Sweet but not Elite

T-shirt: 1984 vintage from Dad's closet. Jacket: Old Navy, clearance $0.97, years ago. Jeans: Gap outlet, $30. Shoes: Thrift store, $3, Mossimo brand.

BYU was in the NCAA Sweet 16 this year...but we will not be joining the Elite 8 group. Here was my outfit that was still work appropriate (well, pajamas are likely to go unnoticed at my work...) that I wore in loving support today. Too bad it didn't help. I even wore my BYU Championship shirt, granted it's for football, but it doesn't say that! It's just celebrating that BYU were champions. I thought the idea of BYU=champions would rub off....and it matched my jacket best out of all my BYU shirts.
It was the craziest game I have ever seen. I realized that I was unconsciously whimpering the whole time. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins in such a way that is usually reserved for run ins with zombie bears wielding machetes. When it went into overtime my computer stopped streaming and we had to run over to neighbors apartment. As I stood in neighbors overcrowded apartment I was so anxious that my leg wouldn't stop shaking. Too much emotional intake! It was a great game to watch....just would've been about 20 unicorn times better if we would've won.
Other thought: why did my camera take 2 pictures in less than 15 seconds with such different exposures? Camera, we're going to have to talk. Later. I'm still in mourning.

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