrooms (like the ones that make everything look tie dyed). Easy mistake. And, because of my exuberance, I would think the same thing and cast a judgmental stink eye in my direction. But this is love! Jeffery R. Holland says of love, "true love we are absolutely giddy about; we shout it from the housetops. But lust is characterized by shame and stealth and almost pathologically clandestine--the later and darker the hour the better, with a double bolted door just in case." Okay, so that last part didn't need to be added, but it's my favorite part of the quote.
As I was so bemusing roommate said "I can just see you marrying a mushroom with a bow tie in Vegas."

Good news is is that Mushroom Fiancée looks genuinely (if not naively) happy! And apparently he has blue eyes.

In other awesome news: I just figured out paint. Oh, and I used the word clandestine in my blog. Granted it was in a quote, but that fulfills one of my goals. Well, it wasn't a goal until I used the word...it's a retrospect goal. And whenever I think retrospect I simultaneously thing retro (crazy connection, I know) and retro is legit, so....
What exaclty does clandestine mean?
CLANDESTINE: marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy. Thanks webster.com


  1. I always think retro when I read/write retrospect too! Oh Moe, we are kindred spirits, even if I'm only ok with mushrooms. :) You should try picnik.com, it is way fun for photo editing and such, I have a blast messing with my pictures on that site!

  2. Someone that we may know and definitely love says "I wish I was a mushroom" but not the trippy hippy kind OF COURSE (don't get any ideas gurrrrrllll!!!). (-_-)++++++++ he funny.