Boyfriend had me totally thrown off for when he was going to propose and become Fiance. We decided in December that we wanted to get married, then took a few weeks to tell our parents (not that either set was in the least bit surprised), and then a few more weeks to start telling friends. But, it wasn't official. I had no ring. We'd be in groups where everyone knew that we were getting hitched, but because it wasn't official it was whispered in hush undertones...it wasn't kosher to just talk about in the open. Everyone would say things like "I hear things are going well" or " I hear congratulations are in order." And it had to stay that way until I had come bling on my finger.
I wanted Boyfriend to become Fiance when he was ready, and do it the way he wanted....but we already picked a date (April 6th) and certain things needed to get planned...like a whole entire wedding! So I would gently prod that it needed to be soon! Finally Boyfriend told me it wasn't ready and wouldn't be here until early to mid February. He even sent me an e-mail from the company to prove it; this completely convinced me, he wouldn't fabricate an entire e-mail (which he didn't, but he did fabricate the dates in it!). So I started talking to people more openly about it cause planning needed to get underway, and I decided that the ring just might be the last thing instead of the first.
On January 18th I was going to Dallas for a whole week (forever when you're young and in love!) for work, so on the 17th Boyfriend wanted to take me out to a nice dinner. Did not raise suspicion, cause I was going to leave and young people in love thing anything is a reason to do something special. After wards we went over to play games with a group of friends. We played Guesstures, like we always do, continuing our epic battle between the boys versus the girls. He was the last to go and on his last card he came knelt down in front of me and acted out the word propose. I was sitting there baffled, wondering is that was really his word, and if it was, how could his teammates not get it? Was he really proposing?!?! He acted frustrated that his
teammates weren't getting it so he stood up to try something else. He pulled the ring box out of his pocket, and this time didn't act out proposing, he actually did! (And that round did count for Guesstures! Fiance says it didn't, that all the guys were preoccupied the whole game thinking of this, but so were the girls! I was the only one in that dark! Oh, and Fiance cheated cause you're not allowed to speak during the game, but he said, "Will you marry me?")
It was wonderful! So sweet and special. The ring wasn't suppose to be here until next week,
but it got done and overnighted, so he wanted to pop the question before I left for Dallas. Which, stinks that I'm sitting in an airport and not with him! There will be pictures and a video up...sometime. I am so excited it's official and that I get to be with him for forever.


  1. Fiance is one lucky gent. And you are fantastic and I am so happy for you. Sending love and happy thoughts and willingness to help in any way you need. Much love and happy feelings.

  2. That's a really cute story, congrats