Minnesota nice

The first time I went to MN my old cubical partner (miss him) told me that the people there are "Minnesota nice" and that I'll love them. I didn't notice any overly nice behavior my first time (everyone I met was great, don't get me wrong!) but this time I think that I understand what he meant by "Minnesota nice." I went to a relief society activity with my soon to be mother-in-law yesterday and everyone I met was so excited to meet me and get to know me. Then I had bridal shower and so many women came and made me feel so special, even though they hardly know me! Everyone was thoughtful and kind, they told me stories about Bryan and welcomed me into their Minnesota clan - no questions asked. I felt like I was with the women that I grew up with, not the women that he grew up with! This might be partially MN, but I think it's more of a reflection of what a good family I am joining and what a good person Bryan is. One thing that helped me realize me love for Bryan and let me feel confident in that love (I've heard so many stories about girls who think they know a guy, but are far wrong...so I was weary) was by how he interacted with his friends and how many people around him truly cared about him - it told volumes about him and what an amazing man he is.
Thanks to those involved! And to those who love me, I am in good hands :)!

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