I dare you....

Well, I dare me. Double-dog dare me.
Words like goal and plan overwhelm me. They make me want to rebel....which makes me thwart my own plot.
Best Friend always tries to hammer out plans for the weekend and I tell her that I don't want to make plans, I just want to be free to do whatever I want! Essentially I am a hippie, without the hemp bracelets. I want the liberty to be spontaneous! Even saying that makes me want to twirl with my arms out and breathe deeply.
What inevitably happens is that Best Friend plans our assault on the weekend and doesn't tell me about it so that I can remain in a constant state of unhampered bliss.
Quick tangent: How come I'm what Freud would call "anal retentive" about certain things like loading the dishwasher (I put all the knives and forks down and all the spoons up), organizing board games (my roommates won't play certain games with me), and arranging my closet (it's organized by color AND season)....and yet in so many other aspects of my life I don't care? Complete apathy. Odd.
So, back to unhampered bliss. It's sort of open rebellion against modern society and everything that is involved with being an adult. Like responsibility. I did my taxes and felt like I deserved an award. I went grocery shopping and felt like I deserved to take the rest of the day off. Okay, a little extreme....a little. But being like this does not lead me down a road to success. It leads my to living in a van down by the river. So, I've developed a plan.
Instead of making plans for myself or making goals (that will ultimately overwhelm me and be left unaccomplished) I'm changing up the word choice of my psyche and daring myself to do stuff. I can never turn down a dare...I feel this bazaar need to prove something, usually something that doesn't need proven. I'm going to trick my own conscious and subconscious into doing responsible-lead-to-success tasks! And for the tough ones....I'm going to double-dog dare myself.
Each week I'm going to dare myself to do something. Something that I don't want to do but should, something I want to change about myself but haven't, or just a challenge that I want to take on.
This week I'm daring myself to give up Dr. Pepper...well, really all soda, but Dr.Pepper and soda are essentially synonyms for me.

Oh, clever marketing strategies, you have no hold on me...you have no idea how good I am at accomplishing dares.

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