Little Battles #2

Newest battle: hangers. 
I am an organizer and I like my masterpieces to remain a certain way. I organize my closet by color and have all the same hangers, like so:

 Husband decided to hang more of his clothes and commandeered all my old hangers (before I switched to the skinny ones so I could fit more in a smaller space...best decision ever!) AND all my new hangers I wasn't using. This made me nervous...what if I find something spectacular and I need that hanger? Having extra hangers is a little safety net - and I bought enough to a have a few extras so I could buy those spectacular items and still have my hangers match! Quick, I need a paper bag!

Look at that! His old hangers, mixed with my old hanger, mixed with my new hangers! Ahh!

Not having a plethora extra hangers, fine, I'll be okay. But then we did laundry and he used more of my hangers, so then he had to put some of my stuff on white hangers....NOOOOOO! Now he knows it's my peeve and he's going to do it just to bug.

Oh the hardships...hangers are our issues :)


  1. Haha too funny... I caved and bought Jake skinny hangers too because I couldn't take it anymore! And we don't even share a closet. I have issues :)

  2. This makes me laugh. :) I'm glad I don't have a hanger issue. But I'd did have to learn to put our shirts on the hangers a certain way so they would face the same direction. ;) I like the idea of skinny hangers. Chad has so many clothes! ... I have like 8 shirts, but it's fine... One day I'll find some fabulous things to add to my bare closet.